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In today’s news, Australians show solidarity with Ukraine through over US$3.5 million in donations for humanitarian relief, scientists in United States find more clues about how COVID-19 can damage the brain, music education program in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, to cultivate local artistic talent, boy swimming in ocean off Spanish coast saved by drone, five-year-old from United Kingdom is world’s youngest female published author, Korean vegan food startup creates recipes using state-of-the-art technology, and animal-people lover in New Jersey, USA, runs sanctuary in memory of mother.

Australian citizens provide humanitarian support to Ukrainians.

Almost 10,000 Australians have donated over US$3.5 million to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, a collaboration of three Australian nonprofit organizations, to aid the war-affected nation. Emergency provisions consisting of food parcels, medicinal and hygiene kits, and bedding have been sent, with support programs also having been implemented. The aid has been courageously distributed by the volunteers to those in the most devastated regions of Ukraine. Dr. Liz Paslawsky, chair of the International Coordination of Medical Supplies to Ukraine that is a part of the endeavor, has organized individuals in Australia and Europe to help send healthcare goods donated by various groups, including hospitals and medical companies. She said for many people suffering from chronic conditions or wounds from the war, these supplies are greatly needed. Our high salute, Ukraine Crisis Appeal, for your work, and participating Australians for your generosity. May the brave Ukrainian people soon reclaim their beloved country as freedom and democracy reign supreme, in God’s abundant Love.

United States researchers discover how COVID-19 may damage the brain.

Scientists from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in the US, recently performed autopsies on nine deceased COVID-19-infected individuals to determine the cause of brain damage in these long COVID patients. It was found that the protective cells in the blood brain barrier were damaged by an abnormal immune response, which could in turn, have triggered neurological symptoms associated with long COVID. Previous studies have also indicated a link between the immune system, inflammation and long COVID. Thank you, researchers from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, for helping to further uncover the ways in which the coronavirus substantially harms the body in the long term. In the wisdom of the Providence, may humans quickly switch to vegan food, as we protect ourselves from zoonotic infections and protect animal-people’s lives. Don’t choose vegan: cos hellfire is so tempting.

Up next, music education program in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, to cultivate local artistic talent. We’re just going to thank the biomaterials engineers who combine their knowledge of engineering and biology to design implantable products such as heart pacemakers, defibrillators and artificial joints that are compatible with the human body. We’ll be right back with more engaging news on Supreme Master Television.

Good day, smart viewers, it’s Moia, a vegan noblewoman from the Eupholus Magnificus kingdom. I think we all should join together to protect the vulnerable and spread the delightful plant-based message throughout the world. Then our hearts will just sing together in harmony. I’d like to share a healthy tip with you! Did you know okara – the pulp-like substance leftover after soybeans are made into soy milk or tofu – is rich in potassium and niacin? It is also high in protein, fiber, and calcium. Okara is more nutritious when it is fermented, with even more protein and antioxidants available. It is a popular ingredient in a lot of Japanese vegan dishes. Get creative and find different ways to incorporate this nourishing ingredient into your meals! It will be beneficial to your health! Thank you for your attention and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now it’s time for the worldwide weather.

Taiwanese (Formosan) organizations launch music education program.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) Foundation and the Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) have created a music education masterclass to help encourage the nation’s artistic talent. Lu Shao-chia, who is NSO’s previous director, will teach conducting, and Jun Märkl, who is the current director, will teach composing. The program will include a “one minute composing class,” which will help students to reveal their emotions and inspire the audience in 60 seconds, as opposed to focusing on challenging techniques. Way to go, Lu Shao-chia, Jun Märkl, TSMC Foundation and NSO, for your dedication to motivating the budding, creative Taiwanese (Formosan) artists. In Buddha’s upliftment, may your newly trained musicians help to inspire a longing for spirituality in all those who hear their performances, as the inner melody fills our hearts with bliss.

Drone rescues struggling boy off the coast of Spain.

A specially designed drone was recently used to save a 14-year-old boy swimming along the coastline of Valencia, Spain, after the young man became exhausted due to the strong waves. The drone was quickly deployed and when it arrived, a life jacket was lowered on a cable, which the youngster was able to pick up. It allowed the boy to keep afloat until responders arrived on jet skis. The device was created by a Spanish startup called General Drones that designed it to withstand the rough weather conditions it may face. The boy was taken to the hospital and was released the next day. We are so happy to hear that he was able to leave so quickly and wish him many safe adventures in the future. Many thanks, rescuers, for acting rapidly to save a precious life. In Divine protection, may people always practice caution when venturing into the ocean to ensure they can return to shore safely.

Five-year-old girl from United Kingdom becomes world’s youngest female published author.

Bella-Jay Dark from Weymouth wrote a story called “The Lost Cat” about a kitten named Snowy who goes out at night and is unable to find her way back home. Through this experience, Snowy learns a valuable lesson. The creative youngster, who is now in the Guinness Book of World Records, got the idea from one of her own drawings. It took Bella five days to write the story, and she designed almost all of the illustrations herself. Published in January 2022, the book has sold over 1,000 copies. The young writer shares this advice to aspiring authors: “Write a story that comes from you.” The charming book can be found at the UK bookstore chain Waterstones and online retailer Amazon. What lovely news, Bella-Jay Dark, on your amazing creative accomplishment at such a young age. In Heaven’s bountiful grace, may your stories and illustrations be an inspiration to many other young authors. Vegan: The most urgent action.

