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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Thoughts on the Urgent Situation in Ukraine, Part 1 of 8, Feb. 26, 2022

Lingua del discorso:English,Thai(ภาษาไทย)
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He (Putin) has a black belt of some sort. (Yes. Right.) And for this kind of martial artist, they should know the principle. Even not to talk about the president or anything. The principle of martial arts is that – only for self-defense. (Yes. Right.) If people attack you. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Ukraine did not attack Russia to begin with.

(Hallo, Master!) (Hi, Master! How are You, Master?) I’m OK. (Oh, that’s good to hear.) Usual, usual. How about you guys? (We are good, Master. We are also good, Master. Thank You.) Good.

I just want to ask if you have those protective gear already or not? There are many choices. You can buy. And get your Master to pay for them. (Oh, thank You, Master. Thank You, Master.) Master does everything. Master can do everything, so, no problem. (Master takes care.) Normally, that’s what people say. (Right.) So, there are not just socks or pads or mats, but there are also shoes and slippers and, metal tapes and many things. (Right.)

So, you check out first and know your situation in your place and then think which one is the best and the most convenient and simple. (Yes, Master.) For you, so, you don’t all have to order the same things. That’s why I don’t order all for you because I let you choose. (OK, Master. Thank You, Master.)

All these things, I knew a long time already, because I asked someone to do some research, and they sent me all kinds of things a long time ago already. I just forgot. (Understand.) I just forgot; it’s too busy. (Yes, Master.) Until recently, I felt like my muscle is nowhere to be seen. Some. Yeah, on the arms. I used to be firm. I’m not fat or muscular, I’m just healthy and lean. (Yes, Master.) And then, all of a sudden, I mean, not all of a sudden, but it’s getting worse. And just one day I noticed it again, recently. (Oh.) And then I remembered. I wondered if I’m too sensitive, and then I asked other boys; they said there are also remedies and stuff like that. And then I remembered all this before. (Right.)

One of your sisters sent me some of them. And then later we discovered more. (Right.) But there was always some problem somewhere, thus I was thinking, thinking. So, if you guys need it and want it, please just buy. (Yes, Master, we will. Thank You, Master.) At least when you’re working, you need. (Yes. Right, it’s good.) It’s too much radiation even though we don’t see it. (Yes.) In the long run, it might be bad. (Yes, Master.) Might be bad and too late, like me. (OK, Master.) Alright. That’s all I wanted to know.

And are you guys still happy there? (Yes, Master, we are. Thank You, Master.) Not too lonely? (No.) (Hope Master is OK, too.) Yeah. I’m OK. I’m not that lonely. Don’t worry. (OK, Master.)

Last time some of you asked whether or not I’m lonely. Of course, sometimes. (Yes.) Very rarely and very quickly. (Understand.) When I’m doing some work, and then something reminds me of this and that and others. (Yes.) Or reminds me of dog-people, and like that, I want to hug them, and I don’t have. (Oh.) Stuff like that. And, of course, you feel a little sad. (Right. Yes.) Then, I quickly run to find some job to do, so to forget quickly. (Oh.) Because there’s not much I can do in this situation. Even if I’m lonely and sad, I must… I must accept it so that I can work better for the world. (Yes. Thank You, Master.)

You can see how chaotic our world is at the moment. (Yes, Master, yes.) Everyone does what they can to try to improve the situation and save humans and the planet. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) So even if I’m lonely and sad, it’s my individual thing.

Nothing as big as the planet’s trouble, and all humanity suffers as a whole. (Yes, Master.) So, because of that, I just keep going on. I mostly don’t have time. (Understand.) I don’t have time to think too much.

It’s just that the problem is, because I’m working with Supreme Master TV. And sometimes some scenery, or some situation reminds me of something. (Right. Yes.) Like if I see some mountains or the Himalayas, “Oh!” And then I feel sad. (Oh!) Yeah? I feel sad. (Yes.) I feel so restrained, restricted. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

Even though up there I also don’t socialize or anything. I just go to the Ganges or go somewhere to meditate and then go back, eat some self-made chapatti and wash my clothes in the Ganges and take a little shower there, and then go home. (Yes.) Meditate up there on the roof. It’s nothing really enviable about all that. (It sounds relaxing, Master.) Yeah, sure, sure, sure. It was relaxing. I couldn’t imagine anything better than that.

Even though I had not a lot of money; I can only eat a few chapattis per day and a cucumber sometimes. (Right. Yes.) And my favorite, vegan samosa. (Oh. Yes.) (They’re good.) Only one. (Oh.) Normally if I don’t see, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but the lady, the old woman, she sold just a basket of it. (Oh.) And she sat right at my entrance. You know, on the road to climb up to the hill where I live. (Oh.) She sold it right in that corner, between that little path, mountain path and the big main road. (Oh.) Uh-huh! Yeah. Every day, rain or shine, she sat there. (Wow.) With her basket of samosas. Oh!

And my life was so wonderful. I liked that type very much. I would come home, find some wood and then just make myself some chapattis. That’s all I had. And eat with peanut butter, but so contented. (Yes.) When hungry, it tastes so good. And don’t have a lot. Tastes too good. (Yes. A simple life is good.) Yeah. Life is good. I liked that.

