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Equanimity Of The Buddha: The Story of Ni Đề, Part 1 of 4 Aug. 11, 2015

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It is not a fair world. But in this unfair world, you can fight, you strengthen your resolution to liberate yourself. That’s why you’re here. In Heaven it’s too easy and then you forget to practice. You forget the meditation.

Find a place for her, let her sit here, that’s ok, too. (Let Master go.) Is that her bag? OK. (Hallo, Master!) (Master, You are so beautiful.) You should look at yourself (inner master). Only if one can see their true self (inner master), he/she can be this beautiful. Hallo. Hallo. Hallo. Good Morning! Morgen? Good morning. Good morning!

You just arrived today? (No, I have arrived for days.) Many days already? No, just today. (Yesterday.) Yesterday, I didn’t see you, yesterday. (I saw You last night.) Ah, OK. You look a little bit… When you smile and you talk, you look a bit like this… What is his name? (Will Smith.) Not Will Smith, the other one. (Morgan Freeman.) No. Yeah. He looks like him in the face, but when he smiles and he talks, looks like the other one. The one that plays in “Money Talks.” He’s a comedian, also. You should know him. Rather younger boy. He’s very famous actually, just probably his name is difficult to remember. That’s why the movie stars, they change their names.

Whenever you quarrel or you do things negative to each other or have such negative feelings or energy, then you make a hole in your protective net of your center and your community. And then the negative can seep in and make more trouble.

I don’t take any money from any of you. You never heard me come knocking at your door or saying, “Please, I need this, I need that.” All I do is just provide all the time, everywhere, wherever I can. I provide many centers from my own fund. And I have to also help with the disaster relief. I also helped pay off for the Supreme Master TV.

And I don’t take money from you. I don’t take gifts also. Even if sometimes it’s too much sincerity, give me a little cream or little medicine, then I return something, or I pay for it. Do you understand? (Yes.) I wanted you to learn from this example, but that doesn’t mean that you expect that I have to do everything for you, pay ticket for you to come here. If you don’t have money and you’re in trouble and you really want to see me, of course, somehow, Heavens will provide. Or if I know, I would give you tickets. I give all the time, within the assembly, but I don’t tell you. I give more than just tickets. I give a lot. But I do that voluntarily, happily, gladly, for a good cause.

I mean, you guys here don’t expect anything from me, I understand that. But some people are kind of short of money and they want to see me, and if I find out I always quietly give. Sometimes in front of you, so you know, but sometimes not in front of you. It depends. It’s mostly spontaneously. If they say it here, then I probably give it here. Not because I want to show off. But most of it is quiet, in my quarters. You don’t even know. And I tell them to not even tell anyone. Some people here, they know what I’m talking about. Some people that I gave here. I am one person, I can’t do everything.

I always tell you, the money, if you have, you give it to poor people, needy people. I have never said, “Oh, bring, bring it all to me.” I make jokes sometimes, I say, “Oh, the more money, the better.” But not for me. Sometimes I say, “Give me, whatever, commission,” but I never take any. You know that was all jokes. Right? You knew that, at that time. Any of you here ever hear me, see me coming to you and say, “I need some money from you.” Any of you? (No.) Outside people, yes or no. (No.) Downstairs? (No.) Yeah. Upstairs? (No.) Now you know.

But the wrong concept has to be corrected. This is some kind of abuse. Abuse Buddha’s and the sangha’s property, even though you don’t steal it. Whatever money I make is all for the public. You know I live in a small hut. Before, I lived in a cave also. I made the cave and I lived in there. Before that I lived in a tent. And still do live in a tent nowadays sometimes, depends on if I don’t have a house there, then I put up a tent to live. I just left a tent to come here. I don’t even spend so much of my money. Just for dogs and people. And if I had houses before, it was for working. For all kinds of work. You have to have a house, otherwise they don’t let you have electricity and then internet and all that stuff. Even video conference, all need all that. It’s all the need. And then the workers need somewhere to stay, so I have to have some rooms for them to stay, no? All the equipment has to be protected. That was before. Busy, busy. Either I work from this house or I have to work from another house. Sometimes I have to work in a hotel. If the hotel has fast internet, that’s very convenient for me.

