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In today’s news, Canadians raise funds for Beirut explosion victims, scientists detect possible black hole merger from gravitational waves, life-saving machine for pneumonia treatment delivers oxygen during power outages, research calculates health and environmental benefits to the US from electric vehicle adoption, boy with cerebral palsy climbs mountain in United Kingdom, more plant protein products now available in Japan and mouse-sized elephant shrew not seen for half a century spotted in Djibouti.

Canadians send aid to Lebanon following explosions.

On August 4, 2020, explosive blasts at Beirut’s port devastated the city causing 200 deaths, 6,000 injuries and leaving 300,000 homeless. The Canadian government created the Lebanon Matching Fund that matched its citizens’ donations to US$6 million, and altogether US$13.45 million was raised to assist the Lebanese people. Twelve Canadian charities, including CARE Canada and Oxfam Canada, as well as United Nations relief agencies and the Lebanese Red Cross will use the money to deliver food, water, healthcare and other essential services to the victims. Overall, the Canadian government has given US$22.4 million in humanitarian support to Lebanon after the event. Canada is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Protection laureate. Thank you, the Canadian people and government, for giving so generously to Lebanon in her time of need. We pray the gracious Lebanese will quickly recover and thrive, in Allah’s grace.

Strongest-ever gravitational waves observed possibly created by black hole merger.

A signal recorded by two detectors on Earth that measure ripples in space-time is believed to be the result of a collision and merger of two black holes 7 billion years ago. One black hole involved could be 85-times our sun’s mass and the other, 66-times. As they collided, a gigantic amount of energy equivalent to eight suns was released, traveled across the Universe and reached Earth. The instruments can translate the waves as audio and the sound resembled a brief thud. Research team member Dr. Alan Weinstein, a physics professor at the US-based California Institute of Technology, stated, “It’s the biggest bang since the Big Bang observed by humanity.” Such exciting news, scientists, on your discovery of this significant event in space. May your research help to deepen our knowledge of the fascinating Universe, in Celestial glory.

Up next, life-saving machine for pneumonia treatment delivers oxygen during power outages. We’ll just pause to thank the spa therapists, who provide wellness and relaxation treatments to help clients look and feel better. We’ll be right back, with more encouraging news on Supreme Master Television.

Hi, joyful friends, I’m Rebecca the vegan Rosy Maple Moth. Make proper amends to all animal friends, and go vegan today! During the summer months, hot air gets trapped in your home’s attic, raising indoor temperatures. Think about installing attic fans or turbine roof vents to reduce the electricity required by your air conditioning system to cool down your house. Consider adding solar-powered attic fans if you want to further decrease the amount of energy used. Thank you for your attention, and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Here’s the weather around our beautiful globe.

Australian researchers develop oxygen machine for pneumonia treatment during power interruptions.

A team of University of Melbourne physicists and a mechanical engineer have created a device that provides oxygen to patients when there is no power. The FREO₂ LPOS (Low Pressure Oxygen Store) is designed for countries where the electricity supply is unstable and children frequently have pneumonia, a condition that is the leading cause of death globally in those under 5. The system filters air through a material that traps nitrogen and outputs oxygen into a reserve that’s pressurized by a water tank. If the electricity shuts off, the water pressure helps deliver oxygen to the patient. Our appreciation, University of Melbourne scientists, for your oxygen machine that saves the lives of precious children. May your invention soon be found in hospitals throughout the developing world as we work together to protect and love one another.

Study quantifies societal benefits of electric vehicles to the US.

A study led by researchers at Northwestern University in the United States has determined the health, environmental and economic contributions of electric vehicle (EV) adoption. If 25% of gasoline cars were replaced with EVs, the nation could save US$17 billion per year in climate change and air pollution-related damages. If 75% of the gas cars were replaced with EVs, and additional renewable energy capacity was installed, up to US$70 billion could be saved. Furthermore, hundreds or even thousands of Americans could avoid early death from impure air annually while carbon emissions could be lowered by hundreds of millions of tons. A salute of appreciation, Northwestern University researchers and others involved, for quantifying the tremendous advantages of electric vehicles. May electric transport grow in the US and globally for healthier lives and a cleaner planet, in Divine splendor.

British seven-year-old with cerebral palsy climbs UK’s highest mountain for charity.

