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The United Spirit of the Ukrainian People Shines Before the World, Part 1 of 12, Apr. 3, 2022

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If I am not in this situation, retreating and busy like that, I would love to cook. I used to invite people in my old kitchen. (Yes, Master.) And sometimes the chef cooks, sometimes I cook. I invite the laborers in my community, mostly. And also, other disciples, and also sometimes outsiders. Before, I used to do that and I enjoy it. I enjoy feeding people.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo. I expect that you have some good news to tell me? (Yes, Master. We do.) Oh, by the way, there are some medicines for the eyes, when you work too long on the computer. (Yes. Yes, Master.) It’s helpless for me, I have all kinds of medicines, still my eyes are too sensitive. Because of starring at the light, all the time. (Yes, Master.) The thing has light by itself – the monitor and the computer, they all have it. (Yes, Master.)

Even though it’s less… it’s screened out a little bit, but if I screen too much, I cannot see the words and the color and the quality. (Oh, no.) If I don’t screen, then it hurts too much. I put medicine and all that. Well, of course, I don’t do it as diligently as I should, but I forget. (Oh. Yes, Master.) Just keep working and forget.

Maybe you should put like eyes refreshener or something right next to your computer. (Yes, Master.) I’m going to do it now. So, maybe it will help. (Yes, Master.) We’re not getting any younger. (Yes, Master. Yes.) And stress and all that doesn’t help. There are some eye drops, and all that, from the eye specialist. They also advise me to eat 10 pieces of goji berries. (Oh. Yes, Master.) Every day, he says he cooks them, and puts them in the deep freeze, and every day he takes out 10. I don’t know how he counts so very precisely. Must have good eyes. He says it’s for good eyes. (Yes, Master.) Because of that and also, he eats kiwi. (Oh.)

There are many ways to take care of your eyes. (Yes, Master.) You all have these screens in front of your computer? (Yes, Master.) And if it’s not enough, wear the screening glasses as well, for that. (Yes, Master.)

I have it double. It still hurts. (Oh.) And I need to wear a hat often, to cover light on top of my head also. (Oh.) But I don’t always have choice. If I keep moving, sometimes I have only a table lamp. (Oh. Yes, Master.) And if I have on top of my head… mostly you don’t sit right underneath, so it will be like one side and you will see the light. I guess my eyes have been sensitive for all the decades of staring at these spotlights. (Yes, Master.) Etcetera.

And I’m getting younger. You know that. That’s why, right? (Yes.) Young and pretty. (Yes, sure. Always.) You hope. No, I don’t look much different from the last time you saw my image on screen. Last time it was some months ago. Last year, yeah? (Yes, Master.) I look similar like that, just a little bit more gray hair maybe. I didn’t count lately. And also, a couple more wrinkles, I guess. I also did not count. Lately, no. No time.

I really feel sorry that you have to work so hard. Sometimes more than necessary. But every couple of hours, please get out into the green. (OK, Master. Yes, Master.) Look at trees and all that. (Yes.) And grass or bushes, there’s plenty around you. Are they not? (Yes, they are. True.) Thank God, hey? (Yes. Yes, nice.) Maybe that’s why we should live in the forest.

We are jungle folk. We are jungle fighters. Jungle, peaceful fighters. We fight for justice, (Right, Master.) for peace and kindness among humans, and among humans and animal-people. But we don’t fight with any weapons, except Supreme Master Television. (Yes. That’s right.)

Sometimes we have some sharp words. My sharp words. But some people they don’t listen to sweet words. (Yes. Correct, Master.) Some people, need to listen to their language. I have to talk their language. (Yes. Understand, Master.) That’s what it is. Like in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say, “Đi với bụt mặc áo cà sa, đi với ma mặc áo giấy,” meaning, if you go with the Buddha, you wear the jiasha, the monk’s robe, (Yes.) the monk’s outer cloak. (Yes.) And if you go with the ghost, then you wear paper clothes. (Oh.) Because in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), when they make offering to the deceased or some ghosts, they burn these paper clothes. (Oh. Yes.)

I don’t think they want to burn the real clothes. It’s too expensive maybe. Or, it won’t burn properly. (Yes.) Like, nowadays in most of the clothes they mix with synthetics or nylon, or something. (Yes.) And if you burn it, it’s a bad smell and it will clump together into one plastic ball or something. (Yes. Right.) It’s sticky, or it sticks to the environment, or to your hands, or whatever you use. (Yes, Master.) So, paper clothes are a good idea. Good idea.

