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Go in the Direction of Peace and Be Grateful to Have a Better Life, Part 5 of 5

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Any government officials, anybody who works for the government, should remember that they are working for the people. (Yes.) In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), a long time ago, I read some slogan on the street, it said, “Government workers are the people’s servants.” But I don’t see any servants like that. I mostly don’t see any servants in the world. (Yes.) I see only bosses, (Yes.) and killers, dictators, murderers and warmongers.

Alright. Anything else? (No, I think that’s everything at the moment.) It’s good then. It’s good. (Thank You very much for Your advice and for answering the questions, and for Your input.) Oh, it’s just by the way. We talk. We just talk and then we have these topics and we just talk about it. It’s also OK. Maybe some other people would like to hear it. (Yes, that’s true.) It’s a by-product of our talk. (Yes.) Some so-called disciples would like to hear things, would like to hear me talk no matter what. It’s no harm.

(I think most people would love to hear how You are and how is everything with Master.) I’m OK. Just like everybody has some really bad days, some good days, and some so-so bad days, some truly busy days, and some acceptable busy days. (Right.) It’s just the pressure, the invisible busyness that really gets me low sometimes, low battery. (Yes, Master.) But I guess no one in this world would feel easy. More or less, everyone feels something uneasy or oppressive sometimes, because of the energy of the war, especially. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Even if you’re not in the war zone, you feel the effect of it. (Yes, that’s true.) And all this shortage of food… Some people, even in peaceful countries and in powerful countries, also die of cold and hunger. Not to talk about poor countries, or a victimized country like Ukraine (Ureign). (Yes.)

Even in some places in England, some people can’t afford to pay electricity, and they have to choose between “heat or eat.” (Oh yes.) I read that. And I read in one news somewhere, one woman, she cried her eyes out because she needs £10 to pay for electricity, otherwise they would cut it off. (Wow.) I didn’t know how to help her. I wanted to help her so much. (Wow.) I didn’t know how. I don’t know how. I’m all alone and I’m not good with all this… how to find out things. And I’m overburdened with busyness inside and outside already also. I wish I could have helped her. I hope, because it’s printed on the news, so maybe the citizens around will help her. Normally people would. (Yes, Master.) They also have food banks and all that. Even nowadays, there are more food banks for people than before the war. It’s not normal anymore.

Sometimes, one of the brothers goes out to buy something, like bread to feed the bird-people, and the supermarket doesn’t let him buy more than eight or something, if he wants to buy a lot, (Right.) because, she said, “We don’t have enough.” Like that. So, he has to buy less, like a couple of bread loaves here, a couple there… Run around to buy. (Yes, Master.) And it’s the truth. It’s the truth. I have never heard such things before. Before the war, I never heard such things like that.

Of course, we have homeless people, but some people choose to live homeless, that’s different. That’s different from people who live normally and who work – but still, inflation and skyrocketing prices don’t allow them to live like normal, decent citizens. (Yes.) So, they have to eat less or they have to choose the food according to things that they cannot afford even – the food that they used to have. And they cannot afford to be warm in winter. This is wicked. Wickedness. (Yes, that is.) I told you, even I’m affected by the war. (Yes, Master.) I’m not scared of dying. Dying is the best thing you can have to escape from this world. It’s just that I still have work to do. And I have all of you guys to take care of, and all the people I have to take care of as long as I can. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

And nowadays, even giving initiation, we have problems because of the war. (Wow.) And Macau, in the last couple of months was supposed to have an initiation. And then the police came and raided the Center. (Oh, my goodness.) And they could not have initiation. And then also they tracked down all the people who helped with the initiation. And later they asked the police why, and they said, “Oh, just to check if you take money from anybody.” (Wow.) If up to now, all these decades, they did not do their homework to know that I never take anybody’s money, from my disciples or anybody, then they are not very good police. (That’s true.) I’m sorry to say that. It’s the truth. (Yes, Master.)

You see? If they did not even know all these decades already that I am clean, I don’t take money from people. I make my own money. And even then – I make my own money and people still criticize me a lot, saying, “You are a spiritual practitioner, a monk, why do You make money?” (Wow.) I cannot make money, but I cannot take money either from disciples. You hear that? (Yes. Oh, dear.) You can never live in this world without people criticizing you or wrongly accusing you of anything. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) So, people were fearful, and ran away, and some Hong Kong people ran away to other countries. They didn’t dare stay. I don’t know what the police did to make them so fearful like that, that they left the country. They left Hong Kong. (Wow.) Even, they ran first to nearby country, and then, still scared, ran to another country.

It’s the 21st century and I have been in the world for many decades already. (Yes.) If by now they don’t know what I’m doing, then I’m sorry to say that they are not very effective. (Yes, true.) They didn’t do their homework well. (Yes, Master.) And like that, they can easily accuse people or put blame on innocent people, like our group’s people. Like our monks who give initiation and don’t even take money. Our monks go anywhere, representing me, to give initiation to people. I pay for everything. I pay for their ticket, I pay for their taxi, and I pay for the food that they eat from that disciple’s house. (Yes, that’s right.) I can say it now all openly if nobody knew that. (Yes, Master.)

