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In today’s news, Korea supports drinking water access project in Côte d’Ivoire, research finds coronavirus contact tracing apps may be life-saving tools, Oman building its biggest-ever solar plant, United States scientists establish method to turn water and CO2 into fuel, altruistic Indian doctor serves remote community, Dutch vegan food startup expands ready-made meal offerings, and American couple helps goat regain mobility.

Korea helps expand water distribution network in Côte d’Ivoire.

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), a governmental entity, recently allocated some €7 million to help enhance Côte d’Ivoire’s drinking water infrastructure. The funding will facilitate at least 21,800 connections for households in need within the Abidjan district, thus broadening the network and making the cost to access it more affordable. Furthermore, this assistance will support the “Water for All” program, an initiative set up by the Côte d’Ivoire government in 2017, to provide accessible drinking water to all inhabitants of the West African country by 2030. Korea is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate. Our gratitude, the Korea International Cooperation Agency, for your generosity. Your friendship and kind assistance will ease and improve the lives of our lovely Ivorian brothers and sisters, in Heaven’s radiance.

COVID-19 contact tracing apps can potentially save lives.

A preliminary study done in Washington State, United States, by a team from Oxford University, United Kingdom, and Google Research of the US, shows that digital contact tracing can help control the pandemic, even with low participation. They concluded that if 15% of the state’s population uses a smartphone app that notifies them if another app user they have been near has COVID-19, there could be a 15% reduction in infections and an 11% lessening of COVID-19-related deaths if supplemented by a “well-staffed contact tracing workforce.” These results will enable policymakers to consider phased reopening of economies and easing movement restrictions by incorporating both manual and digital contact tracing and alert notifications systems. Our appreciation, Google Research and Oxford University researchers, for your encouraging study. May we all wisely adopt a vegan diet, thus ensuring our safety from zoonotic pandemics, in the guidance of the Providence.

Up next, Oman building its biggest-ever solar plant. We give thanks to the research interviewers who ask questions in person and through phone calls to gather useful data about customer preferences and trends. When we return, more good news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hallo, vibrant viewers, it’s Benny the vegan Blueface Angelfish! As a kid, I always wanted to be a hero. And you know what? Now I am! By being vegan, I’m saving countless lives. Join me! Here are two ways to keep you and your loved ones safer and healthier during a pandemic. It is crucial to limit physical contact with people outside of your household, particularly at grocery stores. By using the self-scan checkouts when you shop, there is no need to interact with the cashiers. Make sure to also bring your own reusable bags as using the ones from the store may increase the chance of germ transmission - plus, it’s better for the environment! Thank you and love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. And thanks for tuning in. Now, the weather around the world!

Oman constructing its largest-ever solar power facility.

Oman Power and Water Procurement Company, a subsidiary of an Omani government-owned enterprise, recently began building its 500-megawatt plant, Ibri II. Located in the country’s northwest region, the US$400 million project is being developed by ACWA Power, a Saudi Arabia-headquartered energy investor, developer and operator, along with Kuwaiti businesses Gulf Investment Corporation and Alternative Energy Projects Company. It will be fully operational in mid-2021, and add about 1,300 gigawatt-hours of power to the grid annually, thus providing energy for up to 33,000 homes. Additionally, the new photovoltaic facility is expected to avoid 340,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, in line with the country’s carbon reduction goals. Congratulations, Oman, on this significant green project. May clean energy initiatives become a celebrated motif of our times, in infinite Divine wisdom.

Scientists convert CO2 and water into fuel.

Researchers from the United States Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and the US-based Northern Illinois University, have discovered a method to convert carbon dioxide and water into ethanol using a new catalyst. Known as electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction, it utilizes an applied electric field and copper to break down and then reconstruct CO2 and water molecules into ethanol – a commodity used in gasoline and an intermediate product in pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics industries. The highly efficient technique could run on low-cost, renewable energy sources during off-peak hours. Way to go, Argonne National Laboratory and Northern Illinois University scientists, on your remarkable discovery that will help reuse carbon dioxide by turning it into useful products. In God’s everlasting grace, may your diligent efforts further help in building a global circular economy.

Brave physician treats remote southern Indian village’s indigenous population.

