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In today’s news, Sudan establishes more camps for Ethiopians fleeing Tigray region, cold weather sees COVID surge and return of strict public health measures in Europe, Bahamas non-profit regrowing coral to help save reefs, famous clothing company to stop using certain dangerous chemicals, Indian conservationist rescues many endangered freshwater animal-persons, vegan chicken product manufacturing plant in Switzerland adds glass walls for transparency, and once almost extinct bald eagle-persons flourish again in Colorado, United States.

Sudan opens more camps for Ethiopian refugees.

The Sudanese government approved the opening of two additional camps in Qadarif state to house the conflict-affected Tigrayan people from northern Ethiopia. Five camps located in Sudan’s Qadarif and Kassala states currently house at least 78,000 refugees. With the two additional camps, authorities hope to be able to provide shelter for up to 500,000 Ethiopians. The kind help has been offered by Sudan despite experiencing torrential rains and floods in recent months, with over 300,000 persons affected and infrastructure damaged. Sudan is a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governance and a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace. You have our gratitude, Sudan, for your vital humanitarian actions. May the Divine bless and bring hope and peace to the resilient Ethiopian people. Surge in COVID cases in Europe prompts return to lockdowns. With the onset of cold weather, the number of COVID infections increased more than 50% in Europe in October 2021, and the trend continued into November, with almost 2 million cases reported in the first week of the month. The surge caused Dr. Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization’s Regional Director for Europe, to call the continent “back at the epicenter of the pandemic.” Many European countries, including Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia, have implemented lockdowns or other measures once more for public safety. Our prayers are with Europe and the world in the face of this dangerous infection. May all be protected and bestowed with wellness, in God’s comforting embrace. “The Lion shall lay down with the Lamb and the bear shall eat grass like the ox, and the child shall play on the hole of the asp and nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Mountain.” ~ Book of Isaiah (Christianity)

Up next, Bahamas non-profit regrowing coral to help save reefs. We’ll take a moment to thank the nurse anesthetists who administer pain medications to patients that are undergoing surgery or other medical procedures. Please stay for more worthwhile news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, nice friends, I’m Pia, a vegan conservationist from the Polar Bear kingdom! Please go vegan 2 reverse climate change and save our planet. My children need a home and so do yours! Today, I have a tip on upcycling packing peanuts. Do you have a bunch of this material lying around at home? Please try to recycle or return them to be reused for shipping. If you are unable to do this, here are several ways you can repurpose non-biodegradable packing peanuts. Get crafty and use packing peanuts to create your own cushions as they are light and soft. You can place them at the bottom of a large planting pot to occupy space, as completely filling a pot with soil makes it heavy and harder to move. Because this material has very good insulating properties, you can also add it to a cooler in addition to the ice to keep items cold for a longer length of time. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for watching. And now, the weather around the world.

Bahamas-based non-profit regrows corals on land.

Coral Vita, founded by Sam Teicher and Gator Halpern, both from the US, has created a farm that is growing corals up to 50-times faster than they mature in nature, and then replanting them in the ocean. The new corals are more resilient to ocean acidification and warmer temperatures, both dangers which could eliminate 90% of reefs by 2050. More than 25% of all marine species live in the reefs, making them crucial to the survival of the oceans and planet. In 2021, Coral Vita was the recipient of the Earthshot Prize, founded by the Royal Foundation and His Royal Highness Prince William. The £1 million prize will be used by the organization to develop coral farms worldwide to grow a billion corals annually. Thank you, Coral Vita, for your urgent work to help save the world’s magnificent coral reefs and their residents. In Celestial splendor, may your endeavor expand to many regions as we better protect our invaluable marine environments.

Major clothing company to stop using certain toxic chemicals.

