Pianeta Terra: la nostra amorevole dimora

Warming Planet and Sea Level Rise – Part 1 of 2



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Our beautiful planet Earth is getting warmer. In 1970, Earth’s surface temperature began to increase at an average rate of 0.17 degrees Celsius per decade. For many years, the world has witnessed the melting of glacial ice in the Arctic and Antarctic regions due to global warming. And an even warmer planet will speed up this process. In addition to simply adding water to the ocean, science tells us that thawing glaciers can raise sea levels even more through a mechanism called “thermal expansion.”

Higher sea levels worldwide are threatening to inundate small islands and coastal nations from Asia to the US. Beyond swelling sea waters, climatic changes that cause intensified storm surges will drive sea water further inland in low-elevation coastal zones. As saltwater intrudes into freshwater aquifers, the availability of drinking water supplies will decrease. Among other effects are the destruction of natural aquatic habitat and loss of natural resources. As the climate gets warmer and sea levels continue to rise, many residents will face climate-induced migration.

Many scientific studies confirm that the global adoption of a plant-based diet is the most effective way to prevent our planet from heating up further and will enable our world to rapidly cool down.

Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke about the urgent issue of climate change during a January 20, 2008 teleconference with Supreme Master Television staff in Los Angeles, California, USA. “(Can we reverse the damage that we have done to the earth?) Well, to some extent if they act fast, if the government and the people in the world act fast, maybe we can reverse somehow, yes. But I think not so quickly 100% like the primordial state of the world before. But we can like protect ourselves if we act fast, then the world will not get worse. That’s what I mean. They first have to be vegetarian and then they use their power truly. Like the way they forbid smoking. They could do that by forbidding meat as well. By citing all the harm that meat would do to humans and the planet. They can do that. Just like forbidding smoking. Forbid meat eating. Just like forbidding smoking cigarettes, and drugs, that’s also another kind of harmful drug.”

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