Tra Maestra e discepoli

Entering the New Universal Platform, Part 1 of 4, Feb. 23-24, 2005

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So, whenever you have a chance to meditate, be it in the center, be it on the bus, be it in the park, be it in the baby-sitting area, anywhere you meditate, OK? Especially in this time, the transitional period, where the planet Earth joins all the more developed galaxies. So everything is blessed and open for the faithful ones.

You are the best already. I think you are the best. If you are not the best, you wouldn’t be able to come here. Not this time.

Everything’s changed - the world’s changed, I’ve changed, you’ve changed. Everybody must change. We catch up, OK? Catch up. I look the same, but I am not the same anymore. Everything has changed, the inner concept has changed, and my way has changed. My way has changed, you must change.

Change the way you think, change the way you treat life, change the way you treat yourself, change the way you treat the meditation. You must make it the most important thing in your life! Even though I told you before, this time it’s not the same. I really mean business. So, whoever has to do something, then do it. If not, just go find a place to meditate. Anywhere will do. Even if you have to sit on the snow with your coat on, then so be it. Sit there and meditate. Well, you will not be the first one, except you are more fortunate.

There was one Master in China, before he became a Master, he knelt outside on the snow for three days to ask for initiation. After three days kneeling on the ground, in the snow, thicker than this, the Master still said no. And then, he cut off his arm to show his sincerity, take the arm, offer to the Master. Then the Master was touched and initiated him. He became one of the six Patriarchs of China.

So, you are very fortunate. All right. So that’s what I mean. Even if you have to sit in the snow to meditate, so be it, do it. Even if you sit there and your mind runs (in) all directions, God still knows you are devoted and you get your points. Because we can only try our best. It’s not our fault that our mind is occupied with so many stupid, mundane and unimportant things in life. This life overwhelms us in all directions, in all time, in any, all situations. So, whenever you have a chance to meditate, be it in the center, be it on the bus, be it in the park, be it in the baby-sitting area, anywhere you meditate, OK? Especially in this time, the transitional period, where the planet Earth joins all the more developed galaxies. So everything is blessed and open for the faithful ones.

Is there anyone who can translate for you? No? Just wait. We’ll talk later. OK?

So, if you don’t understand anything at all what I am saying, just meditate. That’s it! OK? Even if you stay hungry, you stay thirsty, just meditate. Of course, if you have food and drink, then just take care of yourself, but if you have to, if you have to die while meditating, then do it. That’s the only thing that stays with you. Also, we help the world to transit well into the new millennium.

You have heard that in the year 2000 the world was supposed to be kaput, and that was true, but I didn’t want to tell you. Of course, also because I am here, it won’t happen. So, in London, I told you it wouldn’t happen and it did not happen, but it almost happened! And therefore, disasters on the biblical scale are everywhere. You know that yourself. And I’ve told you in advance even that you need to do it, more diligent meditation, because the cleansing period is going on. Yeah? All right. So now you know, eh? Yeah. Still, some people don’t care, even a couple - or no, some minority, a small minority of our initiates do not take my advice to heart, because some of them are very low level, so, they could not understand.

You can see that once you change in yourself, you meditate and your level’s higher up, you can feel it yourself, and everybody else around can see it. You are lighter, you are more open, you are more easygoing, you are just more simple, very easy, and for you to understand is quicker. And the people who are lower level, they’re more complicated always, or they have always been complicated, and they still stay complicated. But once you transit into, for example, Second Level to the Third Level, completely different! Very quick, very different! Anyway, the higher level, the more different, the more distinct.

I don’t know if I should tell you anything more. OK, never mind. For example, I am just telling you. I don’t know why some minority don’t believe, or anybody who won’t believe me, that is incredible! Or who don’t do it is incredible. Because I really set an example. It’s not like I tell you to do this, and I don’t do it. Otherwise, what do you think? Why do I do this? Even why do I come here in this center, to stay in a small trailer, and take care of all this, and cleaning the whole center since yesterday? I don’t have to do that. I don’t have to. I am rich, I am famous, and I am beautiful. No, I am kidding. What for I do this? What for I tell you to meditate? What for I come here to tell you to do this? What for I clean the place for you? It must be something important. All right, never mind.

Whoever can understand and seriously practice, it’s good for them. Whoever lags behind, they will have to bear it.

Mostly, mostly in this lifetime, it happens quick. The reason so much disaster and war and all that, you cannot just blame on one dictating person or two, or anything. It’s just the karma. It’s the collective (bad) karma of some beings, therefore, they have to pay it in this way. But nevertheless, the Master power still seeks out some really washable person, and then still helps them.

