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ургамлаар- баялаг хоол хүнсийг сурталчлахыг Европын холбоонд эрдэмтэд уриалж байна

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In a letter to the European Commission, over 60 leading scientists called on the EU to shift its ad campaign subsidies that promote animal products to plant-based foods to champion “public health, environmental protection and animal welfare.” 

The researchers state the reform is required to align EU-funded food ads to its Farm to Fork strategy and the Beating Cancer Plan, which aim to reduce red and processed meat consumption while encouraging more vegetables and fruit intake. 

Alarmingly, the scientists’ letter noted that 68% of EU agricultural land is used for animal production and feed, while almost 70% of EU greenhouse gas emissions come from animal livestock raising. The letter’s signatories included British primatologist Dame Dr. Jane Goodall, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient. 

Our earnest gratitude, Dame Dr. Jane Goodall and all scientists involved, for highlighting and supporting this much needed and noble direction. For the well-being of all, may every country quickly transition to a vegan food system, in God’s mercy. 

All information concerning the scientific evidence of climate change and its solution is in Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Book, “From Crisis to Peace.” Free for download at: Crisis2Peace.org

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