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Powerful Countries Must Be Courageous and Help Ukraine, Part 1 of 2, Mar. 10, 2022

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And the world turned a blind eye, and now he keeps continuing. (Yes, that’s right.) If Ukraine is gone, he will continue anyway. He will never stop. And this time, if he wins Ukraine, it would be big time, and then he would continue to the next countries, not just small, small regions in any country anymore, but now he will go outright. Having an excuse or no excuse, he doesn’t need any excuse. You can see it’s all lies. (Yes, Master.) Doesn’t ever need any excuse just to talk nonsense. I see all the evils through him.

Hallo, guys. (Hallo, Master.) (How is Master?) Hi, how are you? (We’re OK, Master. Thank You. How is Master?) I can’t explain. (OK.) Too many things. (Yes, Master.) Too much karma and too many things. I live in a very, very extraordinary circumstance. I mean, sometimes less, sometimes more. More, more extraordinary. I can’t explain a lot. (Understand.) (Yes, Master.) Never mind.

We can’t afford to have all the groups coming to have question-answer or story, depends. (Understand.) (Yes, Master.) Because we have a lot of work, recently. So, if all the groups sit together, then nobody’s working. (Yes, that’s right, Master.) Each one, each department has something to do, so if any questions, then just a couple of you is fine. They can send it to you, and then you can ask for them. (Yes, Master.) And you discuss in advance or study in advance the questions. Like this, we can keep our work going. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

Tell them I love to talk to all of you, it’s just sometimes we cannot afford it. (Yes, Master.) Also, if I have to talk to you guys and too many groups, different locations, it takes too long to arrange. (Yes, Master.) So like this, it’s simple. I know there are some questions. So, please go ahead now.

(Master, Poland is offering to deliver fighter jets to Ukraine, and the US does not support this plan. Why is this so, Master?)

You know, Biden is whom already. (Yes, Master.) He’s working for devils. So, the same with Russia. So, underneath it all, they’re working together. (Yes, Master.) You can see that with all this tarrying, tarrying all this time. Don’t want to do much for Ukraine. Left Ukraine alone to fight for themselves. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Because, if you see children are dying, or bombing women and all the houses and buildings collapsed and all that; and only one small country against this big giant Russia. (Yes.)

And whoever is supposed to have power, doesn’t want to help. (Yes.) (That’s right, Master. We do, Master.) It’s like they’re holding hands together and surrounding Ukraine. (Yes.) Let them die or whatever. Die or wounded or injured or broken houses or family separated. I don’t know how many more they want to suffer. (Yes, Master.) Just because it’s not their family. Not their children. Not their wives or women or their parents. (Yes, Master.) It’s like nothing to do with them, “It has nothing to do with us. Ukrainians are not human. Ukraine has nothing to do with all the countries in the world.” It seems like that. (Yes, Master.)

Just like if you have a neighbor, and somebody comes and robs them, bullies them and kills them, and beats up their husband and wife, parents and children, right in front of you, and you just say, “Oh, OK. Never mind. (Yes.) I don’t want to be involved.” (Yes, Master. Yes. It’s not right.) It’s just like that. It’s a picture. It’s very clear. (Yes, Master.) All the whole world, I mean not to talk about the smaller countries, of course, they cannot do much. They’re not powerful enough. But big countries, like EU, all the EU countries and America do nothing.

Just look at the map and you see how big Russia is and how little Ukraine is next to it. (Yes.) (Right, Master.) (That’s right, Master.) Oh, like a big bully come in and just beat up people, take their things and kill their children and their family members. And the whole neighborhood, the big strong neighborhood, does nothing. Just like that. (Yes. It’s not right, Master. It’s unconscionable.) They’re not real. They’re not really working for the positive power. They’re from the negative. You can see that. They are from the negative force. (Yes, Master.) Very clear. You don’t have to believe me. You look and you see. You hear and you know. (That’s right, Master.) (Yes, Master.)

I know you have questions. Just tell me. Tell me.

(A Russian spokesperson from the Kremlin; Peskov, said, “The war in Ukraine would stop immediately if these four conditions are met: Stop military action, changing its constitution to enact neutrality,” so, basically, it can’t join the EU or NATO. “Recognize Crimea as Russian territory. And recognize the two breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent territories.” Master, are these realistic demands?)

