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Whatever You Do Is All for Yourself, Part 7 of 9, Jan. 21, 2022

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So, now many Russians are also shocked. They say, “we didn’t know that.” And they went on the street to protest. Thousands of them. Many, many. Putin jailed them all. Then they went out again, different groups or something. Even all the Russian elite’s children, they also all went out. In some way, they protest the war. They are against the war in Ukraine.

He (Putin) did it all secretly, creepily. (Yes, Master.) Even they don’t let the international community know that he’s going into Ukraine until they went in already. Almost. (Yes, Master.) And what for anyway, the international community didn’t do much until then. They knew already. They could see it. That he amassed the army at the border of Ukraine. What for if you don’t want to go in to invade? (Yes, Master.)

And then, just issue some threats and say this and that. So people think, “Russia, Putin just threatens.” They just use the border army array just to threaten people. (Yes, Master.) Not invading. Not warring. Then, when everybody did not expect, they went in. Just like that. Or maybe they didn’t want to interfere, they just wait and see or whatever. Just judging by their reaction right now from the EU, from NATO, from America, for example, it looks like they didn’t want to. (Right, Master.) They knew, but they did not want to do anything as I told you already. All kinds of excuses.

So, now many Russians are also shocked. They say, “we didn’t know that.” And they went on the street to protest. Thousands of them. Many, many. Putin jailed them all. Then they went out again, different groups or something. Even all the Russian elite’s children, they also all went out. In some way, they protest the war. They are against the war in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

And many of Putin’s closest allies also now deserted him. (Oh.) (That’s good.) Deserted him, deserted Russia. Well, that’s bad for Russia. I think they should not because of Putin then fall out with Russia, but now the Russian people suffer economically. (Yes, that’s true.) (Right, Master. Yes.)

Many businesses closed. Many things are refused, even airlines and all that. So now I don’t know what Russia is going to do. Only the domestic planes continue. International flights have all stopped now. (Yes.) For example, like that. And even Turkey closed the waterway, so Russia cannot go in there. But Russia has navy and ships and all that already ready in Crimea. Because they have water there also. (Yes, Master.) And I think Putin has prepared some already.

And now, if NATO doesn’t make the no-fly zone, then I don’t know what to do with Ukraine. NATO, they said that if they put like a no-fly zone, then if the Russian airplane comes in, NATO will have to shoot. (Oh.) But they didn’t come in yet. (Right, Master.) If you have a no-fly zone, maybe they don’t want to come in because they know they will be bombed, and they will die. (Yes. Right, Master.) The airplane, expensive, will be shot down. So, useless to go in. So, why don’t they use any means they have (Yes!) to help in easing the war. Because if you continue giving in, giving in, then you never know if Russia will use nuclear weapons anyway. Just like he invaded Ukraine anyway, even though he doesn’t have any excuse, (Yes. Yes. Correct, Master.) any logical, any true excuse.

Even say Zelenskyy is a Nazi. A Jew! Just like we say, “The fire is water.” So, it’s all B.S. Americans would say it’s all B.S.

Any other questions, so you can go back to sleep, (Yes, Master.) in the meditation hall – almost time. Tell me.

(Yes, Master. The Ukrainian soldiers are not spiritual practitioners, and they are not vegan.) Yeah. (They’re just fighting for their country. So, why does Master say that they are noble and worthy?)

Yes, they are. Because their spirit of sacrifice for others is so strong. If a primary school student is excellent in his studies, then, you have to also give him the best certificate (Yes. That’s true, Master.) And congratulate him, praise him, and say, “Good job!” (Yes. Exactly.) Not compare him to the high school graduate. (Yes, that’s true.) He’s a primary student. He did the best job he could in his capacity. He’s diligent; he’s intelligent; he tried his best. And he’s an excellent student, for primary school. (Yes, Master.) Not because he’s not in high school or not in college, you would say, “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s small stuff. Wait until you go to college and if you are good there, then we will say you are excellent.” (Understand.) No! Everyone, when they do their best, then they did their best. Then they’re good, in their capacity, (Yes, Master.) in their position, in their understanding.

