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Governments Worldwide Must Stand with Ukraine, Part 5 of 6, Mar. 6, 2022

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So, on one hand, the free world says, “We will protect freedom, we will fight for freedom,” on the other hand, they just laissez-faire, do nothing when it comes to a real decision to help other countries, who have the same goal as them. They say love is looking in the same direction, meaning you’re together. You have the same ideal together. So you should be together, like bird-people with the same feather, flock together.

But the world is all topsy turvy anyway. Oh, my God. Like, NATO, a big, big organization. Tough, powerful. Gets so much money in the world to exist, and just refused to help somebody. (Yes.) You have muscle and you just stand by, seeing the weak person being beaten up in front of you by a big bully. (Yes.) What kind of gentleman is that? I’m really disappointed.

How many more Ukrainians will be dead, maimed or disabled? How many more children should die? How many more disasters by bombing and by all kinds of weapons raining down upon Ukraine, until NATO will do something to help – as a gentleman, as a hero. (Yes, Master.)

“Report from ClickOnDetroit, Local 4, WDIV – March 5, 2022, Reporter (f): In the path of the relentless Russian onslaught in Ukraine, no one is safe, not even innocent civilians. Ukrainian officials are pleading with NATO to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine.”

“Report from WION – March 5, 2022, Reporter (m): Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy lashed out at the NATO military alliance after NATO rejected Ukraine’s request to impose a no-fly zone to halt Russia’s missile strikes. Zelenskyy has accused the alliance of holding a very weak and a very confused summit in the stand that it has taken against Russia so far.”

“Report from Zelenskyy (in Ukrainian): Today there was a NATO summit, a weak summit, a confused summit, a summit where it was clear that not everyone considered the battle for Europe’s freedom to be the number one goal. All the people who will die, starting from this day, will also die because of you. Because of your weakness. Because of your disunity. Today, the leadership of the alliance gave the green light for further bombing of Ukrainian cities and villages, having refused to set up a no-fly zone. You could have closed the skies but… but. I do not know who you can protect and whether you are able to protect your countries. The countries of the alliance.”

Of course, they can make excuses saying that Ukraine is not a NATO member. Oh, sure. The neighbor is not your family member, but if he’s in trouble, you help him. No? (Yes, Master. Right.) Because you’re capable. (Yes.) Not like you are weak or anything. (Yes, exactly. Yes, Master.) So, I don’t understand it. I really don’t have any respect for these people. Truly not, not anymore.

Oh, man. God, what a world. So, like that, whatever excuse they have, they just let Ukraine die like that? And then the next one is Moldova and then the next one, we would never know. (Right, Master. That’s true.) Looks like Putin is eyeing every country around that, and more. And then when he controls more of all these NATO members, then nobody can oppose him anymore. (Right, Master.) Nothing. (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t know how long NATO will wait for that to happen, before they flex some muscle. Oh, my God. All these lame excuses. And they’re supposed to be generals, and commanders of the armies, not just one army, but international armies. And so lame like that? So weak and so spineless like that?

Oh, man. If I were his wife, I would pack his things and tell him where to go. A hotel. Go somewhere else. Luckily for him, I’m not his woman. Otherwise, I would teach them lessons, these big general chiefs or whatever. Oh, God. So disappointing. So disappointing. Whatever excuse they make, they just let Ukraine die? Because Russia doesn’t seem to stop. (Yes. Right, Master.) And they know Ukraine is no match, even if they have a big spirit. (Yes, Master.) Ukraine is no match for Russia.

This is the problem with the free world. Sometimes they say They will protect freedom and all that but when it comes to real action, it doesn’t seem like anybody wants to decide to do it, to walk the talk. (That’s right.) And then finally there will be the communist or whatever union. Whatever ideology that they wanted to avoid, will grow bigger. (Yes, that’s true.) Just like now if they say they don’t want to help Ukraine because of fear of nuclear. It’s so easy, so Russia knows now, they will continue to invade Ukraine. (Yes.)