Coming up, Korean vegan food startup creates recipes using state-of-the-art technology. We’ll now pause for a moment to learn about the traditional craftsmanship of Çini-making, a UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from Turkey. The unique handmade glazed earthenware tiles and ceramic pieces, which are called Çini, contain colorful patterns of flowers, geometric shapes and animal-people, and represent the rich traditional Turkish culture. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more generous news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Gratifying News for a Sustainable World.

Korean food-tech startup says it develops plant-based recipes 10,000 times faster.

Founded by Dr. Jae-sik Yang in 2017, the Korean vegan food manufacturer The PlantEat aims to create and produce a whole range of nutritional, plant-based, alternative food products using a state-of-the-art proprietary system with unique food combinations. Called PAMS, it consists of what the company says is the world’s largest database of over a million raw plant-based ingredients. Its current vegan product line under the Eat’s Better brand includes mayonnaise, crackers, tea cookies, granola, and several meal options. Recently in Korea, The PlantEat launched XILK, an alternative milk, developed using the PAMS system. The enterprise says PAMS created the recipe in just one hour instead of the 10,000 hours normally needed by a similar computer modeling system. Excitingly, vegan alternative meat products are now in development using PAMS. Well done, The PlantEat, for your innovative alt food creation technologies. May humanity soon quit the meat-dependent food culture for a healthy vegan world, in Celestial glory.

Animal-people lover created sanctuary to honor her mother.

Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary in New Jersey, United States, provides a loving home for neglected, unwanted or abused animal-people, including those princes and princesses with special needs. The nonprofit farm is run by Laurie Zaleski, the vegan founder and owner, who, as a child, promised to buy her late mother a large farm filled with animal friends. It provides food, shelter, medical care, compassion, and love to the 600-plus darling residents. All the animal-individuals roam free and have made loving and surprising friendships with other rescues, such as Emily the emu-lady and best pal Airplane the goose-gentleman. Laurie has written a book called “Funny Farm,” about her fabulous life with the charming rescue animal-folk. Three cheers, Laurie Zaleski and Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, for your compassionate heart in providing our animal pals with a forever-loving home. May God always bless such wonderful loving kindness.

Let’s see if the joke of the day brings you an outburst of laughter. It’s entitled “Free of Charge.”

The boss came into the office one day and found an employee cutting a vegan cake and distributing it for his co-workers to enjoy. The boss exclaimed:

“Is this what I pay you for?”

“No, sir. This, I do free of charge.”


And now we have a heartline from Jia-Rong in China:

Hallo, Most Beloved Master, You’ve been telling the world that the vegan diet and a benevolent heart are the only solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, benevolence and the merit of protecting lives can save human lives.

Once, my colleague’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and the doctor said she would live only six months at most. My colleague was very sad, since they had tried all doctors, both traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and found no cure. In the end, he heard that the merit of protecting lives and taking up the vegan diet could save lives, which made him immediately vow to keep the vegan diet for the rest of his life to repay his mother for the gift of life. And a miracle happened. Ten years have passed and his mother is still alive and healthy. He also has benefited from his persistent vegan diet and has improved both in health and personality.

The virus mutates all the time and is smart enough to escape vaccines. Isn’t this a powerful proof that the virus has a soul? Can the soul be touched through scientific means? Obviously, the answer is no. Standing in the same place as the animal-people being brutally skinned and killed alive, we’d feel the same grievance and resentment, which could not be pacified unless those who killed or ate us sincerely repented and promised never to do it ever again.

Everyone is asking: When will the pandemic be over? The answer is right here with ourselves! If we don’t change, when will the time of peace come? I’d like to share Master’s words with everyone: “We can save ourselves right now by turning to the vegan diet, which is benevolent, which is very compassionate. And by being compassionate to others, Heaven will be compassionate to us. The law of cause and effect is always very correct.”

Thank You, great and selfless Master. Your tireless efforts in awakening the world have touched me so much. May Your mission always go well. May You always have the Blessings and support of the Highest Heaven. Salute to all saints of Supreme Master TV; may you be always in safety and good health. Jia-Rong from China

P.S. I found that Supreme Master TV is addressing the animals as “animal-people.” It is great and I like it! It brings humans and animal-people closer, like one family.

Observant Jia-Rong, Thank you for sharing about the power of the vegan diet and its ability to save all lives on Earth.

Here’s a message from Master to uplift your soul: “Shining Jia-Rong, the story about your coworker’s sincere transformation to veganism out of his heartfelt devotion to his mother is very touching. It shows how the power of love, combined with wisdom and a noble spirit, creates miracles! It is not a coincidence that his mother is still alive; it is a direct result of his pure intentions. I pray that all humans are moved to follow your colleague’s beautiful example. Truly, if we all cared about our family members and future generations, we would go vegan immediately. Pray for World Vegan, World Peace every day, and share your story and the benefits of a vegan diet with others so that they understand the necessity of making the change. May the Buddha’s Divine favor surround you and the sensible Chinese people.”

Vegan side effect: getting used 2 clean air.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May you always be blessed by the infinite love of Heaven.

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