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Profezie dell'Età dell'Oro, Parte 232 -Profezie del grande artista italiano Leonardo da Vinci (vegetariano)

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“Of Christians: Many who hold the faith of the Son only build temples in the name of the Mother.”

Along with Leonardo da Vinci’s prophecies regarding technology and cruelty towards animal-people, another topic he mentioned repeatedly was religion. “Of Christians: Many who hold the faith of the Son only build temples in the name of the Mother.”

Catholics around the world worship and pray to Saint Mary, with numerous churches and cathedrals built in her name. Rather than praying to Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, they rely on Saint Mary to intercede on their behalf, even for absolution of their sins. This has created concerns that Saint Mary is actually being placed above Lord Jesus Christ.

“St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican – Jan. 1, 2023: And we now prepare ourselves to hear pope Francis’ homily, for the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Holy mother of God. This was the joyful acclamation of the holy people of God echoing in the streets of Ephesus in the year 431 when the council fathers proclaimed Mary the mother of God. ...”

“‘Saint Worship and Mary worship’ by Nobby 1844 – Jan. 19, 2016: The statue of Virgin Mary with baby Jesus stands in the eye-catching place in the Catholic Church whether it is a big Cathedral or a chapel in a small town. People show their respect before the picture or statue of Mary and pray. Catholics are taught that it is better to pray to Mary who is merciful and understands us. The plausible logic that Jesus cannot refuse Mary’s request because she is his mother is shown well even through the image of Mary and baby Jesus. In most cases, Jesus is nested in Mary’s arms as a baby. This downgrades Jesus to a little baby who is always dependent on Mary and let people think that He can do nothing without Mary. Today, the Catholics think more highly of Mary than Jesus. They call Mary the mother of God, which implies that she is above God.”

“‘Devotion to Mary in the Early Church’ by Ligonier Ministries - Jun 29, 2019: Mary is the one who surely will have influence over her Son, and not only that, Mary is a mother. Mary as the mother is going to be more sympathetic to us than Jesus will be.”

“p. Francis’ tweet: Mary is not only the bridge joining us to God; she is more. She is the road that God travelled to reach us, and the road that we must travel in order to reach him. #AnnunciationOf TheLord – March 25, 2021”

“Media Report by ROME REPORTS Apr. 1, 2022 - p. Francis: Mother of God and our Mother, to your immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity […]”

“p. Francis Naples visit: Meeting with the clergy – Mar. 21, 2015: How can I be sure I am always following Jesus? His Mother leads us to Him. A priest, a man or woman religious who does not love Our Lady, who does not pray to Our Lady, I would also say who does not recite the Rosary… if they do not want the Mother, the Mother will not give them the Son.”

Recently, on December 26, 2022, Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) shared insights about the topics of prayer, worship, and the real Word of God.

“Now and then because I search the news or something, I saw one near-death experience story. One lady went to Heaven, and then she was taught about what we should worship and what not.

They said you should not even worship any except God, except Jesus. So, she said even worshipping Mother Mary should not be done. And she said also God told her that you should not worship any woman – except if Jesus is in the form of a woman. Meaning if Jesus reincarnates as a woman, (Oh.) otherwise you should not worship any woman. (Understand, Master.)”

“Excerpt from ‘I met Mary In My NDE - She Unveiled Many Evil Secrets On Earth To Me’: I am going to share with you a remarkable near-death experience that was sent to us by a dear sister from Brazil: ‘[…] I saw a human being who was dressed in a white robe. […] She revealed herself to me as Mary, the mother of Jesus. […] She disclosed to me that she is aware of the manner in which a number of Christians believed in her even more than they did in Christ himself. […] To pray to her or through her was wrong, she told me. She made it extremely clear that Jesus Christ is the only mediator for us. […] She stated that Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God himself are the only ones who are worthy of our devotion, not her or any other saints. […] She further stated that we must put away the rosary and rather seek the Holy Spirit to come to dwell in us. Any form of an object, aside from the Bible must be put aside and rather focus on the Word of God. […]’”

Wow. And they should just listen to the Word of God even. And I said, ‘Oh, my God. It’s truly a real Teaching from Heaven.’ This woman did not lie, but she did not know what the meaning of the Word of God is. (Yes.)

She just repeated what God told her, what Heaven told her. But she did not know anything about the Word of God. The way she was explaining or telling it, she didn’t know anything. And I feel so sorry for her as well as the rest of the others who don’t know the Word of God like the way you do. Like I do. Like you do. Like all your brothers and sisters in our group know the Word of God.

It seems that Leonardo Da Vinci (vegetarian) was also lamenting religion’s lack of true inner knowledge. His prophecies also pointed out that people who attend churches are worshipping the lifeless paintings or statues of Saints instead of seeking the true connection with God.

Of Worshipping the Pictures of Saints: Men will speak to men who cannot hear them; their eyes will be open, but they will not see. They will speak to them and not be answered. They will beg favors of those who have ears but will not hear. They will put light in front of those who are blind.”

At first glance, it looks like Da Vinci is describing the paintings and statues of already ascended Saints, as we know that these can neither hear nor see. But his words could also have another meaning. The true essence of any religious teaching is the Word of God, as known through the inner Heavenly Light and Sound. Without these, even if the representative of the religion is alive, their eyes are not truly seeing, and their ears cannot hear. But how could their eyes and ears be opened to the inner Heavenly Light and Sound? This can happen only through the grace of a living enlightened Master on Earth.

Fortunately for humanity and the planet, there is such a Savior on Earth today. Those who know of Supreme Master Ching Hai have experienced that She is a truly enlightened Master, whose teachings follow God’s Law. Her wisdom does not have to be sought in a painting or statue. It can be directly accessed as the Word of God when one receives the blessed transmission of the inner Heavenly Light and Sound.

Any leader, priest, or clergy member who does not know and diligently practice the teachings of a living Master is not truly in direct contact with the Most High. How then can they help anyone who comes to their church and seeks the Truth? Unfortunately, most people who follow a religious faith do not know this. They cannot tell who can truly help them, and therefore ask the wrong person.

During the same conference, Supreme Master Ching Hai expressed Her sorrow at humanity’s lack of understanding as She shared just how liberating it would be to experience our own direct and even constant communion with God, if only we knew the right way to find it.

“And I felt so sad, so sad. I said, ‘Things are so simple, why people don’t listen? So simple. It’s inside you. All you do is just find a teacher who shows you where and how to do it. But you have to purify yourself. Live a pure life and worship God only. My God, so simple. Just thank God. Even if you don’t worship God, you don’t thank God, but if you’ve contacted God, then you’re free.’ (Yes, Master.) But no. My God! Even though I have a lot of disciples, but not the whole world. (Yes.) And the rest of the world is not liberated like my so-called disciples. (Yes, Master.) I’m so sad, so sad.”

“Of Priests who say Mass. There will be many men who, when they go to their labor will put on the richest clothes, and these will be made after the fashion of aprons [petticoats].”

Petticoats, or decorative aprons, are garments that function only to enhance appearance. Thus, the person wearing them may seem to be something on the outside that, on the inside, they actually are not. But because of their outer looks, people are deceived and blindly follow them. Could it be that Da Vinci saw through to this truth?

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