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Virtuous Vegan People Will Be Protected by God Power, Part 4 of 5, Nov. 16, 2022

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Some people are not initiated by the Master physically, but maybe have met the Master somehow, or saw the Master looking at them once, even for a split second. (Wow.) Or maybe during a lecture. And at the end of their day, maybe they’re truly humble and repentant, and then the Master also will give them that mark for them to go to a higher Heaven. (Wow.) And then, will still continue to take care of that soul until he gets higher and liberated, altogether. (Wow.)

We all love beauty, truth, and virtues. Originally, all people’s hearts love these three things: truth, virtues and beauty. In Heaven there’s only beauty. There’s nobody ugly in Heaven. No matter what. But the thing is, not everyone can go to high Heaven. They can go maybe to astral Heaven. (Yes.) And if they’re lucky, they have seen a Master in their life, and maybe did something good also, then maybe that Master will continue to teach them, take care of them until they go to a higher Heaven. But mostly, people cannot go to a higher Heaven. Even to astral Heaven, some people cannot go in if they didn’t do something good or if they did not have an assignment from Heaven before they were born. (Right, Master. Understand, Master. Yes.)

Most people, when they have a near-death experience and they come back to the physical life, they remember what God told them, to do. And they should have done that all their life already, but they did not. That’s why they had to have mostly a horrible death, (Oh.) to pay for all the sins that they have done. (Right. Yes.) And then, God has to remind them, “OK, now, that’s it. The last warning. The last chance for you to do the things that you have been assigned to before you were born.” (Yes, Master.) That’s why most near-death people die horribly – the accidents, their whole bodies sometimes are all broken and the doctor thinks they will never live again. And they actually die, they die for some time. Sometimes for 20 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes for many hours – and come back to life again. (Yes, Master.) Even if the doctor already pronounced them dead, clinically dead – meaning no more brain function, no more heartbeat. Nothing. (Yes, Master.)

They’re really dead. But because they had a horrible death, terrible accident and all that, so they somehow cleanse some of their sins, and God gives them the chance again to remember what they have to do. Like, they have to maybe write a book to remind whoever buys it, that they have to be virtuous, they have to live well, they have to remember God. (Yes.) But this is a lower level of God already. Still, you need to do all that. Some happened to go to a little higher dimension of Heaven. Then they don’t let them in. And he has to come back to tell people that they cannot go to Heaven if they don’t have the salvation mark. (Oh.)

And the salvation mark is not that you do some charitable deed or something like that. No, no. The salvation mark comes from only a sublime enlightened Master. (Oh. Wow.) The mark is invisible. But it’s marked on the forehead. (Wow. Yes, Master.) And now, some people who are initiated by the Master and practice sincerely, then of course, they can go to Heaven, high Heaven. It depends also on their practice – how diligent they are, and how sincere and humble they are.

And some people are not initiated by the Master physically, but maybe have met the Master somehow, or saw the Master looking at them once, even for a split second. (Wow.) Or maybe during a lecture. And at the end of their day, maybe they’re truly humble and repentant, and then the Master also will give them that mark for them to go to a higher Heaven. (Wow.) And then, will still continue to take care of that soul until he gets higher and liberated, altogether. (Wow.) Never have to come back to the three lower worlds again, because the three lower worlds are destroyable. (Yes, Master.) They won’t last forever.

Even the high Heaven, the Third Heaven, won’t last forever. Because the God there is also within the cycle of birth and death. (Wow.) Even if not in the physical realm, but still in the astral or finer physical realm – still in the three worlds. They will not last forever, unless they have the Master continuously taking care of them in the sub realms of the Three Realms. Like, in between the realms, like between astral and the Second spiritual Level. (Yes, Master.) Or between the Second Level and the Third Level, or between the Third Level and the Fourth Level. (Right. Yes, Master.)

So, if you’re lucky, if people are lucky to see the Master, or even not knowingly give a Master something or help in some way, a small way, somewhere on the road when the Master is alone and voluntarily help in some way or be nice in some way – (Yes.) all these people will be having this salvation mark. People in the hotel, taxi driver, the waiters, waitresses, the hotel cleaners, the airport cleaners, the farmers in the fields who accidently just saw the Master. Or in the coffee shop, on the bus, in the airplane, in the car, etc. (Yes, Master.) Anywhere, anywhere.

These people are lucky people. (Yes. Yes, indeed.) Or the people who listen to the Master’s advice, like: “Be Vegan, Make Peace, Do Good Deeds.” Even just to be vegan and humbly repent, and ask for forgiveness, the Master can interfere and help them to be elevated to Heaven – not high Heaven, but elevated to Heaven, won’t go to hell. And then the Master will continue to take care up there, so that they go up, up, up, up, up, and never have to suffer again. (Wow. Nice.) So, be humble. Always ask for forgiveness. Then maybe the Master can intervene and help that soul, whoever that soul may be. (Yes, Master.)

