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Being Vegan Brings Out Our Love and Benevolence, Part 1 of 13

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I’m sure many more are more worthy to sit in the Vatican than these Vati-gang people. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) I’m sure. They have more sense, more enlightenment, more responsibility, more morals, more virtues, more caring, more compassion, more love.

Hi. (Hallo, Master!) Guten Abend. (Good evening, Master.) I always call very late. Today is early already. (Yes, Master.) Better than most. But if you wait a little longer, then you go to sleep and… I just called you guys because it seems like you have a more journalistic kind of half-baked reporter. But you’re always ready. (Yes, Master.) And seem very happy and simple and natural, so we have some rapport, good rapport. (Yes.) I heard you had some questions from the team. (Yes, Master.) I’m ready.

(Master, Pope Francis has agreed to meet with the French sex abuse commission on a report that 330,000 kids were sexually abused between 1950 and 2020 by clergy, scout leaders, and lay employees of the French Catholic Church. Does Master have any comments on this development?)

This guy again? OK. If they agree to meet and discuss, maybe something good. I just hope that Francis’ negative energy will not affect these upright people, who want to set the record right, to claim justice for these poor, innocent, defenseless, and abused, and tortured, and raped, and killed children. (Yes, Master.) I hope they’re strong enough. If they go to see this Francis, they’d better recite God’s name all the time, protect themselves because if they’re not strong enough, then the outcome will be opposite to what they wanted. (Oh!) Yeah, yeah.

What do you think? This so-called Pope Francis, he’s not a Catholic or Christian at all. Anything is OK with him. Anything that he wants, including killing, murdering innocent babies, or fetuses, or children, or raping – anything, he couldn’t care less. (Right.)

He’s OK with everything. And even extramarital physical relationships, sexual relationships, he’s also OK. (Yes, Master.) It’s a small thing to him. What means a small thing? It breaks up a family. (Right. Yes.) It makes people divorce or hating each other because of separation. You see, if they have children, they should never do this. (Yes.) They should never divorce because the children, sometimes they blame themselves. They are vulnerable; they don’t know much. (Yes, Master.) And they are so pure and they blame themselves and then they become depressed. Then they could do other things, like alcohol and drugs, or go out and be seduced by bad people, or bad gangsters and stuff like that, and then ruin their life before they are mature enough to understand what is what. A broken family for the children is very bad. (Yes, Master.)

Adults are OK. Maybe they can... Not really OK. Some people commit suicide because of that. But mostly it’s not OK. (Yes, Master.) Well, some rare exceptions. But this is different. It’s different when you have to do something to sacrifice for something else, (Yes, Master. Understand.) for a greater cause. But rarely it happens. So, a broken family is not OK. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) And normally, people are OK together until some third person comes along and then everything is broken. (Yes, Master.) That’s no good.

Not only that, maybe transmitted disease. (Oh.) With the outside people, the third person, you don’t know if he or she is clean or not, (Yes, Master.) (Right, Master.) and then comes home, also infects the family. (Yes.) Yes, that’s the thing.

And if these two, both, are married, then the two families are broken. And if he’s not coming out yet, then they are hiding and all that. (Yes, Master.) It’s not a good and dignified life to carry on. And most people are not enlightened, even. So this kind of event is difficult for them to manage, especially if one is still in love with the other, like the wife’s still in love with the husband pretty much, or husband’s still in love with the wife very much. (Oh, yes, Master.) And the other person is no longer in love because a third person came in. (Right.) So, it’s not sustainable, it’s not wholesome. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.)

A marriage should be for friendship, not just for the outer or physical attraction, and also responsibility for family. Most marriages are stable. (Yes, Master.) Like I read somewhere that in America, 93% of the husbands love and respect their wives very much. (Ah, very good.)

So, if a third person jumps in for any reason, and the pope is even OK with that, openly, that’s a very, very bad statement to make, (Yes.) being the head of the Catholic Church. (Yes, Master.) That’s very bad for many families. Now they don’t have to think twice anymore because the pope says, “It’s no big deal.” Do you understand? (Yes, Master.) (Yes, Understand.)