I work everywhere. I work on the run, I work while sitting, I work while eating. I work all the time, in different fields. So, OK, you have to know, all of you have to know. You are here to light the torch for the world, to make a good example from inside out, from beginning to the end.

I didn’t want to talk about it. Just now we read all about this terrible hell that I feel so painful. You understand? (Yes, Master.) You don’t abuse the Master power and then do wrong things, and act wrongly, speak wrongly. No. Fairness is still fairness. If you do a wrong thing, even though the Master can make it less or interfere, but it’s not always and it’s not 100%. We are still in this world, this domain of another kind of level of consciousness. Maybe, for example, if you work in the embassy of your country, in another country, then you have immunity as a diplomat. But if you do a terrible thing, that country either kicks you out or even can jail you, just send you home. And then over there, even your country will also judge you if you do some grievous thing. Immunity cannot help you at that time. Like, for example, if you are an ambassador or working for the ambassador, but you sell drugs or you kill people, no immunity can help you. No. Is that correct? (Yes.) Yeah, no matter what country. Even if the law did not judge you, maybe the gangs will kill you one day, rivalry and stuff like that.

So, must have the right concept, right view, right action, right speech. This kind of action or attitude might hurt me just a little bit, but it hurts you more. Remember that. Because I’m not doing anything wrong, that’s why.

But, of course, yesterday somebody asked me why this world is not fair. It is not fair, it is not a fair world. But in this unfair world, you can fight, you strengthen your resolution to liberate yourself. That’s why you’re here. In Heaven it’s too easy and then you forget to practice. You forget the meditation. You didn’t need to until your time’s up and then, oopla! “My God, I’m going back to transmigration, life and death again. Birth and death again.” And if you don’t have a Master, then you’ll be in more trouble. You’ll be treated just like anyone else. Once you fall into this area, you’re done, just the same. Even Master, you see, all Masters suffer so much. It’s not fair. What did Jesus do? He did nothing wrong. He only preached goodness and that people keep the Ten Commandments. Nothing He has done wrong, nothing He has said is wrong, not one word, and they persecuted Him like that, like a criminal. Worse than any criminal! Did you see how unfair? Not only you do something wrong and then you say, “Oh, the punishment is too big!” But the person who does nothing wrong, even. If, like, helping other people to elevate themselves, then you get trouble, you get killed, you get harassed or whatever. It’s truly not fair. Of course it is not fair. That’s why you have to be careful, protect yourself with the precepts. Protect your mind, your speech, your actions. Don’t ever rush into any judgment so quick. You ask first.

From now, I want all of you to treat each other with courtesy and treat me the same. Not because I need it. I told you last night about the Chinese lady, Chinese disciple who came to me and she was so humble. She meditates 10, 12 hours a day, that’s why. That’s why she knows who I am. I maybe have felt pain a little, but you are the one, who has more trouble, more suffering, suffer accordingly. Understand that?

You! You, you, you, you. You are responsible for your life. It’s your life, your soul, your spiritual endeavor, your spiritual development. Not mine. I’ve finished with all that. I’m a free soul, but I’m not free because of you. I have to do this, I have to do that. I have to endure whatever because of you. I do that gladly, willingly, happily, so happily. Just that you, yourself, must take care. To be good, to be good for your sake. Because it’s terrible to fall into hell or in lower birth, even in this lifetime already. As much as we can go to Heaven in this lifetime, we can also fall to hell in this lifetime. Depends on our action and our thought, our attitude, our concept. It’s just a hair’s width (between) Heaven and hell. Very simple.