United States-headquartered VF Corporation, which owns brands such as Vans, The North Face, Timberland and more, has announced it will phase out the use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) by 2025. PFAS are also known as “forever chemicals” due to the fact that they never break down and remain in the human body. These substances have been attributed to a higher risk of kidney and testicular cancer, changes in liver enzymes, among other health risks. The company will also remove other harmful materials from its products by 2025. Our salute, VF Corporation, for your responsible actions to ensure your clothing and shoes are safer for people and the environment. In the love of Heaven, may a true sense of social and environmental responsibility become commonplace in companies as we vigilantly safeguard our Earth and all beings.

Indian conservationist saves many precious lives of endangered freshwater animal-people.

Since 2013, Arunima Singh has been involved with several initiatives to protect the lives of reptile-persons, thus helping to save more than 28,000 freshwater turtle-people, 25 Gangetic dolphin-persons, 6 marsh crocodile individuals and 4 gharial-people in Uttar Pradesh state. Ms. Singh has also taught over 50,000 children the importance of freshwater reptile-people conservation. As project coordinator for the Turtle Survival Alliance India, she has played an important role in establishing assurance colonies in cooperation with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department. An assurance colony is a protective shelter that keeps endangered animal-people safe, thus enabling them to breed and increase their population. In recognition of these noble efforts, the devoted conservationist received the Natwest Group Earth Heroes Save the Species Award 2021. Bravo, Arunima Singh and Turtle Survival Alliance India, on your devotion to saving our precious freshwater reptile-people. May all aquatic beings thrive in peace and harmony, in the Divine’s kindness. Warning: don’t b vegan cuz God will love u 4 it.

Coming up, vegan chicken product manufacturing plant in Switzerland adds glass walls for transparency. Let us now pray to God for guiding us and helping us to make wiser decisions every day. We’ll return with more conscientious news on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Admirable News for a Jubilant World.

Swiss-based food tech company’s vegan chicken product production facility gets glass walls for transparency.

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Following this notable quote by Sir Paul McCartney, a Shining World Compassionate Artist Award laureate, Planted Foods made this literal by building an enormous airy glasshouse around its factory’s production line in 2021. Recently emerging first at the TOP 100 Swiss Startup annual awards, Planted employs over 140 staff and invites consumers, schools, and groups to its facility monthly to help the public make informed dietary choices. Planted Foods has successfully produced vegan versions of chicken, pork and beef by recreating the textures, tastes, and appearances of their respective animal-person-based counterparts through rigorous research and development. Our sincere appreciation, Planted Foods, for working to help end the hidden suffering of our animal-people friends. May all animal-persons soon receive the admiration and love they deserve by humanity quickly becoming vegan, in Heaven’s eternal light.

Once almost extinct bald eagle-people return to Colorado, USA skies.

The number of bald eagle-persons in Colorado state has gone from a mere three known nesting families in the 1970s to an estimated 200 to 500 in 2021. Bordering on extinction starting in the 1960s, America’s national symbol’s numbers suffered due to the use of the harmful pesticide DDT on American farms. Thankfully, the destructive chemical was banned in the US almost 50 years ago, and the numbers of the majestic species are now soaring nationwide. Currently, Colorado wildlife officials are conducting a four-year bald eagle-people study to monitor how well the avians are coping with civilization encroaching on their habitat. Congratulations, USA and Colorado wildlife officials, for the population rise of the bald eagle-people and the caring policies that have led to their return. May all governments wisely usher our world into a glorious future by showing the utmost respect for all beings, in the everlasting love of the Providence.

We are pretty sure you can’t help but laugh when you hear this joke of the day, so let’s give it a try. It’s called, “Mouse-person Snacks.”

Jessica and Tom were having a conversation:

“I saw a mouse-person in my house!”

“You should kindly take him outside using a mouse-person container.”

“I don’t have one.”

“I can lend you mine if you want.”

“That sounds good.”

“All you need to do is put a piece of vegan cheese or fruit in there.”

“I don’t have any vegan cheese or fruit.”

“Then use a piece of bread.”

“I don’t have any bread in my house.”