Even children can answer you. (Yes, Master.) What? If the two countries – one big country comes in and oppresses the other country, killing their people, bombing their houses and buildings, and threatening everywhere. They don’t even let them go out for evacuation for the citizens, just innocent citizens to evacuate, and they even bomb them. (Yes.) First, they say, “OK, you can go, can go.” And then they bomb them while they are running. Civilian people. Not even army or anything. Unarmed children, women, elderly. (Right.) (Yes, Master.)

Mostly children and women and elderly go, if they can. Some elderly cannot. So, the women have to stay back, even, and send their kids alone. Maybe 10 or 11 years old, walk or run 6000 miles long to go to the other country for refuge. (Yes, Master.) (Incredible. Yes.) Because some elderly cannot move. (That’s right, Master.) They’re sick or something, so the mother had to stay there and just send the kids alone to go. (Yes.) This situation.

And tell the other countries that you lay down your arms. How? They forgot to demand the fifth and the sixth. The fifth is the red carpet. Just to welcome the robbers and bully. And the sixth is a banner to say, “Welcome evil robbers – Russia.” Putin in particular. (Yes, Master.) “Welcome evil Putin.” They forgot to demand that fifth and sixth condition.

Oh, incredible. You see, I told you already, Putin will keep demanding more and more ridiculous things (Yes, that’s right.) if the West or the free world, EU or NATO don’t do anything. Because he just keeps… that’s what we say in Chinese “乘勝追擊 (Chéng shèng zhuī jí).” Meaning, “Because you’re winning, you keep going.” (Yes. Oh, right.) First, he took Crimea, and then messed up the other two regions to become also Russia, and just saying independent. (Yes.)

How can a robber go in the house and demand things? Already took a lot of things already and still not satisfied, and commanding the family members to do what, what, what. (Yes. Right, Master.) And cannot defend themselves and cannot do anything. Cannot even call the neighbors or police. (Yes.) So, this is a robbery. (True robbery.) This is what we call in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), "vừa ăn cướp, vừa la làng.” Meaning, they are robbing people, but they’re also yelling at the same time, like they’re the victim. (Yes.) (Oh, gosh.) That’s what we say in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). You can see very well. (Yes, Master.) Keep demanding more and more and more ridiculous things, knowing that it will not be met, these conditions. (Yes, Master.) What’s the use of demanding?

They took already Crimea since 2014 already. (Yes, Master.) And nobody did anything. They control everything already. What for demanding recognition? (Yes.) What the…? And the other two regions are still existing there. They’re still there ever since. (Yes, Master.) Then why did Putin say that the government or Zelenskyy is oppressing them, harassing them with ethnic cleansing. If they did, these two regions would have been gone, (Yes.) deleted already. (That’s right. Right, Master.) Why has he even to demand now to be independent? (Yes, Master.) Originally, it all belongs to Ukraine. (Yes, that’s right, Master.)

You came in, you robbed things, and you’re still not happy. (Yes.) It’s just like the robber comes in and tells the people who defend their family members, and says, "You all drop your knives and whatever you have there, or pots and pans, (Yes. Gosh.) or broomstick. Drop them all and kneel here so we can shoot you.” (Yes, Master. My goodness.) (It’s ridiculous.) If they’re all laying down their weapons, then that’s it, they belong to Russia immediately. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

What for a cease-fire, what for immediate stop warring, what for? (Yes.) What for stop warring? Of course, if it belongs to Russia, then they stop. (Yes. Right, Master.) But the people of Ukraine, they don’t like Russia, they don’t like to be with Russia. I mean, Putin, in particular, because the Russian people, they don’t like this. Even the army, the military, and their intelligence also did not like it. That’s why they, secretly briefed the Ukraine intelligence. That’s why they can save their president many times. (Oh.) Three times, at least, from assassination. (Yes.) Otherwise, how would they know? (That’s true. Yes.) These killer commandos, they can do anything. They can just kill. But because they’re briefed, the intelligence of Ukraine, they’re briefed by Russian intelligence. (True.) See that? (Right, Master.) Nobody likes this evil man. (Yes, that’s right.)

