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Whatever You Do Is All for Yourself, Part 2 of 9, Jan. 21, 2022

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When we are born, we forget everything. (Yes, Master.) That’s a pity. That’s why we should not be born here again. Even Buddha, He wasn’t vegetarian when He was in the palace. (Yes.) He has a lot of concubines. All of the Masters are never born saints. (Yes, Master.) That’s why they say, “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.” I do hope every sinner has a future.

Do you want some bedtime stories? (Oh, yes. Yes, Master. Thank You.) Yeah, I like stories also. We could also read the Hadith again, but I like some lighthearted things today. (Yes, Master.) It has been hard. It seems for several days it’s been too much. For me at least. So, we just read some nice stories, I’ll share with you. (Oh, thank You, Master.) From the Jewish stories. (Yes, Master.) A very light story. Simple and short. I love stories since I was a kid, because I used to read for my grandma, remember? (Yes, Master.) It’s supposed to be the other way around. She didn’t have glasses. She couldn’t read.

What was it I was trying to say? You can hear the rain? (Yes, Master.) But you can hear me, right? (Yes, Master.) Close the door. OK. What was it I wanted to tell you, before?

The Hadith is very serious. Mostly serious. (Yes, Master.) It’s all about the teachings from Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, mostly about His teachings. They recorded, and, of course He had to be serious. (Yes, Master.)

Most Masters are serious. Lucky you have a woman so you can laugh a little bit. I went around in India and other countries, I hardly saw any Master who laughs. (Oh.) It’s too much suffering. (Yes.) If they can survive, it’s good already. Not to talk about laughing. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, we just have to laugh, to ease off the tension. (Yes.)

And they didn’t even have Supreme Master Television. They didn’t have to do any business. Except Kabir, perhaps. He weaved clothes. He weaved cloth to sell for a living. (Yes, Master.)

Even though one of the princesses gave him a big diamond, He did not accept. So, she stuck it under the roof of the thatched hut. His thatched hut. And then she told him, “I hid something in the roof. If you need it, please take it. So that you can live better.” And then many years later, she came back.

I don’t know if it’s Kabir or somebody else. Who mended the shoes? Who was the Master who mended the shoes? Tell me? (It’s Ravidas, Master.) OK, OK, maybe that. It doesn’t matter. It’s similar. So, they lived humbly, modestly.

So, many years later, Princess Mirabai, she came back. And she saw her Master was still doing the same job. (Oh.) He was still living a simple life. So, she said, “Master, why didn’t you take the diamond and sell it? Then you don’t have to work anymore. Where is the diamond that I gave you?” So, the Master said, “Wherever you put it. It’s still there. Go find it then.”

He also did not take any donations. (Oh, yes.) Because the sadhus, they don’t have money anyway. (Yes, Master.) Sadhu, meaning the monks in India. (Yes, Master.) So, of course, even if they came, they came empty-handed. So, he wanted to feed them. Of course, they could be hungry. (Yes.) From far away, and thirsty.

I met one monk in India. And this is the thing I still very, very, very sorrowfully regret. And sometimes I beg him for forgiveness. On my pilgrimage, I went all over India sometimes and I saw one monk, sadhu, sitting on the road, and he was selling some tobacco pipes, made of earth, of clay. (Yes, Master.) And then, of course, I was young and kind of critical and fanatical. So, I asked him, “Why do you sell such things?” “I am vegetarian. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink.” I was thinking like that in my head. Proud and critical. “I’m the best.” And why does a monk sell such a thing? Harmful things and all that. My head kept pounding with all kinds of criticism of the poor monk.

He said, “I have to earn something to eat. Because for 14 days, I haven’t had anything. My stomach is all empty.” (Oh.) And I could have spared him maybe a few pennies or something. At that time, even though I didn’t have a lot of money. But for other sadhus, I shared some. (Yes, Master.) For him, because he sold this pipe (Yes.) for tobacco... People put the dried tobacco in the pipe and light a fire and smoke just like a cigarette. (Yes, Master.) Except it’s not rolled, it’s just put in the pipe. So, because of that, I did not want to give him anything. (Oh.)

And years afterward, up to now, sometimes I think about it. I still feel very, very ashamed (Oh.) and very remorseful, very sorry. (Oh, wow.) I mean, the monk was hungry. I could have shared with him half of my chapati or something or gave him a little bit of money, sharing. But I did not, just because he sold pipes for tobacco. Imagine that. I wasn’t enlightened that much. Newly enlightened people – (Yes.) very proud and very, very judgmental. I hope you’re not like that.