Suppose I say that to all of your brothers and sisters, will you be OK with me then? (No.) Honestly, tell me? (No.) You think I’m right then? (If Master says adultery is OK? No. We would say “no.”) If I say that to all your brothers and sisters, what do you think? You like that? (No, we don’t like that.) Of course not. You’d probably leave me and go somewhere else, I don’t know, CNN. Fox News. CNSB, CADB, or whatever.

To be a head of an organization or country, you have a big responsibility on your shoulders. You have to think twice before you speak. (Oh, yes.) (Yes, Master.) In China, we say, “Before you speak, your tongue should be twisted seven times.” (Oh.) Meaning, you have to think a lot, a lot, a lot. Be careful what you say. (Yes, Master.) Because it could hurt other people.

Like this, he set the whole Catholic Church in flames. Anything, they can do. All the priests can rape the children, and nothing will be done, no consequences. You can go out and fool around with anybody, besides your wife or your husband, and that’s OK also. He set the whole society in flames, (Yes.) not just the church’s reputation only, because the church very hugely influences society. (Yes, Master.)

So he just “blah blah.” I think he drinks too much, that’s why. (Oh.) They’re allowed to drink. (Yes, Master.) They just eat a lot of meat, and then they drink a lot of alcohol just to have more appetite, just to squeeze down that big turkey-person, big chicken-person, or beefsteak. Ribs. All these bleeding sentient beings’ flesh and then drink more wine, more alcohol, have party, and whatever. And then they talk nonsense, talk wrong. (Yes, Master.) And don’t even apologize. He has no idea of the consequences, being so old already, not like he’s a teenager or a young man. (Yes, Master.) Not like a young chick, like me. Young and beautiful. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) Pretty. Pretty old. I’m pretty … old.

So this is not correct in any case. (Yes, Master.) All the Catholics: Don’t listen to this Francis. He’s evil. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) You can see it. He wants to destroy the society’s structure by allowing all this sin to happen. And even put more fuel, gasoline onto the fire. (Yes.) (Yes, Master. Exactly.)

So even if you don’t believe me, you can see what he does, what he says, then you know he’s evil. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) Or the mildest sentence would be that he’s an idiot, a retard. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) And people voted for the wrong guy (Yes.) to be the head of Catholicism.

"Interview by EI Espectador – Sept. 3,2017 Jose Galat: This is an illegitimate pope. Illegitimate because he was appointed not by the Holy Spirit, but by 'a mafia of cardinals.' 'Mafia of cardinals'? That expression I don’t use. It was used precisely by the head of the conspiracy, Cardinal Danneels, the European cardinal, head of the conspiracy, who spoke of 'a mafia of cardinals,' while dying of laughter. With self-confidence and shamelessly, he confessed that with political maneuvers prohibited by the church under penalty of ex-communion, those cardinals elected Francis. So, the origin of Francis is an illegitimate origin."

"Message from the Archbishop – July 31,2021 Vigano(m): We have come to a point that even simple people with little knowledge of doctrinal issues, understand that we have a non-Catholic pope, at least in the strict sense of the term."

"Media Report from CBC News – Aug. 15,2018 Reporter(f): Pope Francis earlier this year, he drew widespread criticism defending a Chilean bishop accused of covering up for that country’s most notorious abuser priest."

"Speech at the United Nations General Assembly New York – Sept. 25,2015 [in Italian] Francis(m): In my own name and that of the entire Catholic Community…"

"Puerto Rico – June 9,2015 Francis(m): And a little wine will loosen the tongue and you can tell me the truth."