In the beginning, he was all quiet because… actually he has all these evil tendencies already. If you look back at the history, how many countries he messed up with, already. (That’s right.) Ever since the break up of the Soviet Union. I told you before in the last couple of conferences. (Yes, Master.) Not just the first time. Okay? (Yes, Master.) And the free world just turned a blind eye to him all up to now. So, he just got used to it. (Right.) And now this is more outright evil. (Yes.) It’s outright evil, because the opportunity knocked.

You see, we have pandemic, we have all over the world economic problems, and we have big powers kind of falling out with each other. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And busy. Busy. Like America and China having some spat. (Yes, Master.) And everybody is busy and tired and exhausted. So, he went full length. (Yes, Master.) Robbing in broad daylight like that, going straight in and killing the citizens without conscience, without even thinking twice. People are running to the other country for refuge already. They’re still bombing them midway. (Yes, Master.) And not just one time even. Anytime. (Yes, true.) Even they already signed the truce and ceasefire and promised this and that.

"KCAL9 United States, Political Reporter Tom Wait (m): A massive explosion at a reported oil depot just west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the continued bombardment hitting key parts of the country’s infrastructure and indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets continued as well. The person who posted this video says it was a pensioner’s apartment. But the suffering continues. These children are orphans, 33 of them have been taken into a basement in a town near Kyiv in hiding from Russian bombs. Last week, a Russian airstrike hit the area. In the hard-hit port city of Mariupol, people lined up to get water as essential services have been knocked out there. And Russia has repeatedly violated ceasefires to allow people to evacuate."

And they even said, “OK, if you don’t like that, then go to Russia or Belarus.” (Crazy.) Demanding like that, “Then we won’t bomb you. We won’t shoot you when you’re running.” Of course! Go to their country. Go to their papa. (Yes.) And you know how they will treat them? (Oh, gosh.) It’s like prisoners! (Yes, that’s true.) Then, they would probably never be able to go back to Ukraine. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes, Master.) It will be like another concentration camp in Belarus or Russia.

It’s a country of the enemy. Why would they go there? What for? (Right, Master.) (Yes, exactly.) How can they trust them? (No, they couldn’t.) It will be like a concentration camp. And then they would close them all in, lock them all in, and then use them as another weapon to make demands. (Yes, that’s true.) Demands of the free world or Ukraine alone. (Yes, Master.) And then just tie up the hands of President Zelenskyy, and then he will not know what to do. (Yes, Master.)

Right now, they keep bombing all the civilians’ area anyway, residential and all that, killing them just to unnerve the government and the army of Zelenskyy. (Yes, Master.) So anything Putin said or told his gang to say - is all lies. (Yes, Master.) It’s all lies, all evil. I’m so sickened. Truly, I’m sickened. I can’t believe they’re so bad like that. In the beginning, he just quietly did a little bit here and there with some excuses.

And the world turned a blind eye, and now he keeps continuing. (Yes, that’s right.) If Ukraine is gone, he will continue anyway. He will never stop. And this time, if he wins Ukraine, it would be big time, and then he would continue to the next countries, not just small, small regions in any country anymore, but now he will go outright. Having an excuse or no excuse, he doesn’t need any excuse. You can see it’s all lies. (Yes, Master.) Doesn’t ever need any excuse just to talk nonsense. I see all the evils through him. Yuck! I cannot believe this! (Yes, it’s…)

I cannot believe everyone believes him or are just making excuses to believe so that they don’t have to do anything. All the cowards, big deals in the world, they just sit on the big seats and do nothing. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, true, Master.) Either they’re scared of Putin, or they don’t want to do anything. It’s all evil. It’s all supporting evil. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

If they recognize all these three regions, for example, if President Zelenskyy recognized them and signed it, that is a big defeat already. (Yes.) Originally, it’s all quietly accepted, and because they didn’t want war and bloodshed, so they just went quiet. And now if it’s officially recognized, then the whole country will hate him, will accuse him of treason. (Yes, Master.) And even if they don’t, Russia or Putin will make some strategy, go in and make more and more trouble for Zelenskyy, or assassinate him. (Yes, Master.) And then control it. And then it becomes Russia.

Oh, my God. What evil! (Truly.) Oh, dear God. What evil, what evil. Oh, this guy, Putin, he will go to the deepest possible hell and never get out. (Wow. Yes.) Never will he see the sun again after he dies. (Oh, wow.) And he doesn’t know that.

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