Before, we had... still helped millions of them. Even though they had been destroyed in disaster and shocked into like a paralyzed situation, shocked so that they could not even pray, they could not even think, just stay like a still, like a zombie, like a statue, still then, Master power still finds a way to help them, to deliver them to freedom. Because even though disasters are horrible, but it helps to clean them, whatever little bit, to clean a little bit, so that they can be a little shiny, and then we can put them in a showcase. All right.

So, disasters are bad, but to some people, to the souls, are not too bad. I mean just this time of the transitional period of the Earth. So, while I am telling you to go out helping the living of the disasters, the survivors... while I am telling you physically, outwardly to go out helping the victims, the survivors of disaster, of war, of hurricane, of tsunami, whatever that is, while I tell you to do that physically, to comfort the living, I am helping the so-called dead, do you understand? So, we help them both. My money also goes into helping the victims. It’s not just spiritual. You know that, right? You know that. So, most of the money that goes out helping the victims comes from us - from me, from the headquarters. Whatever I earn.

All right. So now you know, and I want to thank you for whatever you have done to help the survivors. And I just want you to know that we both are doing the work. Even though I was not there with you to help physically, materially, I am helping in a different way. I am helping their relatives, the ones who have been shocked into like an ice-cube, paralyzed into ... they cannot even think, cannot even pray. When the soul is too shocked, suddenly dies, suddenly cut off from the physical body in such a traumatized situation, they will not know what they are doing. The soul will not know what happened. The soul just stays there, just froze, you understand? Nobody can help them. Well, somebody can, of course. But I mean, not everybody can help them. They can’t even pray to God. The angels cannot even touch them. They froze themselves into an ice cube. All right, so that’s that.

This planet is elevated (to a high) enough level to join into other planets of a higher developed galaxy. Just like in the European Union, a country has to have enough quality and standard in order to join the European Union. Not every country in Europe can join the European Union, not yet! And there is a reason for it, the same.

I tell you the example and you know it. For example, some countries are not joined right now, yet, for example, Turkey, just to say it. It’s not like I am saying Turkey’s bad or anything. It’s just the example, because it’s the real thing. Suppose Turkey is not allowed to join or not accepted into the European Union, but because you’re one of the Turkish and have French citizenship, been in France a long time, become English citizen or become Spanish citizen, then he is also a European citizen, he becomes a European citizen. Even though he is Turkish! And he is free to travel everywhere in the European Union, whereas other Turkish are not.

So, because you are my disciples, even though you are low level, you are still here, you still are protected. Do you understand now how it works? So it’s not because you are my disciple, you are always very high level. You’re just lucky. Maybe you’re born in a high level, in a practitioner’s family. Or maybe you have just one little... maybe you gave a monk or the high practitioner, last life, one piece of bread, and that’s how you get this - something like that.

So just take care of your level, and then just listen more, OK? Don’t let your mind cheat you and talk you into all kinds of garbage intelligence. You think you are smart with your mouth and with your brain, that’s no good. The real smart person is in there, real quiet, real simple. It doesn’t seem like he knows too much. It doesn’t seem like he knows how to ask questions. It’s not! He knows already inside what to ask and what not, and when to ask and when not.

This time I am really choosy, OK? Because I give a very precious gift, and I want the person to be pure enough to receive it. Otherwise, you make trouble inside. If the vessel is not clean, you put beautiful water and juice in it, it becomes bad. That’s why I told you not to just tell anybody.

You sit and meditate for a while. At night, it’s less disturbance. God power can go through quicker, no traffic, you know, no traffic, in the mind, yes. So, stay awake yeah? Stay awake. Stay awake as much as you can. Do not sleep when the most... blessings are most strong. I meditate all day, all night now. I don’t sleep. All right, well, everybody is above the Third Level. Congratulations. You worked very hard, it’s good.

It’s not just meditation, it’s serving others. Of course, before, when I told you to keep serving others and I didn’t tell you why, but even then, you still do it, then it’s good. You earn points by that also. Some people think they’re just diligent and go to the meditation center all the time, that’s enough. OK, they have points, but not as much as more extra money all the time, extra points. By going out serving others, serving brothers and sisters, serving Master’s mission unconditionally, without thinking that I will get a reward, that’s the best. That’s the best.

So somehow, you have earned your points, and everything counts, not just meditation. I have told you already, you never know when you go out to serve people or serve brothers, you never know he was very high level, and then you quietly earned a lot of points. You did not know and that’s how you get up. Or you serve me, you bring me this, and now you help me to spread the mission. Everything counts. Among you, of course, you had higher and lower practitioners before, and you don’t know who was who, and you served with all sincerity, and that was good. Among you, some already have the Fifth Level, but I don’t want to tell you, so you’d come... everybody brings tea to him or her all day long. Just to him or her. And nobody does anything else, and nobody serves anybody else. Just the Fifth Level has all the tea and coffee, and then he becomes like this. And he can’t even move to Heaven!

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