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May the governments worldwide do everything in their power to put an end to the hostilities and support the righteous Ukrainian people in restoring freedom in their country.

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Hallo, Wise and Compassionate Master and saints of the Supreme Master TV team, Thank You, Master, for offering the right concepts and solutions to the world in turmoil. Ukraine has not offended any country. Excuses the Russian president made for sending troops to invade Ukraine are definitely too far-fetched. The whole world should definitely not just stand by and watch it, but should show their love to truly support Ukraine.

It’s a critical moment of challenge to planet Earth. If the world would unite and practice their love to support Ukraine materially and spiritually, the consciousness of humankind would be awakened and lifted to a higher level through this incident.

Just like many ancient soothsayers had predicted, the world will, under the leadership of Supreme Master Ching Hai – the Divine Messiah of the East, enter an even higher level of consciousness, and there will be a brand new Earth, which will then join the galactic federation. May there be peace in Heaven and on Earth. Respectfully, Ni-Fei, initiate in Taipei, Taiwan (Formosa)

Hallo, Dearest Master and the Supreme Master TV team, Just as our Great Master has said, “All governments in the world should stand with Ukraine.” Yes, only in this way can the world develop continuously, harmoniously, and peacefully. We can never let Putin and his gang, the small group of warlike devils that act against Heaven and kill without even blinking, to continue to succeed in their evil deeds, which neither Heaven nor Earth will ever allow!

Facts prove that all humans in the world are against war. Even native Russians have been actively voicing for Ukraine, which is defending itself for justice. Thank God, thank the lenient Heaven. We sincerely pray to God to bless and bestow peace and safety on the Ukrainian people and help them to rebuild their homeland. Amen! We pray for the Ukrainian people. Go home, Russia! Cai-Yue from China

Wise Ni-Fei and Cai-Yue, Our appreciation for sending such thoughtful heartlines. We are heartened that the world has come together in solidarity against the war in Ukraine, and we pray that this creates further unity and love among nations. May the governments worldwide do everything in their power to put an end to the hostilities and support the righteous Ukrainian people in restoring freedom in their country. May you and the wonderful people of China and Taiwan (Formosa) enjoy Heaven’s boundless Grace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some wisdom to share with you: “Loving Ni-Fei and Cai-Yue, this terrible war, though tragic, has indeed brought unity in the world. During these dark times on Earth, bad things continue to happen, such as the pandemic and now this war. These are all wake-up calls to the whole of humanity. If we collectively see these events as such and awaken, then future destruction can be avoided. I pray that the war in Ukraine ends quickly and that all future human suffering can be prevented. The completely unjust war against the animal-people and the natural world must cease as well if we want to have peace on Earth. If people simply repent, humble themselves before Heaven, and become vegan, that is all it would take to stop more wars, diseases, and destruction from occurring. Please wake up, everyone who hears my words. Do not wait for more calamities to affect every nation on Earth. May the Buddhas bless you both and far-sighted China and Taiwan (Formosa) with Divine Light.” 

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