Alright. All the good news I told you, and reminding everyone again about, “Be Vegan, Make Peace, Do Good Deeds.” That’s not a lot that God demands, is it? (No, Master. No.) We demand from God a lot more things. We want world peace, but we make war. (Yes.) We want health, but we keep eating poison and drinking poison. (Yes. True.) And we want everything from God: we want to be healthy, wealthy, and well married – for a husband, for a child, for kids, everything – but we don’t do anything for God. (Yes.) And God wants only “Be Vegan, Make Peace, Do Good Deeds.” (Yes. Right, Master.)

And if you can’t do good deeds, then if you see somebody doing good deeds, you clap and you praise them – that’s also a good deed. (Yes, Master.) God doesn’t want a lot, does Hes? (No, Master. No.) Compared to all that we want. (That’s right. Yes.) And God gives us so many things, so many things – all the food and water, sun and rain, and a beautiful planet to live on. And we’re destroying it all the time. (Yes, that’s right.) And we still want to live well, eat well. Aren’t we horrible? (Indeed, Master. Yes. Yes, Master.) (What we do, it’s not nice to hear!)

You see, God gave us so much, so much, so much, and more and more inventions. God sent Heavenly, high IQ people to come down to Earth to make new inventions to make our life more comfortable even, and all we are doing is just destroying, killing and behaving recklessly, horribly and devilishly even – and then want this, want that, want other. (Yes, that’s right.)

And God wants only three things, and we don’t do them. (That’s right, Master. Yes, that’s true.) Doing good deeds doesn’t mean only physical – like giving money or anything like that. Even just to help a man get up from the ground on the street, if he just fell down or he lost his cane or something. Or just to be happy that somebody else does some good deeds and helps some other people – that’s also good deeds. It’s in the heart, you see? (Yes. That’s right. Yes.) Because if you give a lot of money but your heart doesn’t feel good about it, doesn’t feel charitable about it, then it’s also not too good. (That’s true.) “Good deeds” means “from the heart.” (Yes, Master.) So, if you just praise somebody who does good deeds – that is also a good deed. (Right. Understand, Master.)

If you just give even one penny to a beggar on the street when he needs it, that is a very good deed. (Yes, Master.) Remember Jesus praised an old woman who gave only one penny to the church when Jesus was alive. He said, “This woman, she gave all she has, and her merit is much, much greater than many who give a lot, a lot, but have no sincerity.” Do you remember that story in the Bible? (Yes, Master. We do, Master.) OK, good.

I don’t know if you have any questions. (Yes, Master.) Yeah. Tell me. (Yes, Master. There is actually some funny news. There were some protesters that threw some eggs at King Charles and Camilla. Has Master heard about this?)

It’s not funny, is it? (Well, it’s not….) Why do you say it’s funny? (Not funny, but I mean strange that people would do that.)

Oh, well, that’s because they are not vegans. If I were out there or if I were them, probably they would throw tomatoes at me because I’m vegan. (Oh.) Who knows? (Oh, not good.) I don’t think everyone would have all admirers in the whole world. Some would have some nonadmirers. (Yes. True. Yes.)

Maybe they were some fans of the late Princess Diana. (Ah. Oh, yes. Oh, right. Yes.) Or maybe because recently the English economy was down and some people cannot afford to use heaters. (Oh, yes.) So, they can afford only maybe two hours. (Ah, yes.)

“Media Report from The Economist Sept. 29, 2022 Reporter (f): The British economy is in crisis.

Host (f): The British pound has fallen to its lowest level ever against the US dollar.

Reporter (m): The City of London woke up to a currency crisis...

Reporter (f): shocking the markets and leading the Bank of England to intervene.”

“Media Report from Channel 4 News Nov. 11, 2022 Reporter (m): In September alone, economic output fell by 0.6%. And manufacturing over the course of a quarter fell by more than 2%. As tough as things are, they might be about to get worse, with some economists saying, ‘The economy will shrink by 1.5% in 2023.’”

“Media Report from Global News Oct. 26, 2022 Reporter (f): The cost of basic food supplies are rising and utilities are following suit. Domestic gas prices rose 96% based on the government’s own data. Incomes stretch past their limit, people have hit the breaking point.”

“Media Report from Sky News Aug. 19, 2022 Reporter (f): Come winter, Brian and Barbara say they’ll live in their lounge, heating just one room – their answer to rising energy bills. A little further down the road, their neighbor Rafi and his family worrying too about winter. And Rafi can’t afford to heat all his house.”

But I think it depends on where you live. If you have a good house, and inside normally is insulated, so it should not be that cold. And nowadays I saw some new devices, that I sent some pictures of to you guys. They say this takes very little electricity and warms the room also. It may not get hot like with a radiator, but it could keep the room temperature warm enough, not frozen, so you can maybe wear some warm stuff and then it should be OK – like, long johns under some normal clothes, and then like a fleece jacket or something in the house. (Yes.) A fleece jacket is not heavy, and it’s vegan, so it keeps you very warm. (Yes. That’s right. Yes, Master.) Very comfortable. (Yes. Yes, it is. Right.)

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