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God helps those who help themselves: the only solution, in the desperate situation now, is to turn vegan.

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Dearest Master, Watching the program of Your conversation with the COVID chief, I could not help shedding tears. I have tears of gratitude for Your endless unconditional Love and sacrifice for us, including the ultra-naughty, ignorant humans who still enjoy eating dead bodies of animal-people. Until 2099 is a long time for the pandemic to go on and for the human population to shrink, sad to hear that. But would You please consider to stay with health and youth on Earth until then, and lead humans into the new Era? I beg You with my whole heart. With the highest Power of the Universe and all, You can certainly do it if You want to, I suppose. If I can, I will accompany You all the way. Also, a maybe naive question of mine: Can we ask those loving extraterrestrial beings, who are more advanced in techniques and technology, to join us to help wake up the meat-eating humans so as to release a little of Your burden? Seeing You alone holding back all the negative influence standing on the frontlines, it breaks my heart. All I can do as a humble disciple is to meditate as much as I can, and turn on Supreme Master TV to bring Blessings and awakening energy to my neighborhood. Love You always, Diane from Germany

Considerate Diane, We, too, cherish our Master’s magnanimity and immeasurable humility.

She would like to share the following Wisdom with your heart and soul. “Sympathetic Diane, if all humans become loving VEGAN now, the pandemic disappears, the climate is regulated and peace will be here. Your diligent meditation would help. Please also help to spread the immense Blessing Power of Supreme Master Television as much as possible. Standing alone on the frontlines is what a Master signs up for when They agree to take on the job and only for a certain time. Even if COVID-19 subsides, others will emerge. Until humans use their will power to turn to the right direction, disaster, calamity will befall them relentlessly, not to mention some are not humans! Countless Masters came and went, suffering daily, Their precious lives have been sacrificed for humans’ selfish wish and desire. And the world people continue their brutal way. Sometimes it seems like a great waste. You should feel lucky to be saved! Would you rather see humans continue to torture, murder each other and helpless animal-people en masse daily, while the wicked are well blessed and protected? And the Master continue to endure untold suffering for them?? Even if you so wish, Master’s physical body won’t last with so much pain from horrific humans’ karma!! Please study well my teaching, try to understand it and be a true disciple. The extraterrestrials cannot do much − though they are technologically advanced! − if humans don’t awaken themselves. But Heavens are helping already, tremendously. Let's continue to pray that soon humans will change and recover their benevolent nature. Wishing you safe travels on your journey back Home. May you and innovative Germany always enjoy God’s favor.” 

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