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In today’s news, global fund supports children’s education in Sudan, World Health Organization and China investigate COVID-19 origins, Canadian researchers invent machine to treat alcohol poisoning more quickly, Denmark announces goal to end oil production, police officer helps two homeless men ahead of oncoming storm, Krispy Kreme introduces vegan donut in the United Kingdom, and New Zealand sanctuary found to have saved rare dolphin species.

Global education fund brightens children’s future in Sudan.

The United States-based fund known as the Global Partnership for Education granted US$61.5 million to the Sudan Basic Education Support Project. This initiative by the World Bank will help to reduce tuition costs for disadvantaged students, lower drop-out rates, as well as support teachers, schools and communities. Around six million students will be provided textbooks and other educational materials, 30,000 girls will benefit from enhanced learning environments, and approximately 4,000 teachers will receive training to improve students’ reading skills. Many thanks, Global Partnership for Education, World Bank, and all involved in this joint endeavor. May the younger generations of blessed Sudan excel and thrive in the nurturing love of the Divine.

World Health Organization and China collaborate to trace source of COVID-19.

As part of its efforts to investigate the origins of the zoonotic COVID-19 virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently sent a team of international scientists to China’s Wuhan city. The first reported cases of the pandemic were linked to the city and one of its wildlife markets in December 2019. Plans for the research entail examining human and animal samples collected by local researchers. The Honorable Wang Wenbin, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, said, “China stands ready to enhance its cooperation with WHO to advance the global tracing efforts and contribute our share in the early victory over the pandemic.” The Chinese government is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate. Thank you, World Health Organization, China, and scientists involved. Above all, may humanity put an end to such calamitous diseases by banning meat, embracing the vegan diet, and restoring respect for the natural world, in Heaven’s mercy.

Up next, Canadian researchers invent machine to treat alcohol poisoning more quickly. We’d like to thank the hardworking carpet installers who help to make our homes more comfortable and beautiful. When we return, more illustrious news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hallo, beautiful friends, I’m Dele the vegan Panther. People ask me what products I use to have such glowing fur, and I say, “a vegan diet!” Try it for yourself − I can see your hair shining brighter already! The next time you use your vacuum cleaner, please be mindful of the cord and the electrical wires inside them, which can get easily damaged. Ensure that the cord is completely extended beforehand, and that you don’t pull on it to the maximum while vacuuming. You’ll also want to maneuver the vacuum around gently, and hold any excess cord in your hand so you don’t run over it. Then your handy machine will last longer without needing repair! Thank you for tuning in, and love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

Canadian researchers invent machine to treat alcohol poisoning more quickly.

A team from the University Health Network, a public research and teaching hospital system in Canada, has developed a small, low-tech machine that can lower dangerous blood alcohol levels three times faster than by relying on the liver alone to do the job. The team discovered that alcohol can be eliminated from the body of the intoxicated patient via the lungs by hyperventilating (or breathing quickly and deeply). Ordinarily, hyperventilating would soon lead to fainting because the body would lose too much carbon dioxide. But the new method ensures this done safely by providing both oxygen and carbon dioxide. According to the United Nations World Health Organization, alcohol causes more than one in 20 deaths globally every year. Thank you, University Health Network researchers, for this life-saving device. We pray that all people will choose an alcohol-free lifestyle for their vitality plus the safety of others.

Denmark to end oil production.

As the European Union’s largest oil producer, the country will phase out all oil production by 2050 in a move towards a clean energy future. Danish Climate and Energy Minister His Excellency Dan Jorgensen made the announcement after the national parliament agreed to cease offering new licenses for drilling in the North Sea. The news was warmly applauded by environmentalists. Mel Evans, Senior Climate Campaigner for Greenpeace in the UK, encouraged transitioning the “North Sea into a renewables-only energy industry that creates jobs for workers and powers the UK with clean, affordable energy.” Denmark’s decision is a step towards the country’s carbon reduction goals of 70% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, and the EU’s aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Congratulations, Denmark! Your fine example leads the way to a more sustainably powered world, in Celestial light.

United States police officer lauded for compassion.