The NATO and the free world seem to fear his (Putin’s) nuclear. Then after Ukraine, he will invade another one and another one and another one. And that’s how it is, (Yes.) how will it be, because they’re always in fear of nuclear. (Yes, that’s right.) They will not dare to do anything just because of a threat of nuclear. (Yes.) If Ukraine, they have fear of nuclear and they (Russia) take Ukraine, then the next one will be the same. (Yes, that’s right.) Also say, “Oh, we fear nuclear so we don’t dare to do anything.” (Yes, Master.)

My God, Ukraine asked only for a no-fly zone order. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And suppose, Russia even still flies in there, then that is the future. We don’t even know if they will fly in or not. They would be scared to fly in. (Yes, that’s right.) If they know it’s a no-fly zone, they would at least think twice. (Yes, of course.) They wouldn’t like to just fly in and die, fly in and die. (That’s right, Master.) And even then, if they don’t want to shoot Russia, they still can stop them. (Yes, Master.)

They didn’t do anything and they worry about the outcome already. (Yes, Master.) Then what for they get together? Because all the NATO countries are nearby Ukraine. And suppose they invade one of the countries, they also fear nuclear because nuclear will not go away then. (Yes.) And then Russia will keep swallowing one after another. Is that what they want? (No. That’s right, it’s not.)

The free world has to be more decisive, and to protect their own ideology. Otherwise, we cannot blame communism for advancing. (That’s right, Master. Yes.) That’s the reason why Âu Lạc (Vietnam) is following a communist policy now. Because before Hồ Chí Minh asked America for help, (Yes. That’s right.) and then America refused. (Wow.) (Yes, Master.) And then he asked other countries. The so-called free world refused, so he had to ask the communist country, he had to ask Russia then. And Russia immediately helped. Because they wanted to expand their territory, (Yes, Master.) their ideological territory. So that’s how Âu Lạc (Vietnam) became communist. And that’s how many others also became communist. (Yes, Master.)

So, on one hand, the free world says, “We will protect freedom, we will fight for freedom,” on the other hand, they just laissez-faire, do nothing when it comes to a real decision to help other countries, who have the same goal as them. They say love is looking in the same direction, meaning you’re together. You have the same ideal together. So you should be together, like bird-people with the same feather, flock together. (That’s right.)

Ukraine was looking in the same direction, but the free world turned away, turned their head away. (Yes, they did. Yes, Master. They have.) Similar to Âu Lạc (Vietnam). And then after that, went to fight in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), and killing many more people. They could have prevented it before. (Yes.) They could have helped in a different way, better way. (Yes, Master.)

And then now, if Ukraine’s lost then I don’t know if any other country will be able to stay, not go to the communist, or Russia (Yes, Master.) in particular. Because if others don’t help, then, of course, they’ll be lost. They can only fight for so long with their own weaker power compared to Russia. (Yes, that’s right.)

I don’t know why the free world is like that. It’s not just about this spell or anything. (Yes.) Of course, the world has to change. (Yes.) But it happened before already. History repeats itself. (Yes.) So, the free world cannot blame Russia if Ukraine joins them. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) If they have no more choice, they’ll be lost. (Yes, Master.) If they lose their country, then that’s it. And Putin already threatened to take the statehood of Ukraine away. (Wow.) That means he will make it into Russia. (Yes.) Like one of the regions of Russia only. (Yes, Master.) That will become Russia-Ukraine, something like that. Terrible, terrible. (It is. Yes.) Because the nuclear will not go away, so every time Russia goes to another country to invade, Putin will say, “You will have nuclear if you interfere.” (Yes.) So that will be like that forever, then. (Yes, Master.) Because if they can take Ukraine, why not other countries? (Yes.) Because he wants to extend his territory. (Yes, that’s right.) Just to feel powerful. (Wow.)

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