Tra Maestra e discepoli

Always Have Respect for the Master, Part 4 of 5

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In one life, I was also a Master. And there was a worker. She had been punished many times and was in hell. Then she came up and is now a disciple. A resident disciple! How terrible! It’s not that easy. Don’t be afraid. I’m afraid of her, but you don’t have to be. In that previous life, she wanted my husband. She was an assistant, a female housekeeper. She wanted my husband because he was handsome.

Mundane beings see things differently. When he sees a Master, sometimes he doesn’t feel anything. It’s good enough that he doesn’t cause harm. It’s just he has the mind to hurt, to be jealous, life after life. I have been a Master for many lifetimes. Life after life, I’ve been hurt terribly. Hurt by friends, the staff, and family members. The staff could bring harm. Understand? Some people from one of my past lives have returned as my disciples. Terrible! I don’t remember a lot. I talk about whatever I remember.

I had a husband in one of my previous lives, a few lifetimes back, maybe in some other country, I first had a husband and children before becoming a Master. Sometimes it’s like that. We are not born a Master in every lifetime. It’s not true that a married person cannot become a Master. If he or she is destined to get married, so be it. Do you remember the story? About a monk who was brought back to be a husband. Yes? His master even told him, “It’s your karma and you have to repay her, you have to go. Or the girl will remain sick and almost die.” The monk had to come back and marry her. Then, every day he knelt on the ground, looking at his wife as if she were a Buddha. Do you remember the story? It depends on your mind. Being married or not married is not necessarily a problem. If you keep a simple and pure mind, it doesn’t matter how many hundred times you get married. The more times you get married, the more trouble you will have. That’s all. Only a fool would marry so many times. Just once already brings so much trouble, let alone so many times. Have you seen any king who is happy and joyful? No. Too many wives. The many quarrels among them cause him distress. But he finds excuses for that. He has to have many children and marry them off to neighboring countries, so that they can build friendships and alliances. That’s how it is.

In one life, I was also a Master. And there was a worker. She had been punished many times and was in hell. Then she came up and is now a disciple. A resident disciple! How terrible! It’s not that easy. Don’t be afraid. I’m afraid of her, but you don’t have to be. In that previous life, she wanted my husband. She was an assistant, a female housekeeper. She wanted my husband because he was handsome. That husband of mine has also transmigrated and is now my disciple. They colluded with each other in that past life. They planted something in my car. When I was driving, it pushed my car down a steep incline and killed me. Then she got my husband and all my property. That is one disciple.

Another one has also transmigrated as a close resident disciple now. In the former life, he was jealous of me, as he saw many people call on me as a Master. He was my husband then and is now back in this life as a woman. He was jealous.

Even if married, most Masters still take care of Their disciples for sure. They don’t care if They divorce the wife or separate from the husband. The main point is, after They become a Master, Their mind changes. No matter how many husbands or wives They have, They can’t concentrate on Their family life anymore. Their heart has changed. It’s just like after you receive initiation, your mind changes somehow. You become less attached to romantic love. Right? It’s similar with a Master. A Master is even more detached from the world than you are.

She may somehow ignore Her so-called husband. So, what did he do? He shut me in a room and let me starve to death. I starved to death. Starvation can lead to death.

There are many more stories, but I can’t remember them. It’s better to forget, or you’d be terrified just thinking about them. You won’t be able to love people. The more you think about it, the more scared you are of people. Your love will shrink a bit. Oh, it won’t. I mean that it would shrink only at that moment, but this won’t last for forever. Yes, when I thought about those times, I would be scared.

So, marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that a Master will receive support. Not necessarily. It depends on whether the wife is good and enlightened or not. Not every Master’s wife is as... what’s the name? As enlightened as Kabir’s wife. Or like Krishna’s wife. Not everyone is so enlightened. It takes great luck to be able to marry that kind of wife. Besides, He was married before He became a Master. He couldn’t choose His wife now. In the past and even now, India has a very strong tradition that people do not get married because of falling in love. It’s still the same. But in these modern times, some people get married after falling in love. It used to be arranged by their parents. It was the same throughout Asia, right? Marriages could be arranged, even before the babies were born. Like, “If I have a girl and you have a boy, then we’ll make them a couple.” When the children were born, they became a couple before they knew anything. That’s how it was.