A concerned woman called Corporal R. H. Lasky of Gwinnett County, Georgia, about two homeless gentlemen who were sitting on a bench and thus exposed to an oncoming hurricane. The good police officer said that she would pay for a hotel room for them, if they had nowhere else to go. The good Samaritan replied, “I don’t even know your name, but I love you!” Corporal Lasky and the kind woman gave the men blankets and snacks. Then the compassionate officer checked them into a hotel for two nights. Footage from her body camera showing the incident was later released, prompting praise from her police department. Bless you, Corporal R. H. Lasky and the good Samaritan! Your love in action exemplifies a warm-hearted community that will surely be noted and rewarded by the Providence.

Coming up, Krispy Kreme introduces vegan donut in the United Kingdom. We’ll pause to send loving prayers that our vulnerable neighbors may stay safe during the pandemic. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Foresighted News for a Splendid World.

Krispy Kreme introduces vegan donut in the United Kingdom.

International donut chain Krispy Kreme launched the vegan version of their Original Glazed donut in stores across the UK as the company’s first ever plant-based offering. Donut lovers got to experience the “melt-in-your-mouth joy,” with the debut coming just in time for Veganuary, an initiative that encourages people to go vegan for the month of January and beyond. The Original Glazed Vegan Donuts are priced equally to the non-vegan version and have received enthusiastic responses. Previous introductions of vegan donuts by other companies in the UK have also been immensely successful. Bravo, Krispy Kreme, on your tasty and considerate innovation! May more people around the globe enjoy delicious plant-based treats that are simultaneously kind to the animals and to our planet.

Creation of a sanctuary leads to revival of endangered dolphin species.

According to New Zealand zoologist Dr. Liz Slooten, the population of Hector’s dolphins has been stabilizing. This is thanks to the 1988 establishment of the Banks Peninsula Marine Mammal Sanctuary on the East Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Studies led by Dr. Slooten on these rare mammals, the smallest of all dolphins, found that their numbers were rapidly declining in the 1980s with only a 7% chance of recovery. However, ever since the New Zealand government set up the large sanctuary, which has a four nautical mile off-shore ban on gill nets, this rare species now has a 41% chance of recovery. New Zealand is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Peace recipient, and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Earth Conservation, Earth Protection, Earth Guardian, Climate-Change Mitigation, and Earth Restoration laureate. Thank you, once again, New Zealand, and our appreciation for the good news, Dr. Liz Slooten. May all our great oceanic friends be forever protected, in Heaven’s peace.

Now comes an unconditional joke for you, but you should laugh. It’s healthy! This one is entitled “Through the Jungle.”

Two explorers, Bob and John, were going through the jungle when a lion jumped out in front of them. Bob whispered to John to keep calm. He reminded him what they had read in the book on wild animals.

“If you stand absolutely still and look the lion straight in the eye, he will turn around and run away.”

“Fine. You’ve read the book, I’ve read the book, but has the lion read the book?”

And now we have a heartline from Mushroom in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

Hallo, dear Supreme Master Television team. On February 6, 2020, Supreme Master Ching Hai sent out a special message to the world that the meat-eaters will go to hell unless they become vegan. This is really true. After I was initiated, I went to hell to see my deceased grandmother. (She used to kill chickens and ducks cruelly, and she also ate a lot of meat when she was alive.) There I saw many iron prison cells with many hungry ghosts locked inside; their tongues were sticking out about 100 inches long, long enough to make a circle. All hungry ghosts were screaming in pain. I was scared out of samadhi, and I couldn’t eat for two days because I felt horrified and disgusted. Thanks to Master's Grace, my family has been practicing diligently, and now my grandma has reincarnated into a rich family. She is married and has two children. She is a vegan and enjoys an abundant and happy life. I pray that all humans would adopt the vegan diet so that the animals will not suffer anymore. God bless! Mushroom from Taiwan (Formosa)

Perceptive Mushroom, Thank you for sharing your inner experience with us. You must have been so heartbroken to see your grandmother suffering in such a way. We are glad to hear that with your family’s diligent practice and Master’s Grace, your grandmother is now leading a better life where she can live in a more loving and harmonious way with all sentient beings. We likewise pray that all quickly embrace the compassionate vegan diet. In Heaven’s blessings, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master said: “Earnest Mushroom, in your vision you have seen the results of meat-eating. The consequences of killing to fill our stomachs are truly grave. I am happy too that your grandmother is now on this plane and vegan as well. May Buddha’s endless Light be upon you and beautiful Taiwan (Formosa).”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May celestial music elevate your heart and soul.

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