Since 2001, 55-year-young Dr. Vincent Xavier has been seeing indigenous patients in Kerala state’s Seethathodu village that lacks public transportation and has limited infrastructure. After several other physicians had refused the community’s health center job due its surrounding wilderness, Dr. Xavier rose to the occasion and has since been walking through thick forests, populated by wild tigers and elephants, to deliver medical services twice a week. Affectionately known as the “Makka” – or children’s - doctor, by the grateful villagers, Dr. Xavier offers free healthcare to individuals unable to pay, while others are charged the standard rates. With every visit, he carries basic medical supplies and food for those in need. Your courage and determination to save lives earn our highest accolades, Dr. Xavier. In Heaven’s loving protection, we pray that your noble mission continues for many years to come.

Coming up, Dutch vegan food startup expands ready-made meal lineup. We’ll take some time to enjoy some traditional Albanian iso-polyphonic music, a UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Foresighted News for a Visionary World.

Dutch vegan company launches plant-based ready meal and plans further European market expansion.

Lazy Vegan, a Netherlands startup, is now selling its new Thai Green Curry frozen ready-made vegan entree. Its other delectable animal-free offerings include the Mexican, Tikka Masala, and Provençale frozen meals. All are made with fresh vegetables and “chicken” pieces from pea protein, with the pieces also sold as a stand-alone item. So far, Lazy Vegan’s products can be purchased at major retailers in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Denmark, with more European nations to follow. On its website, the company declared that its mission is “to make it easy, tasty and fun to eat vegan.” Wonderful news, Lazy Vegan, on the growing number of your flavorful and love-filled vegan ready-made entrees. May your European expansion continue at pace as busy people quickly reach for healthy, delicious and compassionate food choices, in Divine bliss.

American couple helps goat regain mobility.

Lenny and Michelle Yourth, founders of Capra Farm, a 4.8-hectare hobby farm in Pennsylvania, United States, have fitted rescue goat Anna with four new prosthetic legs. Born in 2015, Anna lost her back legs and part of her front legs to frostbite, and as a result, had to painfully crawl on her front knees. When the kind-hearted couple rescued her in 2019, they were determined to give her the best, most loving life possible. They recruited animal prosthetic specialist Derrick Campana, owner of Bionic Pets, to build her four custom legs. Anna is now living comfortably; the sweet goat has increased mobility and is a surrogate mom to three young goats. Thank you, Lenny and Michelle Yourth, and Derrick Campana of Bionic Pets. May Anna live happily ever after in God’s tender embrace, and may we always shower our gentle animal friends with care.

Time to ease our minds with some light humor. Here’s the joke of the day entitled “Staying Cool.”

“Sam, how do you manage to stay cool all the time?”

“Because I don’t get into arguments with silly people; I just cut it short and say, ‘You are right.’”

“But that’s completely irrational and wrong.”

“You are right.”

And now we have a heartline from Ella in the United States:

Dear Master, I wanted to thank You for expounding on the Surangama Sutra about the origins of demonic influences. A while ago, my health declined, and I lost sight of reality and was confused for a long time. After listening to Master’s lectures about Buddha’s Surangama Sutra and demonic influences, I saw that what happened to me was almost exactly what was described in that sutra. Master’s and Buddha’s words helped clear my confusion and brought clarity to those events. I also realized how the religious scriptures and Buddhist sutras are timeless and how compassionate Enlightened Masters are. Even though this was a hard experience, it drew a clear contrast for me to see how forgiving Saints, Gods, Buddhas, and God Almighty are and that all I want is to be in their company forever. Thank You, Master, for making me more aware of my own ego traps and reminding everyone to be vigilant and diligent all the time to stay in Master’s protective zone. Thank You, Master, also for sharing the precious sutras and making it easier for us to understand. Thank You also for surrounding us with protecting, forgiving, and loving Saints from the entire universe. Ella from the USA

Grateful Ella, Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with us. We are also grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai and all the Great Masters for their unconditional Love and limitless Wisdom. We pray that the world will soon adhere to their teachings and change to become benevolent and loving.

Master has a reply for you: “Intelligent Ella, I am pleased to hear that you have benefited much from hearing the Surangama Sutra. As your mind becomes clearer, you will better see the working of the universe. Always remember that you are never alone in the omnipresence of the Buddhas, Saints, sages.... Master is also there for you should there be any obstacles on the spiritual path. May Heavens protect you and hospitable America evermore.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May virtue and kindness be your gifts from Heaven.

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