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In today’s news, United States supports vulnerable communities in Malawi, COVID-19 patients experience issues related to sense of smell, Israeli startup promotes vertical growing system for supermarkets, Australian state plans to reduce dependence on single-use plastics, first responders in United States rescue dog from icy river, French biologists create vegan alternative to eggs, and Pakistani zoo closes after last two animals are rescued.

United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) receives US contribution for Malawi.

Through its Agency for International Development (USAID), the United States has gifted US$10.3 million to assist more than 85,000 households across Malawi at risk from food insecurity. In addition to providing transfers of cash, WFP will also allocate funds to build or upgrade assets such as flood-control dikes and localized irrigation systems, which will boost community productivity and resilience. The United States, a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate, has donated approximately US$47 million to help WFP cope with food shortages, refugees and emergencies in Malawi since 2017. Many thanks, United States and United Nations World Food Programme, for your compassionate and life-saving actions. We pray that the warmhearted Malawians will very soon enjoy safety and abundance, in the all-embracing love of the Divine.

Coronavirus effects can last for months after infection.

Professor Nirmal Kumar in the United Kingdom was among the first medical professionals to recognize loss of smell as a symptom of COVID-19. The ear, nose and throat specialist is now calling attention to a subsequent condition known as parosmia – an olfactory abnormality in which smells are distorted. As their noses start working again, some patients describe sensing unpleasant odors like fish, sulphur and burnt toast for no apparent reason. Professor Kumar told British media company Sky News, “This virus has an affinity for the nerves in the head and in particular, the nerve that controls the sense of smell, but it probably affects other nerves too.” Our sincere gratitude, Professor Kumar, for your valuable insights. May knowledge about this disease continue to grow so that everyone’s quality of life improves, in Celestial upliftment.

Up next, Israeli startup promotes vertical growing system for supermarkets. We’ll take a moment to thank the truck drivers and pilots who are helping to transport COVID-19 vaccines from the manufacturers to municipal health departments as quickly and safely as possible. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more outstanding news.

Hallo, Earth-loving friends, it’s Roman the vegan Radiated Tortoise. Guess how old I am. You can’t! I look half my age because I’m vegan! If you already have a cat and want to add a dog to your household, here are some tips on how to introduce them to each other. In the beginning, keep your feline in a comfortable room while allowing your canine to explore the closed door. This way they will safely become acquainted with new smells and sounds. Visit your cat frequently to give plenty of reassuring affection. For phase two, install a baby gate in the doorway so kitty and pooch can see each other. Try feeding them there, on opposite sides, and gradually increase the time they spend together. When it feels like they have gotten used to each other, remove the gate, but keep your dog on a leash until you’re sure they are compatible. Thank you for tuning in. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. And now, the worldwide weather.

Indoor farms offer promising urban alternative.

An Israeli startup named Vertical Field has developed a system for growing organic vegetables, greens and mushrooms on the inside walls of portable containers. The units can be installed in parking lots, allowing supermarkets to grow their own produce, fresh and with a longer shelf life, regardless of season or weather. Transportation emissions and storage costs are reduced, plus the discrete cultivation environments require 90% less water than conventional farming and have no need of pesticides. Additionally, the smart design includes sensors and algorithms that enable managers to easily monitor crop development. The company has plans to introduce their innovation to retail establishments, restaurants, caterers and hotels throughout the United States. What an inspired achievement, Vertical Field! Your contribution to a greener, more abundant and healthier world has our gratitude and prayers for widespread adoption, in Divine benediction.

Western Australia (WA) takes steps to curb plastic pollution.

The state plans to prohibit single-use items by 2023 for the sake of the environment. The ban will include polystyrene food containers, eating utensils such as plates, spoons, forks and stirrers, as well as thick plastic bags. Releasing helium balloons into the sky will also be against the law. By 2026, other things made of plastic that are typically used only once will be forbidden. Some examples are produce sacks, cotton swabs and microbeads in personal care products. WA Minister for the Environment, the Honorable Stephen Dawson, stated, “Plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats to wildlife around the world.” We hold you in high esteem, government of Western Australia, for enacting legislation that will reduce the impact of plastic waste on our planet and its inhabitants. In Heaven-sent wisdom, may we embrace every opportunity to make amends and recreate Eden.

Missing dog is reunited with caregiver.