And even for that, maybe they’re not spiritually high, but they sacrifice. Everybody values their life. (Yes, Master.) Everybody loves to live. And these young people, they willingly give up their life for someone else’s life. (Yes, Master.) That is excellent. That is very noble. So, I just say the truth. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Even if they’re not vegan and they don’t know much about spiritual practice, but they still have such a noble character already, that’s even better. Even more worthy to be praised. (Yes, Master.) Because they did that, just by nature, by their own natural tendency. Then that means that person is worthy of praise. Truly has nobility in his being. (Yes, Master.)

I told you a long time ago about a Buddhist story. Shakyamuni Buddha, once He was in the Heaven, a lower Heaven, and the astral demons came up to fight His country. Remember? (Yes, that’s right.) Then He went out to fight with them. Even though He was a God, He was a king god in that domain, He fought with them, but then He lost. And then He ran back, He had to run away, to escape.

But then suddenly, there are some sentient beings that are making an “S” or something in front of His road, on the road. To not kill these innocent beings, He hastily returned, going back to the battle, even though He knew it’s dangerous. (Yes, Master.) And by returning, hastily like that, the enemy was pursuing Him, suddenly saw Him coming back fast, you know, high heel, fast heel, fast on His heels. And they all ran away. They thought, “Oh, it must be something, He must have something now, magic or something.” So, they all ran away from Him, and He won the war. (Oh. Woah.)

So, in that case, I cannot say that He’s not ethical. He had to fight the enemy, because they wanted to harm His Heavenly beings. (Yes, Master.) Good beings, good Heavenly citizens. But for the innocent ones, even just animal-people, He had to run away to not harm them. (Yes, Master.) So that is a different thing. So, you see, His heart, His intention never wanted to kill or wage war against anybody. He had to defend His people. (Yes, Master.) But when it comes to other lives, innocent bystanders, He did not even want to protect His own life to trample upon them. So, He’d rather go back and die in battle, even though He lost already.

So, He was a Buddha and a king god in some Heavenly region. He still had to fight. Not for Himself, because if really He was afraid of death, then He wouldn’t have returned to the battle. He could have just continued with His horse-person and trampled upon these small, helpless little animal-people just to save His life. (Yes, Master.) So, when He had to fight, He fights. When He didn’t have to, to save others, He also did not. (Yes, Master.) That’s the difference between a noble being and a low-level, lowlife being. You’re happy with that or not? (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

I guess it’s too early, I also don’t formulate very well, but you understood, right? (Yes, Master.) Understood the big difference, right? (Yes.) Any other questions? Or anything that you forgot to ask or anything you want to comment?

(Some new footage has emerged of Putin meeting with female flight attendants of Russia’s airline Aeroflot. Which is in stark contrast to other images we see of him with his closest allies having to sit so far away. The images of him are surrounded by about 20 females, like right next to him and almost touching his hands and everything, which we never see. We see opposite pictures. So, I’m wondering, why would he allow these females to get so close to him when he avoids close contact with others?)

Because they’re female. Men, they like females, no? Number one. Number two, just new PR to distract people. (Yes.) PR, public relations. (Yes.) Advertisement. Propaganda. He does anything. This guy, you don’t ever know what he does. And what for? (Yes.) So, it doesn’t matter what he does. This crazy man should be in an asylum, I told you, to save himself (Yes.) and to save Russia and Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) Oh, so you saw that, huh? (Yes.) It could be now or it could be another photo from a long time ago. Could be. (Yes. that’s true.) If it doesn’t say what day, you never know when that photo was taken. (Yes.)

Besides, mostly they’re already vaccinated. And before they go on the airplane to work as a stewardess and all that, they check again and again. (Yes, Master.) So, he feels that it is safer with them, perhaps. Perhaps, if that is what’s taken recently. Otherwise, how can you explain anything a crazy man does? (Yes, exactly.) (Right, Master.) Or a demonically possessed entity. (Yes, exactly.) But the world is all topsy turvy anyway. Oh, my God.

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