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The British Monarchy Should Be Respected and Appreciated, Part 1 of 8, Sep. 19, 2022

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One thing I regret is that we have to show too much of the suffering animal-people on it. (Right.) And it is really wrenching my heart. And sometimes I really have heart pain, physically – like neck pain, tight chest, and all that. (Oh.) Physically, because the suffering is just too much. Even just graphically, it can just make you squirm. And I scream sometimes out loud to release some of the pain.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo. How do you know it’s me? How is everyone? (We are good. We are good, Master. Thank You, Master. How are You, Master?) Too many people talk at the same time, I didn’t make out what you said. What was it? I asked if all of you are OK? (Yes, Master. We’re good. Thank You, Master.)

The boy, you’re better now? (Yes, Master.) Good, good. It’s not too cold out there? (No, Master.) I asked them. They said they gave you a heater, and you have a blanket. (Yes.) And a bed. (Yes.) That’s all you need. That’s all you need. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) And the important thing is that you feel better soon. Already, right? (Yes, Master.) Like 100% or how much? (95%, Master.) Ninety-five only. OK, good. And you continue to recover until 100% plus. OK? (Yes, Master.)

But you’re with your brothers, even with different rooms, so you’re OK, right? You don’t feel lonely, right? (No, Master.) And you are too busy to feel lonely anyway, right? (Yes.) We are all too busy to feel much of anything that the world wants us to feel. We feel what we want to feel. Right? (Yes, Master.)

OK. So how is everyone else? Do you take care of your brother well? (Yes, we do, Master. Yes, Master.) Give him everything he needs to recover. Tell him to eat a lot of fruit. You eat a lot of fruit, OK, boy? (Yes, Master.) I still feel like you’re a little boy. I don’t know why I always tell your brothers, “Hey, give the little boy a lot of fruit.” And then I realize he’s not a little boy anymore. He’s big now. He takes on responsibility and works for Supreme Master Television, and he’s doing well. Sometimes not, but who doesn’t make trouble sometimes, for me? Because I’m here to take trouble.

And then I said about your brother, “Oh, he’s not a little boy anymore. Why do I still feel like he’s a little boy? He’s no longer a little boy. He’s grown up now. He can even vote now.” So, he’s a big boy now. I can’t hear you very well. Are you laughing or crying? (I’m laughing, Master. Laughing. Yes.) Everybody’s laughing? I don’t hear much. (Yes, Master.) Maybe the connection is not too good. Don’t worry. It will be OK. It’s always OK somehow at the end. I make my phone a little bit louder now. Can you hear me well? (Yes, Master. Yes.)

So, how is everyone else? (We are good, Master. We are good. Thank You, Master.) I’m glad to hear. What else did you say before? I didn’t hear well. What was it? (How are You, Master?) Oh, “How are You?” How am I? I have to ask myself. “How are You? How are You, Master?”

Listen, I’m working under a very kind of stressful situation. (Oh.) Because I have to keep moving, and sometimes I don’t have enough equipment, and being alone is quite busy. Every little thing you have to take care. But I’m glad that I could talk to you, that I could still do my whatever little help I can for our Supreme Master TV as well as for the world. I’m still very sad every day because I have to see the programs. I have to proof them, I have to edit them, and always there’s some animal-people suffering and human suffering – and my heart is just so painful. But we have to continue hoping that one day it will get better. (Yes, Master. Let’s hope so, yes.) Alright then.

You have everything you need? Good food and everything, yes? (Yes, Master. Yes, we do. Yes.) And take good care. You have to eat. Eat breakfast at least. Even if you eat maybe dinner or lunch later in the afternoon, you should eat breakfast. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) Because if you eat breakfast, then later other meals will become more appetizing somehow. (Ah. Right.)

(Do You do the same, Master?) No. Heaven knows – no. (Ahh.) I cannot be so regular the way I want you to be or myself to be. Mostly, one meal a day. (Understand. I see.) It still tastes good to me. It’s just you eat less. If you don’t have breakfast, you eat less. Less, because the appetite somehow is less. I don’t know. Maybe to me only. And if in the afternoon, if I feel something is not well physically, then I go maybe take some little extra, like some fruit. (Yes.) Yeah, that’s it. But otherwise, just one meal. Good enough really.

And I don’t eat at regular time. I keep pushing it, it’s my fault actually. I have food, I have food. It’s not maybe as good as when they cook for you and it’s ready and hot, and all that. But I have food. Still, I keep pushing it. Sometimes I work too hard and I forget to eat. (Oh.) I guess you also. Sometimes, no? (Yes. Sometimes. Yes.) Mostly, I keep pushing it. Because I’m working on the shows for our programs on our Supreme Master TV. Then I keep pushing it. I say, “Oh, you finish this first, and then you go.” And then, after I finish that, I forget that I should go – I work on another show. (Oh.) I switch to another show, to work on it. And then, keep pushing, “Oh, it will soon finish.” I say like that.