A chocolate-colored Labrador retriever named Lola became stranded on an ice floe in the Sheyenne River near Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Fortunately, a passerby saw the canine’s predicament and called 911 to notify the Cass County Sheriff’s Office. Personnel from the West Fargo Rural Fire Department were dispatched to the river, and members of the team wearing insulated wetsuits were able to retrieve the frightened pup. She was kept in a deputy sheriff’s vehicle to warm up, while one of the responders called the phone number on her collar. Lola and her caregiver were very thankful for the rescue and happy to be together again. Our genuine admiration for all who helped, and God bless the first responders who entered the icy river to save one of Heaven’s furry angels. May you always be in the love of the Providence.

Coming up, French biologists create vegan alternative to eggs. We will take a moment to step outside and visit our bamboo grove. The plants provide beauty for our eyes, oxygen for our lungs and a peaceful feeling for our soul. More inspirational news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Leading News for a Bounteous World.

Animal-free egg substitute almost ready for market.

French biologists Philippine Soulères and Sheryline Thavisouk began working on a vegan replacement for eggs while they were still students at École de Biologie Industrielle. The product they have since developed under the brand name Le Papondu is a proprietary mix of vegetable proteins. Not only does it cook and crack like a chicken egg, it is also designed to simulate the taste, texture and nutrient profile of one. But beyond that, Ms. Thavisouk explains, “... the aim of our startup is to propose a plant-based alternative that respects our health as well as our planet’s health and that meets the values of animal ethics.” In 2020, the fledgling company raised close to US$25,000 through crowdfunding and has since joined business incubator Station F to prepare for their commercial launch. Bravo, Philippine Soulères and Sheryline Thavisouk! We pray that your innovative creation will be a success and help to hasten the arrival of a compassionate vegan world.

Last animals from closed Pakistani zoo find new home.

After Pakistan’s Supreme Court ordered the Islamabad facility to be shut down, animal welfare organization Four Paws International assumed responsibility for relocating about 30 remaining captives. Finally, the last two – a pair of Himalayan brown bears – were also freed and flown to a sanctuary in Jordan. It was next arranged for Bubloo and Suzie, both 17 years old, to spend some time in quarantine and then move into their new 110-hectare home, Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife. The reserve, jointly managed by the Princess Alia Foundation and Four Paws, provides each species with the optimal space and conditions for its well-being. Both the Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife Reserve and Four Paws International are Shining World Compassion Award laureates. Our hearts are gladdened, Four Paws and Princess Alia Foundation, and we sincerely thank the Pakistani Supreme Court and all involved for closing the zoo. In Heaven’s protection, may all animals be blessed with suitable homes in a world without suffering.

Here’s a little funny for your cheerful frame of mind. It’s entitled, “Special Request.”

Tony loved playing the piano and taking requests at parties. One night – late at night – he was practicing in his apartment when the doorbell rang. He got up to answer it and found his landlady standing in the hallway.

“Do you know there is a baby upstairs?”

“Sorry, Mrs. Topsis, I haven’t heard of that song before. Can you hum the tune for me?”

And now we have a heartline from Jim in the United States:

Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai, On “Between Master & Disciples” it was said that Master had maya cast into hell so that he would stop interfering with Master’s mission to Uplift Planet Earth. This reminds me of a passage in the Holy Bible’s Book of Revelation, which stated that Satan would be locked away for 1,000 years but then released on the world to instigate a final battle against God and his Saints (Revelation 20:1–6). I am wondering if this event is what that passage is talking about? It certainly feels correct. Will this only be for 1,000 years as predicted, or will this last longer? Words cannot express my love for The Supreme Master and Your Noble Mission. While I am far from worthy of being Your disciple, I am forever grateful to be so. With All Respect and Love, Jim from Portland, Oregon, USA

Spiritual Jim, We are very happy to share Master’s reply: “Humble Jim, every being who has a sincere desire to seek the Truth and spiritual advancement in this world should be praised. Any soul helping the Master achieve Her mission of reminding humanity of their original nature is cherished. As for one thousand years from now, we should not worry about what will happen then. It is much more valuable to consider the present and the urgent need to create a vegan planet, then Satan (Maya) will stay locked forever even. I sincerely thank you for your love and devotion, and may you and the determined United States know manifold blessings from the Divine.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May your world be colored with the hope of knowing God’s love.

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