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New documentary to explore the suffering of slaughterhouse workers. 
Directed by British vegan Jack Hancock-Fairs, who comes from a long family lineage of butchers and slaughterhouse workers, “The Dying Trade” sheds light on the many issues endemic in the animal meat industry that affect the people who work there. Many people have responded to Mr. Hancock-Fairs’ online crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo in support of his noble filmmaking endeavor. 
"There are three main aims of this documentary. Number one is to simply raise awareness about the suffering experienced by slaughterhouse workers. Number two is to humanize the workers. I think there’s a misconception in the animal rights community that people who do these jobs are just bad people. And after meeting and filming with several of them and spending most of my life living with one (father), it’s clear to me that this isn’t the case. The third goal of this project is to provide another reason to boycott animal products. Together, let’s make slaughterhouses a thing of the past." 
Our appreciation, Jack Hancock-Fairs, for your dedication to sharing the truth regarding the immense psychological and physiological effects of the meat industry on fellow people. In Heaven’s compassion, we pray for a vegan world so all humans and animals will be free to live in peace, wellness and love. 
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