Caeden Thomson of Northamptonshire, England, who was once diagnosed as never being able to walk, has ascended the 1,345 meter-high Ben Nevis mountain in Scotland. The journey started at 9 am and he reached the top at 5:30 pm. Though many hikers on the same route turned back due to falling temperatures, Caeden persisted. Contributions by supporters of this courageous, charitable trek to benefit disability equality charity Scope and the UK’s National Health Service well surpassed Caeden’s £8,000 goal, with over £22,000 raised. The determined boy performed the feat because he wanted to “give something back.” A big high five and heartfelt congratulations, Caeden Thomson, on your miraculous accomplishment and immense bravery. May God bless you with ever-improving health and strength as your positive and selfless attitude spreads optimism and generosity to all who hear your story. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Caeden Thomson and US$10,000 in loving support of your big-hearted endeavor, with a big hug, lots of love and praises. May the Divine bless you always.”

Coming up, more plant protein products available in Japan. We’ll take a moment to send a prayer for entrepreneurs to turn more bright and noble ideas into reality to advance our world in various ways. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more outstanding news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Loving News for a Benevolent World.

Vegan meat substitute options expand in Japan.

Japanese food producers have been releasing new plant-based meats as demand for them has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. NH Foods Ltd. introduced five new vegan products that include keema curry, sausages, konjac and more. The famous Mos Burger chain, with more than 1,300 outlets throughout Japan, premiered the Green Burger, which features a green bun, lettuce and a plant-based patty it developed. Another company joining the trend is Otsuka Foods Co. that has created four new plant-based products, including a hamburger steak. Also, Marukome Co. now markets mock minced meat made of soy. Way to go, Japan, on your growing appetite for these and other lives-saving vegan offerings. May food manufacturers continue to develop more plant-based choices as Japanese consumers embrace the compassionate way of eating, in Buddha’s radiance.

Scientists encounter elephant shrew variety not seen for half a century.

Researchers, including those from the US-headquartered Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) group, have found mouse-sized elephant shrews in Djibouti. Last seen in Somalia in 1968, the Somali elephant shrew, also known as the Somali sengi, was part of the GWC’s Search for Lost Species project that includes a list of 25 “most wanted” animals. The Somali sengi can run at speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour, and is classified as being most closely related to manatees, elephants and aardvarks. The adorable being's ongoing survival is expected to be secure due to their habitat's remoteness. We are elated, Global Wildlife Conservation and other team members, to hear of your find. May our world support the safety of and peaceful existence with all precious species and friends from the animal kingdom, in Divine love.

Have a good laugh with the joke of the day entitled “Instructions.”

Eric was sharing a story with a friend, when he jokingly said:

“Women should come with instructions...”

“Why? It's not like men read the instructions anyway!”

And now we have a heartline from Ni Rai Aryawati in Indonesia:

Dear Supreme Master TV team, watching the viral videos about cows and their offspring and chicken farms really hurts me. Please allow me to convey this poem to represent the tears of our animal friends.

Listen To My Tears by Katarai

“What feelings did you leave? I just want a little place to rest I just want a bit of grass to eat I just want to raise up my children Why did you separate them from me? Why are you taking away the youngsters? Just to drink my milk.” Asked the Cow to humans

“What sorrows are you leaving? I just want a little place to incubate I just want a few seeds to eat I just want to teach them Why are you taking that which is still a seed in a shell? You force them to grow up in a flash Only to eat the meat.” Asked the Chicken to humans

“What poignant feelings are you leaving? I just want to swim to enjoy the flow of water I've never bothered you We have different places Why did you throw us down in your net So that I run out of breath in the struggle? You say to fulfill your nutrition.” Asked the Fish to humans

“Do you not feel hurt hearing the cries of our children? Just like your children's tears? Aren't you sad to see my tears are like the tears that trickle from your eyes? Don’t you feel the pain seeing my wound like a knife cutting through your flesh? What prayers do you say while eating us?”

Ni Rai Aryawati from Indonesia

Good-natured Ni Rai Aryawati, Thank you for sending us this poignant poem by Katarai, which has touched our hearts. Supreme Master Ching Hai also utilizes different media to reach as many people as possible and share Her Wisdom. Through avenues such as Supreme Master TV and Her writings, songs, and poems, Master has awakened many to our beloved animal friends’ tragic plight so that change may come quickly and alleviate their suffering. We pray with you for the day when the animals no longer shed tears, or scream in anguish! May God bless all loving animals and the fine Indonesian people, Supreme Master TV team

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May your sojourn on Earth be filled with Divine peace and inspiration.

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