- Prophecy by Archbishop George Browne, Ireland - 1551

“But there is a new fraternity of late sprung up who call themselves Jesuits, which will deceive many, who are much after the Scribes and Pharisees’ manner. Among the Jews they shall strive to abolish the truth, and shall come very near to do it. These shall spread over the whole world, shall be admitted into the counsels of Princes, [...] winking at their sins"

Prophecies about the Catholic Church

“Rome will lose the faith and will become the seat of Antichrist.” - Message from Our Lady of La Salette (Blessed Virgin Mary) (vegetarian), received on September 19, 1846

“The agents of 666 now are loosed in Rome and have entered into the highest places of the hierarchy. It will be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, till all that remains will come forward out of the cleansing.” - Message from Lord Jesus Christ (vegetarian), received on July 25, 1977

“Clergy in My houses, where are your straying sheep? Can you not reprimand the evil doer? Shall you consort with Satan, allowing all manner of foul conduct and abominations in My House? Cleanse your House now, pastor, for you are being judged. The Eternal Father looks into your heart; your time grows short. All that is rotten will fall…” - Message from Lord Jesus Christ (vegetarian), received on November 1, 1975

"New York City United States – Sept. 24,2015 Speech by Pope Francis Voiceover(m): We need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ. And his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure. The failure of the cross."

"Villavicencio,Colombia – Sep. 8,2017 Francis(m): In the veins of Jesus runs pagan blood."

"Interview by One America News – Oct,31,2019 Dr. Taylor Marshall(m): In the Vatican Gardens where they had a female shaman, they brought in two of these statues. They had everyone bowing down to them while the Pope sat on the side and the media all over the world and Catholics everywhere who watched the opening ceremony thought, 'This is very odd ̶ it looks like idolatry; it looks like a Golden Calf situation.' Then throughout the remaining two to three weeks, these idols were placed in St. Peter's, by the altar of St. Peter’s, and in a church called Santa Maria in Traspontina, which is very near the Vatican."


He’s going to destroy the Catholics’ reputation. And I am sorry for many other good priests in this system. Not all priests are bad like that. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) I’m sure many more are more worthy to sit in the Vatican than these Vati-gang people. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) I’m sure. They have more sense, more enlightenment, more responsibility, more morals, more virtues, more caring, more compassion, more love. At least all this is required to be a priest, not to talk about head priest. (Yes. Master.)

I don’t know what century we are in now and he just “blah, blah” like that. He should rinse his mouth and just disappear. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) For the society’s sake, for the sake of God and the Church and all the priests on the teaching of Jesus, he should just disappear. Should get lost. That’s what we should say, “Get lost.” (Yes, Master.) (Yes, for sure.) To return the holiness and the sacredness to Catholicism. You understand me? (Yes, Master.)

All right. Did I answer your question? (Yes, You did Master. Thank You.) Because whenever you ask about this guy, I get mad. I never talk enough. I don’t know how anybody still wants to talk about him. I don’t. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes I see him like a devil. (Oh.) I was shocked also. I was shocked because just theoretically, the way he says things, you’d think he’s with the side of Satan, but when you really see the real hideous side inside of him, you’re shocked. (Wow.) I was shocked. I was very shocked to have a glimpse like that. (Oh.) So when I see his photo, I look away or I look down. I don’t want to see him, (Right, Master.) lest his influence ruins me, (Oh.) or hurts me in some way.

Sorry, I’m not very pleasant. I’m never pleasant talking about these rotten apples, rotten people. (Yes, Master.) They are not human. Normal humans, they have more love. You see? (Yes, Master.) More intelligence, more goodness, more virtues, more morals. He wants to teach the whole society bad things. Because people respect him, his position. (Yes, Master.) Supposed to be representing God.

Oh, dear. He must be representing Satan, devils. (Yes.) It cannot be God. (That’s right, Master.) God doesn’t have this, God had the Ten Commandments for Moses to pass down. (Yes.) And he’s destroying them. He makes society become more chaotic. (Yes, Master.) More confusing and more rotten. For all this, he really has to go to hell. (Wow.) There’s no need to ask me. (Right, Master.) You can figure it out. Anybody can figure it out. (Yes.) Anybody that has some little intelligence. Have I answered the whole question already? (Yes, Master, You have.) OK, good.

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