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Bearing Witness to a Huge Army of Angels Helping and Protecting Ukraine in the War

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Dear Beloved Master and Supreme Master TV team, In a meditative state, I had a vision how angels are helping Ukraine in the war: The angels showed me that Putin and other leaders in the Kremlin and the military have a very dark energy. I could see vampire-like demons behind them who thrive on the suffering of humans, sucking up their blood and anguish. These demons are using Putin, tempting him, giving him the incentive of wanting to conquer the world. Thus, the dark forces try to keep their power on this planet to oppress and enslave humankind.

Then, I saw a map of Russia with many spots of light. Just the Kremlin was enveloped in dark fog. But in Russia at large, there are many upright spiritual people, which were the light spots. It was revealed to me that the war might lead to a lot of destruction for Russia and that Putin did not care about this.

Then, I was shown a huge army of angels aiding Ukraine. I saw images of mighty, radiant angels standing next to the Ukrainian soldiers, protecting their tanks, helping the Ukrainian people in many ways and also the aid workers. I also saw several tall angels standing behind President Zelenskyy in his presidential office and more angels around other people in the Ukrainian government.

At the end, I was shown an image of Ukraine on a map, dazzling with light. The light had a transformative energy that was spreading, raising the world to a more elevated spiritual level. May peace reign soon, Ingrid from Munich, Germany

Lucent Ingrid, We sing the praises of the angels who are invisibly protecting the noble Ukrainians in their battle for justice. The war waged by Putin has seen ruthless killings and shaken the lives of many. Let us all pray that the bright Celestial Light rekindles spiritual awakening on Earth. May you and the fine German people forever be showered with God’s Blessings, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master shares Her thoughts with you: “Soft-hearted Ingrid, it saddens me to see the suffering of humans and animal-people in our world today. Russia’s war with Ukraine really comes from an evil force that is trying to oppress a nation that has done nothing wrong to provoke or deserve that. Putin and his gang are not believers in God; otherwise, they wouldn’t have brutally attacked the innocent Ukrainian people. I’m glad the Ukrainians have faith. I want them to continue to have faith in Heaven. I want President Zelenskyy to know that the world is supporting him, and we are supporting him. May God save Ukraine, and may all humans wake up to make peace with humans as well as the animal-people for a Paradise on Earth. May the pure-hearted Ukrainians soon rejoice in victory as darkness vanishes from their land. Wishing you and robust Germany spiritual prosperity always.” 

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