Maybe we should also order some of these. We work at night like ghosts, and we wake up so early in the morning. (Yes. We do.) Like ghosts also. Before sunrise, meditate or whatever you do. Nodding, snoring, I don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t worry, join the club. I’m not criticizing. I also do that sometimes. When the body is too exhausted, the soul just leaves. (Oh yes, Master.) To recover, or you go sightseeing somewhere. Who wants a body that keeps yawning or aching and things, drooping on the floor or whatever, when you’re sitting.

Luckily you sit on the floor. If you sit higher, I will be worried every day, for my floor. If you fall down from the high chair, the floor might have a dent. (Yes, Master.) But if you sit on the floor, the floor will be… (Safe.) safer. It’s true, you know everything. So, I’m not worried about you, I’m worried about the floor. So, you should sit on the floor. (Yes, Master.)

From ancient times up to now, the people sit on the floor anyway. I think because the Masters know everything. They know if they sit on high… whoa, there will be problemo. You see what I’m saying, huh? (Yes, Master.) Masters, They know everything. (Yes.) How do They know? I think experience makes the Master. (Yes.) They have also gone through our stage of development. (Right. Yes.)

And you eat enough food? Good food? (Yes, Master.) Those westerners, you’re OK? (Yes, Master.) All of you, truly? (Yes, we are. Yes, we’re OK.) Are you sure? (Yes, we are very good, Master. Yes, we are OK.)

Even I am not a westerner, but I miss those western foods. Not all the time, but sometimes. I’ve been spoiled. I’ve been all over the world and ate all kind of good stuff. (Yes.) Sometimes the mind complains. I don’t complain, the mind complains. So, I told it, “Shut up and eat. Better than nothing.” (Yes, Master.) But they cook good for you? (They do, Master. Yes, Master.) They cook you well? (Yes.) OK, very good.

If I am not in this situation, retreating and busy like that, I would love to cook. I used to invite people in my old kitchen. (Yes, Master.) And sometimes the chef cooks, sometimes I cook. I invite the laborers in my community, mostly. And also, other disciples, and also sometimes outsiders. Before, I used to do that and I enjoy it. I enjoy feeding people.

Now I cannot do anything. Sometimes my mind complains, I told you. He says to me, “Look at You. What has become of You. Before You had many chefs, cooking different types of dishes every day for You. And You used to eat in a happy company. And now You eat alone, in a hurry, hurry. Eat on the floor or eat on the cramped table or corner, and it’s not the food that You want. Before You could order any food you want, because You had different chefs, different talents, from different nationalities. They cooked different kind of dishes. (Yes.) Also, You went around the world, in different countries. They welcomed You with all different delicacies and yummy-yummy food. And now, look at You. What are You doing? Sometimes You forget to take a spoon or even chopsticks. You eat with your fingers.”

So, I told him to shut up. The Indians, they all eat like that. And they grow so big and healthy. (Yes, Master.) So, what’s wrong with eating with fingers? You can be very spoiled. (Yes, Master.) If you’re used to something, then you become attached to it. (Right.)

Even one time I fed the squirrel-people. (Yes, Master.) And normally it’s simple, because I didn’t have a lot of time to do anything else. Also I thought they live simply. (Yes, Master.) Only they eat like nuts or grain, and fruits. (Yes.) So I give them bread. I don’t have nuts. I give bread, like wholemeal bread. I thought it’s also kind of nuts. (Yes.) It’s cereal, and nutritious, and also fruits. More simple. (Yes, Master.) Simple, easy for me, in a busy day or busy time.

But sometimes I don’t have bread, so I mix some leftover rice. And then, with the leftover vegetables, food and all that, I mix just rice, not too salty for them. (Yes.) And protein and all that. And then, oh they love it. (Wow.) The next day, I don’t have time, of course, I go back to normal diet, bread and banana, and they don’t eat. I fed them a few days, just a few days with the rice stuff, cooked food; I warmed it up and gave it to them and they ate them all. The next day, the bread was left there, just the banana was gone. And then they came the next day again, singing a song, “I love You. We love You.” (Oh.) I said, “Truly is that? Why today?” Then I was enlightened – I think they wanted this cooked food. Oh, man. Talking about being addicted. So quickly!

So, I did not give any cooked food. I said, “Sorry, I truly don’t have a lot of time. And today there’s not much left. OK? And so, you eat the bread when you’re hungry. And if you don’t eat it, then you don’t eat it.” I gave fruits, of course, also. Different types, whatever I have.

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