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United Nations report calls for better treatment of animals

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Increased exploitation of wildlife cited as key factor of global outbreaks in UN report.

In a new report entitled, “Preventing the Next Pandemic - Zoonotic diseases and how to break the chain of transmission,” the United Nations Environment Programme has presented seven major drivers of zoonotic disease emergence, which are mostly linked to increasing consumption of livestock and wild animal products. In particular, the drivers include rapidly rising meat, dairy and egg production; poor conditions of intensified livestock factory farms; growing exploitation of wildlife; deforestation for livestock rearing; increasing handling, transport and trade of animals and their products; expanding wildlife markets as well as crowded industrial meat processing plants. Given that zoonotic diseases involve and affect human, animal and environmental health, the 82-page report asserted that a “One Health” approach that integrates public health, veterinary and environmental expertise is required to prevent and address future pandemics. Our sincere appreciation for this important report, United Nations Environment Programme. To protect all life on Earth, may world governments immediately ban the consumption of all animal products and switch to a vegan food system, in Divine wisdom.

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