India has very strong traditions from the past. Marriage cannot end in divorce. Most of the time, an Indian wife cannot leave her husband, whether good or bad. She has to stay with him as his wife her whole life. That’s how an arranged marriage is. Love grows between them as time goes by. Whether they are good or love each other or not, they have to remain married. It’s destined. It must be so. It’s destined. The parents ask the matchmaker to check which lady is good looking or which husband is from a decent family. Then they check if the two parties’ horoscope and personality are compatible. Whether their social status is high, whether they are rich and well-educated. Then they get married. The two children can’t say anything. They do not have a say. Because of this tradition, many boys and girls suffer from a young age. Some may be in love already. But their parents force them to marry another. It hurts. But slowly, people get used to it. They don’t care; the parents don’t care. For example, the girl has a boyfriend, but his family is poor or he does not share the same social status. It’s worse in India where there are different social classes. Some are slaves and laborers, some are soldiers, some are from the nobility, some are of a higher class. I forget.

I don’t care about these things. I don’t want to know. I don’t want there to be social classes. That’s why what your family does and how rich they are, I don’t know at all. I don’t need to know. There’s no need for me to know. That’s why I treat you all equally, right? Have you seen me ignore poor people in favor of rich people? Have you? (No.) Never? (Never.) Not even if there is a misunderstanding? No. I treat you all equally. Now someone asks why we use titles on Supreme Master Television, that someone is a doctorate or an engineer. It’s because outside people think our group members are all stupid and uneducated, and follow Master out of superstition. That they follow me because they’re ignorant. Maybe Master uses some magical power. Hula hoop. If I can use magical power, I’d have charmed the whole world. I wouldn’t have to be with you dumb people and be vexed. I wouldn’t have to build a house for you. I wouldn’t have to pitch tents. The whole world would be easily charmed by me. Can you imagine that? I’d be able to have any palace I want. Then when you come, there would be hundreds of rooms for you and each person could have two rooms to sit in. But now, it’s four or five people squeezed into one square meter. It’s alright. It’s warm in winter. It’s fine as long as we have a big heart. Understand? OK.

This way I don’t know who is a doctor or who is an engineer. I don’t ask. Maybe you wrote it in your registration form for initiation, but I don’t read those forms. I’ve never cared about this. I allow anyone to get initiation. I give everyone a chance. I never ask if his family is rich or not. Like, just in case I need money. I don’t need to ask at all. I don’t have that kind of notion in my mind. I’ve never been prepared to do that kind of thing. I’ve never had money. I depend on myself. This way, I can remain fair at heart.

The other day, someone bought this phone for me. He thought the old one had a weak connection. The old phone is different and has problems. He said that this one is better, so he bought it. Oh! It was tough learning how to use it. I haven’t even learned how to use the old one, and now he bought me a new one. He said the new one is easier to use. But it seems the same to me. You cannot tap it too quickly. If you do, it changes the settings. If you breathe too fast, the settings also change. Even if you just wave your hand at someone, strange, the news app disappears. You have to look for it again. It’s tough. I practiced a few times yesterday and now I can use it to send emails.

I used to call people on the phone. I’d keep calling but no one would answer. Then I had to walk there to find them. It’s the men’s office and there are only men there. So, I don’t feel like going there or making phone calls either. I think texting is better. But I couldn’t send them. I can send texts using this one. Very simple. It’s the simplest one. Even a 2-year-old can use it. A newborn baby, too. I like it. This one seems to have less functions. I think it has less functions. We bought these two phones, but they are still dumb phones. Can’t use them here. It’s maddening. Sometimes things are urgent. I keep calling the whole day and waste a lot of time. A big pile of documents is waiting for my attention. But I am busy making phone calls. Yes. It’s more laid back here. I was told before I came that “Kaohsiung is different. It’s relaxing over there. You can relax.” I know now that I am here. Even the phone is relaxed. It doesn’t function. It doesn’t want to work.

But I feel that Kaohsiung is good. They wanted to buy fences and tents. I told them to set up more tents for you, yeah? Because there are not enough tents here. Those old tents were for their own use only. Just enough for themselves. Now you’ve taken over their land. I asked them, and in a couple of days, they’ve done it. I think Kaohsiung acts quickly and is not so relaxed. They’re very serious about doing business.

Maybe it’s you who are relaxed. So my phone is relaxed. I asked the people here, “Strange. How come the phone is like this over here? It’s difficult to make a call.” This kind of phone should be powerful. It looks much better than the one I’m using, right? Normally I use this one and it’s very good. In Miaoli, it functions perfectly. I have two phones. One is for charging, as I am on the phone a lot. So, one has to be recharged while I use the other one. The two are taking things easy. Here, three or four phones are taking a break, meditating and doing nothing.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of money in vain. To repair the house in Pingtung for short-stay initiates, so those of you from abroad can be more comfortable. But we decided to come here because it smells awful over there. You’d feel uncomfortable after staying there for a while, when you eat, surrounded with the odor of chicken poop every day. That kind of smell. You meditate with the smell, too. You won’t smell sandalwood. Then you’d wonder why you don’t practice well. Then you’d blame Master for not having blessing power.

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