So, when I remember, it’s kind of late, afterwards. It’s later than I thought I should. But it’s OK, still OK. I’m still alive, so it should be alright. But you need to eat. You must. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) You eat because you need all the physical instruments to boost your brain power, your physical power so that you can work for the challenging job that you’re doing. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.)

Because sometimes we have to work on time, because the show cannot say, “Oh, next year, two years later,” or, “On my birthday I’ll do it.” It’s not like that. We have to put the shows on every day. Every day and on time. (Yes, Master. Exactly.) Because the world is waiting to see our shows. Or I guess they do. Don’t you think they do? (Yes, Master. We think so. Yes.) Because sometimes they write letters to me. And they said they love to see our Supreme Master TV. It helps them somehow.

One thing I regret is that we have to show too much of the suffering animal-people on it. (Right.) And it is really wrenching my heart. And sometimes I really have heart pain, physically – like neck pain, tight chest, and all that. (Oh.) Physically, because the suffering is just too much. Even just graphically, it can just make you squirm. And I scream sometimes out loud to release some of the pain.

And I have to thank all of you, I mean inhouse, outhouse, all houses that work for Supreme Master Television, that sometimes you have to show all this graphic, gruesome cruelty – to show all this cruelty to the world through the shows. And I’m sure it must give you a lot of pain and sorrow as well. But we just have to, because we have hardly done that before, and now we just have to show it to people, so that when they see it, they see the reality. That may wake them up.

We change the tactic now. Before we didn’t do it, now we have to. (Understand. Yes.) And before, mostly I just talked nicely, and now sometimes I don’t talk nicely. I thought I’d change the tactic to see if it works. (Yes, Master.) Just like most of the spiritual Masters, They don’t wear nice clothes and jewelry, and all that. And I did. I do, just to see if it works, because it didn’t work too well the other way around. So, I thought I’d change to see if it works.

Whatever. Who knows if it works that way or this way? We just try our best. (Yes, Master.) And even though you live like a monk – single and working very hard, dedicatedly… I don’t mean those of you that I’m talking to. All of you. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) Everywhere in the world. Dedicatedly work for God, to better this world. But still, you don’t wear monks robe, you don’t shave your head. Some do. Go ahead if you want to – it makes no difference to me.

I couldn’t care less. But maybe I’ll have to call you “reverend sir.” Would that make you feel better? (No need. Not really, Master.) Instead of just calling you, “Oh, my love,” “my team.” So common. Or even, “my son” or “my little boy.” What do you prefer? (Those, more terms of endearment so we feel closer to You when You call us those.) I can’t hear you very well. (We feel closer to You when You call us “my little boy” or “my team.” These terms of endearment are much nicer,) Oh. (and we feel like we are more of a family.) Yeah? (Yes.)

How about “my son,” it’s even more intimate. I don’t know, I only called you a couple of times, I mean, some other brother a couple of times like that, but I feel weird calling somebody “my son.” I don’t know, all the priests and monks I heard them, or other masters, they go, “Oh my son this, my daughter that.” They use it so easily, I don’t know why I don’t feel so easy calling you “my sons” or “my daughters.” I don’t know why. I feel if I call you “my son,” it’s belittling you. You’re also a Buddha. Inside you’re a Buddha, and you’re also children of God. I don’t have any children, except God has children. (Right.) God is the only one who makes children and has children truly. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master. Yes, that’s true.)

Now, I do hope you feel all well and have enough food and have everything you need. You should. You take care of yourself. (Yes, Master. Yes, we are. Thank You, Master.) You have everything you need. I mean, you have enough financial back-up so that you can take care of yourself. Buy things you need, just what you need not what you don’t need, because if you have to move again… You know what I mean, right? (Yes, Master.) With all your machines, all your computers, all your big monitors, three or four of them. And, you know, no end, right? (Yes.)

Even I also feel weary of moving things, because too many things I have to move. If it’s my personal, the maximum is just one hand luggage. Otherwise, it’s just like in the Himalayas before – just one handbag on my shoulder. Those monks’ bags, “mankha,” monk’s cloth bag. (Yes.) That’s it. Truly, it’s not a big bag, it’s small. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Small size, just like a small handbag. Not small-small, but I mean, like medium size. It’s about 15 cm long, something like that. Maybe 20? No, less than 20. Maybe 20 cm long and 15 cm wide. So, you know. (Yes, Master.)

Because I didn’t need a lot. I didn’t need anything much. Oh, and now, my God… Now if I move, every time I move, I feel like I move for a whole big family or something. It’s very, very, very tiring. And on the road is not always easy to work, with the internet and everything. Sometimes I don’t have internet, sometimes I have to wait for some days to have it, and luckily I still can catch up with you guys. (Yes, Master.) I was never late, right? (No, Master.) Maybe too last minute, like, “Airing tonight, Master, hurry!” But not late, was it? (No, not late.)

And you know what to do, in case I’m late. I have never been late anyway. Up to this date, right? (Yes, Master.) Yes, so, your Master is a really diligent worker. Diligent team worker. You cannot scold me for anything, right? (No, Master.) Don’t you dare! I don’t mind. If I’m wrong, you just tell me. So that I can improve. OK? (laugher)

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