So, don’t keep asking me whether or not I’m good, I’m lonely, or anything. What to do if I’m lonely? Should I forsake the whole world so that I can go to the Himalayas again and enjoy my own little vegan samosa luxury, or freedom?

Oh, man. That was wonderful; nobody cared about me up there. Many people; when I go down to the Ganges, I have to go through a little section of the road. People, they are driving or walking or doing business, but nobody knows who I am, nobody cares and I don’t care. I didn’t care and it was just so free. (Yes.)

I can talk on and on and on about that, all the time. I never feel bored talking about that, even though I bore you. (No, Master. It’s always nice to hear.) Like every day is the same thing. Whenever I talk about the Himalayas, it’s all that; bathe in the Ganges, put the clothes on the rock to dry and then walk home, make a couple of chapattis and then make a little tea, if have, or otherwise just drink water. And then at night go up to the room to meditate. That’s it. How boring, but I love that. I love that kind of simple luxury. (Right.)

Now I can’t afford it. Now I cannot afford it. Now I’m so poor. I also cannot afford a very big house; I stay in a 2 by 3 or 2 by 4 kind of bungalow. (Oh.) With all the wires all over for internet. I am happy that I can work. Even though it’s a remote area, but it was already equipped with internet. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but it works most of the time. So, sometimes I cannot send back your requests. Not so quickly. But I’m always OK, right? On-time, right? (Yes, Master.) I’m never late, right? (No, Master. No, no, no.) No. Yeah, I am a good team worker. (Yes. You are awesome, Master. Yes, Master.) Awesome. Yeah. Awesome team worker. (Yes. Yes, thank You, Master.)

So, did you buy anything yet? Are you comfortable? (We are about to buy, yes. Yeah, we ordered something. We ordered some pairs of socks and some stickers to put on the phone.) OK. (Yes.) Very good. (So, it’s coming.) OK. Good. I also asked one of your brothers by phone if he can find something and then send it to me. Email it to me. Email the socks to me. Who knows, maybe in the future, we can do that. Science fiction, you know? Maybe in the future, you can just put your hand in front of the screen and get out what you need. (That will be great.) Yeah. They have that in Heaven. (Oh. Wow!)

Just we have nothing here; all garbage, and still fighting each other just for garbage. (Right. Yes, unfortunately.) For some dirt. (Yes.) Some big area of dirt or small area of dirt that we call the nation. (Yes.) Oh, my dear. Alright. I’m glad that you take care of yourselves. Please. (Yes, Master.) I cannot. I just called to want to make sure that you guys really understood and really take care of yourselves. And if that’s not good enough, we can buy other things. (Yes, Master.)

And many other things they recommended some time ago, a long time ago. The socks are recent. Maybe they also told me that in those reports, but I did not look at it too much. Too busy. Now that we have that, it’s good. I’m glad you’re safe and happy. (Yes, we are. Thank You, Master.)

Anything else you want? (Yes, Master, we actually have questions.) Ah, questions. (Yes.) Yeah, yeah. Good, good. Good to have questions because that’s how you learn. (Yes, Master.) Tell me.

(Related to the ongoing invasion of Russia, Putin says that he ordered his military to move into eastern Ukraine’s breakaway regions to protect persecuted ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking citizens from Ukrainians. And he calls that “peace-keeping functions.” Is this true, Master? Are they really being harassed and is this the real reason?)

No. Of course, if they’re breakaway, then maybe there’s some conflict between the government military and the rebels. (Right.) Yeah. And it wouldn’t have happened if Crimea hasn’t been taken away by Russia. After Crimea has been annexed, then more trouble. (Oh.) (Right. Yes.)

And even if he thinks the government of the Ukrainian people, or the government is harassing the ethnic people there. (Yes.) Or, he says “ethnic cleansing” or something like that. (Yes.) Even then, it was because he started it. (Ah.) He started to annex Crimea long time ago, some years ago. Remember? (Understand. Yes.)

And even then, when the international community told him he shouldn’t do that, and he sided to some other area also taken away by some other occasion, and then the international governments told him, “But it was different. There was bloodshed.” Maybe there was already war, or something. That’s why it had to be done. But this one has no bloodshed. (Yes.) Taking over Crimea, there was no bloodshed so he said, “If they want bloodshed there will be bloodshed.” Just to make an excuse. And that is a terrible speech I was thinking. (Yes.) I am very disappointed with this guy. (Yes, Master. We are.) He’s not worth it.

I thought he was a good guy. You know, he tried to help some animal-people, and he flew away with the crane-people. Brought them out to a better area. (Yes.) I thought he was a very nice guy, like a movie star, and macho, and he went to the Olympics and all that to snatch the Olympic prize for his country. (Yes.) And he practiced Judo, martial arts.

He has a black belt of some sort. (Yes. Right.) And for this kind of martial artist, they should know the principle. Even not to talk about the president or anything. The principle of martial arts is that – only for self-defense. (Yes. Right.) If people attack you. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Ukraine did not attack Russia to begin with. (That’s right.)

Before Crimea already. And he just took away Crimea. (Yes.) And even if he thinks the Ukrainians are harassing some Russians there, then he should just take them away and put them back in his country. (Yes. That’s right. That’s true.) To protect them there, not to want to take the whole country just for a group of Russians. (Exactly. Yes.)

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