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The Situation in the World Is Dire Now and Grace from Heaven Is Needed More Than Ever

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Dear Supreme Master TV team and my loving Master, I want to share with you my inner visions that occurred during the last initiation here in Mongolia.

I was sitting and meditating after the initiation. I saw Master’s transformation body glowing with Godly Energy and sitting with us. She was big, maybe ten thousand times bigger than us (maybe more just comparing). And we were sitting around Her, leaning towards Her with folded hands. We were very small compared to Her. This was just like in the Buddhist drawings. I know Master was doing something very important, because I could see Blessings and Heavens’ energy pouring down to our country. In these last hours of Earth’s judgment, everywhere is closed or quarantined due to the COVID virus. I’m so happy to see this wonderful event is still happening.

I really want to thank my Master for everything She is doing for the Earth and humanity. Thank you, all sisters and brothers, for working hard and helping with Master’s work. We are so blessed. With love, Badamlyanhua from Mongolia

Generous Badamlyanhua, Thank you for sharing your inner vision with us. It clearly illustrates Master’s inconceivable Blessing Power, Love, and Grace. All beings on this planet, whether they are aware of it or not, are so blessed and lucky that She is here. We all certainly would have perished by now without Her presence. We join you in sending our utmost gratitude to Her and pray for Her health, well-being, and that Her vision of a vegan Paradise on Earth will be realized as soon as possible. May you and the wonderful Mongolian people be forever supported by the Buddhas, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some wise words to share with you: “Intuitive Badamlyanhua, the situation in the world is dire now and so, Grace from Heaven is needed more than ever. I will never abandon the beings on this Earth and will always do everything in my Power to help them find the peace which is within them. The Master’s job is to be the living representative of the Divine on this planet, to awaken those who are wallowing in suffering in this illusionary world. I will continue to do my best for the planet, but my individual efforts are not enough, as we all must participate in the transformation of life on Earth. Join in the daily prayer for World Vegan and do what you can to spread the warning message from Heaven, that humans must U-turn to their intended compassionate way of life, starting with the vegan diet, to help change our worldly home into a vegan Paradise. May you and the noble people of Mongolia be eternally blessed with enlightenment and Buddha’s infinite Mercy.” 

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