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Important Information from the Chief of COVID, Part 1 of 6, Jan. 26, 2022

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I’m very upset. Very upset and very, very worried. My God. The COVID really wants to destroy humankind. Oh man. I mean, I knew that, but just to realize it more concretely is something different. Very scary for humans. Oh, my God. I don’t know what else can wake them up. (Oh, Master.) Sorry. I have to have my glasses. One second. I am not really sure whether I should tell all this, but I’ll tell anyway. In case somebody still has ears to hear and wakes up soon.

Hey. (Hallo, Master. Hi, Master.) Hallo. Are you awakened? (Yes, Master.) You meditate? (Yes.) I just called you out of your meditation to tell you that you must meditate. Just like sometimes when I travel on airplane, the stewardess comes and tells me, “Are You sleeping, ma’am?” I say, “Yes.” “Oh, we just want to make sure that You’re sleeping.” (That’s right.) Maybe she meant that I’m not waiting for service or anything, or not well. OK, guys. I have to read you something. (Thank You, Master.)

I just tried to make a joke, but I’m very upset. Very upset and very, very worried. My God. The COVID really wants to destroy humankind. Oh man. I mean, I knew that, but just to realize it more concretely is something different. Very scary for humans. Oh, my God. I don’t know what else can wake them up. (Oh, Master.) Sorry. I have to have my glasses. One second. I am not really sure whether I should tell all this, but I’ll tell anyway. In case somebody still has ears to hear and wakes up soon.

Otherwise.... Listen. I’ve been waiting for you many hours already. (Yes, Master.) Originally, I thought I’ll wait until you meditate and you finish. But I keep pacing around and I can’t wait no more, so I called you up. Wake you up. (Yes, Master.) It’s not every day. (Yes, Master.) The world is going under and what should we care much about our little comfort and sleep. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.)

Alright, here you go. This morning, last night or morning – it’s kind of a blur, after midnight or something? (Yes.) About 3 o’clock, I watched the news. Something like that. I thought it’s last night but it could be early morning. Because I don’t look at the watch that much. (Yes.) Anyway, 2-3 in the morning. And then I watched the news. It could be earlier than that. But then afterward, I could not meditate, and I could not rest.

And then I “emailed” the Chief of COVID, (Oh.) the COVID chief and talked to him. I asked him to: “Please come. We have to have a conversation.” Because on the news I saw a male nurse – he looked very nice. A very kind person, and still very young. Not old, may be 50-something. I forgot. They probably have said that. That’s not the point. He was a very good nurse. (Yes.) Male nurse. And very kind.

“Media Report from WFLA News Channel 8 – Jan. 25, 2022, Melanie Michael (f): When COVID hit hard, Jeff Sales knew the risks of working in a hospital. But he also knew nurses were needed. The former Army medic was deeply passionate about saving lives through service. Two days ago, it was his own life that needed saving, but it was too late. Jeff Sales was just 47 years old. The married father of four worked nonstop, 12 hours a day in the COVID unit at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton. He would even work two and three extra shifts to take care of those suffering, while taking care of himself and his heart condition. He would remind his son often: saving the world starts with saving one person at a time.

Son of Jeff Sales (m): Because he’s the best man I will ever know. And if I can take half of that, I’d be the man I wanted to be.

Melanie Michael (f): His dad was born to serve and would do just that until his very last breath.”

Like, according to one of his colleagues, one time she caught him holding the hands of one new patient before she went to have an operation. And she was very scared. So, this female nurse knew that this male nurse had a thousand other things to do. But still, she caught him sitting there with a new patient, holding her hand, (Wow.) comforting the patient. (Yes, Master.) So, this female nurse, she said to herself, “Oh, that’s the kind of nurse that I want to be.”

And guess what? He died (Oh. Wow.) from COVID. (Oh, no.) Just after testing positive, twelve hours later, he died just like that, in the same hospital that he worked. (Oh, gosh.) And such a kind person. So I was very upset. (Yes.)

And I, summoned Mr. Chief of COVID. I asked him, “Why? This person, why did you kill him? Why does he have to die? He is so kind and so loving.” So, you know what he told me? (What, Master?) He’s a very kind person. I mean, according to all the recounts of his colleagues that he’s the one that never shied away from extra work. (Yes, Master.) Yes, in case any extra work, he’s always willing to go the extra mile for the patient, or to help out colleagues.

