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The Real Signs of Heavens’ Warning for Humans to Change, Part 3 of 8

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President Macron, he lost in two elections for his party. Not he lost, but his party, the important loss. Imagine that. Who told him to go against Ukraine? (Right. Yes, Master.) Maybe people don’t like that because they don’t like Putin. They don’t like the war in Ukraine. (Right. Yes, Master.) And if he says something, even the slightest hint that is against the principle, then people don’t like it.

President Macron, he lost in two elections for his party. Not he lost, but his party, the important loss. Imagine that. Who told him to go against Ukraine? (Right. Yes, Master.) Maybe people don’t like that because they don’t like Putin. They don’t like the war in Ukraine. (Right. Yes, Master.) And if he says something, even the slightest hint that is against the principle, then people don’t like it.

It says in the news they punished Macron by voting for the other party. (Oh.) So now, Macron doesn’t have the majority in the parliament. (Yes.) So, he lost. It’s bad for him. (Yes, Master.) Not that he lost the presidency but he lost his power. (Yes.) Because in the parliament or the House, you need a majority in order to pass many of your agendas. (Yes. Right.)

There are another two mystery explosions in Russia. Just exploded. Maybe they are important buildings. Just exploded and burned. (Oh. Wow.) That happened before already and now it’s a new one. Two new ones. Mysterious explosions. They don’t know why, what caused them. What’s the use even if you know? It exploded anyway. (Yes, Master.)

This is still June 23rd. “Italy’s biggest river dries up.” And it even revealed an old ship that was wrecked at the bottom. (Wow.) A long time already, they didn’t know. Now it’s revealed.

June 24. “UN warns of world starvation.” Probably they repeat it here. That’s number 1.

Number 2: “Small banks in China running into trouble.” That results in savers – the people who save money with them – “could lose everything.” (Yes.)

Oh, my hands get tired. Just a moment. I’ve got to find somewhere that I can put it. Don’t go away. (Yes, Master.) I forgot. I have to find my glasses. So, I don’t have to hold it next to me. Because my hands get tired. Everything gets tired. Not just hands.

Number 3: Aftershock in Afghanistan killed more people. So, the whole death toll rises to 1,150 or maybe more.” (Yes, Master.)

Number 4: “Russia makes gain. Could see tactical victory soon.” That’s bad for Ukraine. (Yes.)

Number 5: “Russian military plane just crashed. Five dead.”

This is a big military cargo plane. Just crashed. Five people died. Who told them to go to Ukraine to kill people? (True.) (Yes, Master.) It just crashed like that. So, many things, of course, were destroyed as well. (Yes, Master.) Those cargos, not just five people died, but I guess many things also were all damaged or gone.

Normally, Russian-made things are very sturdy. They are famous for that. How can it just crash like that? (Yes. Yes, Master.) That’s Heaven’s doing. (Yes, Master. Ah.) How can it crash just like that? (Yes, Master.)

Just like many news before that the Russians cannot hit the target. (Yes.) Because it just didn’t hit well, so they blamed the Russian soldiers, like they don’t have enough talent or ability. But it’s not like that. It’s all Heaven’s doing. (Yes, Master. Right. Yes.) That’s why they keep bombing, bombing all the time, hoping that one or two will hit. It does. Some of them hit. So many of the cities are ruined.

Number 6 now: Even there are two countries, they are different worlds. Very distant. But Lebanon and Sri Lanka share the same fate, economic collapse. (Oh. Yes, Master.)

Number 7: “Many villages in Suriname were waiting for aid, because there were unprecedented floods also over there.” (Wow.)

Oh, God. And there was anger in China because there was bad treatment of women.

Number 8 now: “Afghanistan aftershock. Now they don’t have food. Very fearful of cholera.” (Oh.)

Number 9: “North Korea strengthens their military force, and mentioning more deadly weapons,” maybe like nuclear. (Oh. Oh, no.) I did not write the whole thing. I wrote it very short. Like, preparing for war. (Yes, Master.)

There’s a person, who was appointed as the head of the Kherson area. In a blast, he’s dead. He’s supposed to be in charge of Kherson. And he just died in the blast. (Wow.) Heaven’s doing again. (Yes, Master.)

Now, number 10. Oh, this we had it already, Putin’s holder of nuclear codes shot, found in a pool of blood. Similar.

And, in Mexico, there were two Jesuit priests. Jesuit – just like p. Francis. (Yes.) Two Jesuit priests killed in Mexico. (Oh.) Maybe bad priests. Just the two of them. But why the Jesuits? (Yes, Master.) They were killed in Mexico.

“Europe travel is a mess.” Probably, a problem with traveling. One road was shelled by Russia. It’s not good news. All bad news. Even bad or good, it’s mostly bad. All in just one day. (Wow.)

That was on the 24th of June. And the 23rd – I read you already. From 25th, today – I read only half. On the 25th, it’s also similar, but I am only halfway.

The only good news on the 25th is the anti-abortion law. (Yes, Master.) That’s it. And the rest now, number 2, that was number 1, good news.

Number 2, Russia threatens Moldova again (Oh.) because they are joining the EU now. (Yes.) And they were accepted already as candidates for EU membership.

Moldova and Ukraine are granted candidacy for EU membership. (That’s wonderful. Wow. Yes.) Because Ukraine almost fulfilled all the conditions already. Seventy something percent is already done. (Yes.) Just some little things, but they said that can be done soon, so it doesn’t matter. And Moldova is also accepted now. (That’s great. Yes. Wonderful.) But that is thanks to Russia. And now they are threatening them. (Yes, Master.) All this time, Moldova was not in. And now, because Russia invaded Ukraine, so Ukraine became also a candidate for EU. And will soon become a member. (Yes, Master.) Moldova is also accepted. But Russia threatened them.

Russia threatens everywhere nowadays anyway, whether you join or not join. (Yes, Master.) And it’s not the first time that Russia invaded Ukraine even, so before there was no NATO or nothing. (Yes.) So, there’s no need to blame NATO for barking at Russia’s door. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) And Chechnya and all that. It has nothing to do with NATO. I mean before, not just now even. (Yes, Master.) And then, Finland.

Russia invaded everywhere, anyway. Wherever they want to. And whenever they feel like they got bored, and have nothing to do. So, it’s ‘no excuses.’ (Right. Yes, Master.)

Today, they report the same thing again. And there was a truck, they tied on top of a trailer to bring away somewhere and then it broke away from the trailer and was spraying all over on the street. (Oh. Oh, gosh.) Just like that. It’s just one of those bad news. Small news, but bad news. (Yes, Master.)

Number 4: “Plane lands aflame in Miami.” That’s on the 24th, we read already. Today they repeated again. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes they repeat the same thing. (Oh.)

And because I forgot that on the 24th, I already have written it, so I wrote it here again. But I think on the 24th we already had that – near Miami airport, plane aflame. Sometimes they re-write the title, it’s different, the headline. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Same news, same meaning just rewrite it differently, so I didn’t recognize.

Number 5: “Fire destroys homes, destroys the island of Evia in Greece.” (Oh.) Fires everywhere.

And number 6: “Ukraine has to retreat from Severodonesk.” Because the Russians were overwhelming them. (Too bad.) They don’t have enough manpower, they don’t have enough weapons. They say for every one missile that Ukraine fired out, there were ten returned from Russia. (Wow. Oh, my gosh.)

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