There was one Zen story. There was a person who came in with a sword in his hand and said, “You! You have to show me right now about enlightenment or I’ll kill you.” So the Master just sat there, not feeling scared or anything. He said, “Oh, ##somebody like you is opening the door to hell.” And then he said, “Why?” He said, “Even if I want to teach you, how can you accept anything? You’re full of violence. Your head is full of anything else except sincerity, humility, and to truly want to seek enlightenment. How can I even teach you? So you might just as well kill me and then go to hell.” So then suddenly, this person kind of awakened and felt that, “Oh, that’s not correct.” So he knelt down and said sorry, really sincerely, humbly sorry, “Please forgive me and just tell me when I’m ready to receive your teaching.” Something like that. And then the Master smiled and said, “Ah, somebody just opened the gate to Heaven.” Just like that, just a few seconds.

This is true like that. Watch your speech, your action, and your thought. Always watch it like guarding a treasure. Because you have a treasure within you, you must protect it; otherwise, you lose it. Many people, even in India, disciples in India, in other schools, other Masters, they also think that, OK, after initiation, Master will erase all their past karma and so now, they can do anything they want. Very wrong concept. Do wrong things even, and then expect to have no consequences. It’s not like that. No, no. You have to bear consequences. Because at the time of initiation, any Master, be it from Beas or from other schools, they teach you the five… the concepts of being good, doing good. Maybe they don’t say Five Precepts, but they say, “Do not kill, do not steal, do not tell lies, do not this and that, do not take drugs or intoxicants. But be good, be clean, tell the truth, be chaste.” Things like that. So, it’s not like you don’t know. And after you promise to take that, you must keep it. Otherwise, the negative powers have excuse to torture you, to punish you accordingly. Because this is their world. This is their rule, it’s like that. If you do this, you got that. If you do that, you get this. You understand me? (Yes.)

Yes, talking about unfairness of this world. But this is the world of unfairness. But it’s also the world of fairness. If you keep their rules like this, they do not touch you; they protect you. You see that? So, just don’t do it, that’s all. Just do the right thing and then fair or not fair, doesn’t concern us. Of course, we cannot tell the whole world, but you are my protectees. You came to me and asked me to teach you, so I have to tell you. Even sometimes the truth is not very pleasant, but I have to. Just like the Bodhisattva here, the hell and all that horrible thing, He did not want to tell. He would not enjoy telling this, but people asked Him to tell so that future generations or that-time-generation people, they waken up, to think again, to guard themselves from doing wrong things. It frightens them into thinking again, waking them up. Some people have to be wakened up with strong way of teaching. Some people, gentle.

It’s like your children at home. When your children grow up, you will know what I’m talking about, or you have grown up children, you know well. Some of your children are very easy. You just say to him something, he understands, he does it. And if he did a mistake, you tell him one time, he doesn’t do it again. But some children are very, very difficult, right? They outright rebel against you. And no matter what you say, you use soft, use… And then sometimes you have to use really strict discipline, right? Have to be really stern to them, say, “OK, listen. If you do that again, you’ll be grounded in your room for two weeks, one week. Read the books, study, no television for one week,” for example like that. You didn’t want to, but then it works with that child. You don’t come here expecting me to always say “Very good, very good! Very good, very good. All of you, beautiful. Ah, everything is perfect.” No, that’s a lie. I don’t want to tell lies to you. If you’re seeking the Truth, everything has to be the truth. These kinds of things are not very good to say, I’m reluctant, but you have to also learn from mistakes of the other people, so not to do it. And you also learn from the good example from other people to do it. You have to learn both. So, not only you listen, but you have to digest it and think about it. Think about it and put it into practice.

You are here to meditate. You want me to meditate to give you good energy, right? I don’t lose anything. I have enough. Enough energy, enough power, enough merits already. It’s just for you, for the world, for the universe. So, whenever I cannot meditate, that means you lost all this time of good energy. Do you understand everything I said? (Yes, Master.) Yeah? (Yes, Master.) You do? (Yes.)

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