And that day, when he held hands with the old new patient, (Yes, Master.) elderly person or something, to comfort her, it was a very busy day, even. And he still took time to sit there and talk to her, (Wow.) comfort her. So, I was kind of upset and angry. I called the chief of COVID and talked to him. I said, “Why did you have to kill such a kind person?” (Yes.) You know what he replied to me? (No, Master.) Guess? (Can’t guess.) Say something. Not always, I have to feed you with a spoon.

(Maybe that he wasn’t vegan, that’s why the COVID chief took him away?) Maybe. Anything else? (Because this is the collective karma of all humans.) Anything else? (His benevolence level isn’t high enough?) Anything else? The girls are not there? (We are here, Master.) Anything from you? No. Well, it’s all a little bit partially there. But it’s just like, you have these kind of traditional answers. It’s not what the chief of COVID said. I also maybe agree with you, and maybe think like that. But it’s not what he said. (Oh.)

One hundred dollars, if you graduate. (Maybe he decided to die instead of someone else?) Nah. He had no idea like that. He was just a working nurse, a diligent working nurse. Most people don’t have this kind of idea in their heads. (OK.) So, anything else? Even one hundred dollars, you don’t guess? Anyway, it’s just traditional answers. Maybe you’re right a little bit. But it’s not that. (Yes, Master.)

I have to pretend. Never mind, I don’t pretend anything. It’s not what I talk. I read. (OK, Master. Yes.) I’ll read to you what I have been writing. I mean, he talked and I wrote. (OK, Master.) But it’s not all that easy. Sometimes we have to stop because of disconnection, and stuff like that. So this is what the COVID chief told me. Because I asked him why. Why you killed such a kind, loving person?

So, the COVID chief said, “Because loving kindness wouldn’t save people from COVID.” (Oh.) Look at that. (Wow.) Oh, it’s shaken me after all this conversation with him. It’s not enough, that’s what it is. (Wow.) Loving kindness, it belongs to the emotional domain. (Oh, yes.) Just like intelligence or knowing worldly things or even some spiritual answers, they belong to the intellectual, mental domain. (Oh, right. Yes.) This is Astral Level. Emotion is from the Astral Level.

When we come down, even though I knew that, I was shaken also. I thought they would spare a loving, kind person. I mean normally I don’t think about this. (Yes, Master.) I thought if people are kind, loving, they’ll be OK. But he told me… this is his quote: “Because loving kindness wouldn’t save people from COVID.”!!! And I put three exclamation marks after that myself. (Wow.) I was kind of taken aback a little bit.

My God, you would think loving kindness would protect people. (Yes, yes. Yes, one would, Master.) But that is only one aspect of the human qualities. That’s the astral emotion. (Oh. Yes.) It’s not like belonging to spiritual high elevation. (Yes, Master.) Now, by the way, and more, it’s not just that. (Wow.) It’s about three pages of writing. (Wow.)

I wrote it from January, the small, small note, and then I had to jump to another page long after in order to continue writing. To write is not always as easy as you think. I have to ask him again, “You mean that word or that word?” (Yes.) (Understand, Master.) Then I have to spell it to him, whether or not it’s correct. (Wow.) Takes some time. (Yes, Master.) Because we speak from different levels. I mean different communication styles. (Yes, Master.) In his level, no need for language also. They have a different language also. (Oh.) Have to translate it into English. Sometimes they stumble for words. So, I have to wait or I have to hint, I have to help.

So, what I read to you it’s just simple and easy like I read a book. But the process of it is not all that simple. (Yes, Master.) I also have to bring myself down to a lower level to talk to him. (Understand.) And that’s not easy either. And I still have some pain. (Oh.)

OK. Listen here. I was so upset. (Yes.) In our mental thinking in this physical world, we would think a kind and loving person would be covered. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

He said, “But he’s working for his living. It’s his job.” (Oh.) Well, of course, it is true like that. But there are many people, many persons who do their job, but not kindly like that. (Right. Ah, yes.) Even they are paid. (Yes, Master.) He’s different. This guy, he’s really kind. (Yes.) And he didn’t mind going extra miles to help. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Still, I was so upset. I was very upset. And continued.

So, I said to him… I was kind of stern to him… polite, but stern. I said, “Then what would save people from COVID?” So, he told me. I wrote here, “CV chief.” CV means COVID chief. But I wrote it short. (Yes, Master.) “Disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai.”! (Wow.) I put an exclamation mark. I read to you the way it is, (Yes, Master. Wow.) with commas, and periods and all. I said, “Thanks for your respect. But some of them, my so-called disciples, also got COVID still. Why?” So, the COVID chief said, “Because they are not worthy.” Wow!

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