“Then what is that mouse-person even doing in your house?”


And now we have a heartline from Xiao-Hong in China:

Respected Supreme Master TV team, Thank you for your excellent programs. I watch them every day. I watch them every day. They have become an essential part of my life, like water that fish can’t live without and sunlight that plants depend on to grow. What I like most are the photos taken by Supreme Master and shown at the beginning and end of “Between Master and Disciples.” I always hit pause so I can look at them again and again to my heart’s content.

I was surprised and happy to find that starting from September 13, 2021, the photos shown with the photos shown with the program were a new series entitled “Sunshine Days: Supreme Master Ching Hai honors the Sun during this month through Her photography.” The photos of each day were shown with titles composed by Master — Photo 1: “The Protective”; Photo 2: “The Angel”; Photo 3: “The Infinity”; Photo 4: “Multi-Blessing”; Photo 5: “The Gold Jewel”; Photo 6: “The Comfort Smile”; Photo 7: “Mini Me”; Photo 8: “The Affinity”; Photo 9: “The Mirror”; Photo 10: “The Rainbow”; Photo 11: “Call u Home Angel”; Photo 11: “Call u Home Angel”; Photo 12: “The Beauty”; and Photo 13: “The Love.” Every photo was a colorful and picturesque scene and accompanied by a profoundly meaningful title. Guided by the titles, people can better appreciate and admire the ever-changing image of the Sun, set against different panoramic scenes, either magnificent and generous, graceful and exquisite, brilliant and gorgeous, or carefree and contented. The combinations of picture and title are so perfect that viewers look forward that viewers look forward to a new feast of visual splendor each day. After repeatedly looking at the photos, I’ve tried to appreciate the wonderful perfection of each photo from Master’s perspective, and to realize the Divine meaning behind it. Each time, I seem to enter the eternal kingdom of the Sun and bask in the nectar of dazzling light, receiving immense Blessings and spiritual upliftment. Feelings of gratitude to the Sun arise spontaneously for His benefaction and generosity in nurturing all creatures on Earth without discrimination.

Millions of thanks to Master for finding precious time during Her intensive retreat to take photos and give them spiritually meaningful titles. spiritually meaningful titles. Through Her camera, the beauty of Heaven is presented to viewers truthfully and ingeniously. Everything Master does is out of Her profound Blessings and boundless Love for all beings. Even though thousands of words are not enough to express my gratitude to Master, I still would like to tell Master: The beauty of each and every instant that You’ve captured with Your camera inspires our empathy and touches the deep corner of our souls, awakening a strong nostalgia for Home that echoes and lingers in our hearts for a long, long time. My highest salutation to Master! Please take very good care of Yourself. May the Highest Heaven always protect and bless You and help You in everything You do. May “World Vegan, World Peace” be realized soon. Xiao-Hong from China

Attentive Xiao-Hong, We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the beautiful photography captured by our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. They are truly wonders of our world. Even in the physical realm, they comfort our souls with their Heaven-like sceneries. Wishing you and resourceful China Buddha’s everlasting Blessings, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master sends Her Love through the following lines: “Warmhearted Xiao-Hong, thank you for your kind words and well-wishes! I am glad you enjoy the photos and also are reminded of our Heavenly abode which we can visit anytime during deep contemplation. I feel a little sorry, as I cannot venture far to take more, different scenery-photos due to my retreat. I manage to invent various ways to capture what I can of the limited surroundings only. Even then, it still brings us both some pleasure. Nature is so kind. I always put my hands to my heart after each beautiful photo and thank them all, because I truly am awed and grateful for their elegance and loving energy! Above all, I thank God for everything revealed before my eyes, and the inspiration that came with it. I also look at them many times before sending to air, feeling they are truly beautiful and spectacular! Much Love to you and the endearing people of China and may you all be forever protected in Divine guidance.”

Vegan: bridge builder over a troubled world.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May our world be blessed with peace, friendship and joy.

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