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experts call for implementing more plant-based foods in national dietary guidelines

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New national dietary guidelines recommended.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia, the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, as well as Harvard and Tufts Universities in the United States, examined government dietary recommendations from 85 countries around the world and found that most of the guidelines astonishingly lacked proper advice on following a healthy diet. In particular, the researchers analyzed the health goal agreed on by governments to prevent one third of early mortalities from non-infectious diseases. They also examined governments’ objective of reaching their Paris Agreement climate goals of limiting the rise of global temperature to below two degrees Celsius. To better fulfill the governments’ health and halting global warming goals, the researchers recommended limiting animal products and increasing whole grains, nuts and seeds in national guidelines, which should be backed by current science to achieve better health and a thriving environment. The study was published in the British Medical Journal. Our sincere thanks, scientists. May your research help promote standards for a thriving Earth safeguarded by Heaven.

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