But everybody knows. All the disciples know. They are not allowed to even offer the monks or the nuns that I send anything – no money, no gifts, nothing. (Yes, that’s right.) And you all know that. (Yes. Yes, we knew.) I pay for everything. And I forbid the monks and nuns to take anything – money or gifts, or anything from them. (Yes.) One of the monks took a telephone from one disciple and he had to leave. (Oh.) One of the resident monks in Florida before. He took a phone for free, as a gift, from a disciple somewhere from Canada. So, I had to let him go. I said, “You violated our strict rule of not taking anything, for whatever you do for other people, not just other disciples.” They’re not allowed to take anything. (Right.)

If you don’t have money – if I don’t give you money to survive, or to live on, then maybe. (Yes.) But we can earn money. We have businesses. Before, we had even less money, less businesses, almost no businesses – we just did handwork, and I still forbade them to take anything from anybody – in exchange, or even free gifts. Nothing! Nothing! (That’s right.) And anyone who does it, they have to leave. (Yes, Master.) And before any monk leaves, of course, I give them some thousand US dollars to go out to start a new life. And if they need something, of course, they can always ask me to give more, if they could not afford it, until they find their own job and they live their own life. It’s always like this, all these decades. We never take anything from anybody. (Yes, Master.)

If, for example, some very important person gives me something, like vegan cakes or something, or a little cup, I always give something back. (Yes.) Because if they are too important, and they give me, and I don’t want to offend them, then I take, but I give them something back. (Yes.) Just to even it out. (Yes.) And the police still go into our Center to check whether or not during initiation we take money from people. (Wow.) All these decades already, they still don’t do their homework. They easily suspect people and disrupt our holy communion like that. (Yes.) I don’t know who taught the police to do this, but it’s not right. (Yes, Master.)

In any free country, people are allowed to gather for their own purpose – for a party, birthday party, or to learn something new, or to learn yoga or meditation, whatever. They’re free. (Yes, Master. Yes, that’s true.) Because the citizens are the ones who pay the police wages, who pay all the government officials’, including the leader’s, salary. (Yes, Master.) Without the citizens, they have nothing and they are nobody. (That’s true.) They could be homeless if they couldn’t find any job, if they have no ability to do anything, a regular job in society. They could be homeless or poor, if the citizens don’t support them, don’t give them money, don’t pay their salary every month. (Yes, Master.)

So, any great leader should be grateful for their great citizens who support them. (Yes.) Or any government officials, anybody who works for the government, should remember that they are working for the people. (Yes.) In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), a long time ago, I read some slogan on the street, it said, “Government workers are the people’s servants.” But I don’t see any servants like that. I mostly don’t see any servants in the world. (Yes.) I see only bosses, (Yes.) and killers, dictators, murderers and warmongers, all that. I don’t see any servants. Believe it or not. (Oh, yes.) Alright. Don’t ask me any more questions, otherwise my temper will flare up, or my true, blasting words will come out. I’m very restrained already, otherwise, many things in this world really bug me a lot. (Yes, Master.) Especially when it comes to injustice and wrongful accusing of the innocent, helpless and armless people. (Yes, Master.) If the police has a good government, they should go after the criminals. Many have gone free. (Yes, that’s true.)

But us, we are very easy to catch because we’re not going anywhere. We have nothing to defend. (Yes.) And we’re busy. We work to help the world, to help society and to raise our family. And then, in our spare time, we still need to contemplate on spiritual issues and to meditate to bless the world. So, it’s easy to catch us. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I need to run around sometimes. I never know who would come and check me out whether or not I take money, while working on the computer for Supreme Master Television. (Yes.) All these years, I didn’t have it easy. I still don’t. Nowadays, it’s worse than before (Oh.) because of the war, and because of the truthful things that I said that doesn’t please people and sometimes maybe makes people not happy, or angry. (Yes, Master.) I never know. I just have to take care of myself so that I can continue my work, as much as I can. (Thank You, Master, for doing that.) My fault. I chose the work.

Any other thing? Better not. (No, Master. That’s all.) OK, God bless. (Thank You.) God bless, be happy, be grateful and be healthy. (Thank You, Master. Please take care.) Take care. (You too, Master.) You too, take care. (Thank You. We love You, Master.) Love you too. (Thank You, Master.) Love all of you, love all of you. I love the animal-people a lot, a lot, a lot. I love humans too. I wish that many humans could be as good as the animal-people, and so easy to love like we can love the animal-people. (Yes.) It’s easy to love them. Humans are not easy to love. Not easy. (Right.) If I love them, they might misunderstand. OK. Thank you, ciao. (You’re welcome. Thank You, Master.)

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