I told you this so that you can avoid a judgmental attitude. (Yes, Master.) He wasn’t harming anybody, and some people if they smoke, they would buy anyway, whether or not he sold or somebody else sold. It’s not about that, it’s just that he said he was hungry for two weeks. I didn’t even forgive him and give him something to eat. I didn’t have a lot of money. (Yes, Master.) But still, I could have given him at least one chapati or something. Something to buy a chapati for him. But I had preconceived ideas. (Yes, Master.) And he’s a monk, older monk already. And if he had to sell something to have some food, then I shouldn’t have criticized. (Yes, Master.)

But it’s also to tell you that the outer appearance could make people feel different about you. (Yes. It’s true, Master. It’s true.) So, because I don’t wear any monk’s robes, some people don’t want to follow me. Even other monks criticize me also, saying why don’t I wear monk’s robes. And when I wore a monk’s robe, they told me that I abuse my position as a Buddhist nun so that people follow me. (Wow. Gosh.) So, whatever you do, it’s not good.

But even then, wearing monk’s robes is safer. (Yes, Master.) Especially for women, when I have to go around like that. It’s safer somehow. (Yes, Master.) It’s more protection and people have more respect for you, more recognition right away, (Yes.) before you even open your mouth. But in some cases, they don’t even give any money to buy some food for that poor monk.

Alright, now I read you the story, finally. Clap again. (Yes!) Clap like your brother in that IQ ad.

I just told one of your brothers that he really looked the part. He really looked the part with the orange lipstick even. So cute. I forgot to tell you guys to give him some big earrings to wear. But the lipstick speaks volumes already.

Oh, all of you were so good, I was so impressed. I didn’t think the manager could play so well. (Yes.) Especially the manager and that dumb-dumb there. They really look their part. I mean all of you were so incredible.

So, I really want to write another story but I don’t know what yet. It took some time to have inspiration. (Right. Yes, Master.) And if I can, I will write another one, and then you guys can put in a couple of sentences, or some more… like cooking food, and add more salt and pepper to make it more tasty and spicy. (Yes.) Oh, we are a good team. (Yes, Master.)

So, if we don’t have job with Supreme Master Television, we can get together, make a theater. (Yay.) I write some nonsense and you add on some more nonsense and then we act nonsense. That’s what we can do best. And then we might win some Oscars. Who knows? Because that’s what we are, we are nonsensical people. Talking in a world where nobody listens. Doing the hard job where nobody rewards anything. And they criticize sometimes. And criticize also behind our backs. We don’t know, of course. Some of them.

And I remember one time; it was a joke but it’s real. You know Leonardo DiCaprio? (Yes, Master.) But you know, Capri is a very famous area in Italy. (Oh.) Very special area. Hilly, with mountains and sea. And they welcome all famous people, it doesn’t matter bad or good, as long as you’re famous. I saw that.

So one time, a long time ago when I was still in Florida, and lived with some of the foreigner monks, resident monks and nuns, and I saw the film where DiCaprio almost won for an Oscar for playing the handicapped kind of silly boy? (Yes, Master. Yes.) I said, “Oh, of course. He just plays himself, that’s why. He’s in his element.”

And then I said to all the residents, I said, “But the Oscar-giving people, they don’t know you. That’s why they almost gave it to DiCaprio. If they know you and they let you act, then, he has no chance. Because you will be real, more real than DiCaprio.” You know like “idiot.” I was joking very hard. I don’t mean any offense. (Yes.)

DiCaprio, I like him very much. I like his acting. He acted in many roles and he could really be in it. (Yes, Master.) He was one of my friends in a former life, but, of course, he won’t remember anything. (Oh. Wow!) Maybe that’s why he’s so famous now, (Yes. Oh.) and still fighting sometimes for the animal-people and stuff. (Yes, Master.) This good part of him is still there. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Just he forgot vegan.

When we are born, we forget everything. (Yes, Master.) That’s a pity. That’s why we should not be born here again. Even Buddha, He wasn’t vegetarian when He was in the palace. (Yes.) He has a lot of concubines. All of the Masters are never born saints. (Yes, Master.) That’s why they say, “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.” I do hope every sinner has a future. (Yes, Master.)

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