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In the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association News from Korea…

“A peaceful vegan world, the world our Master dreams of.”

With the recent launch of the Korean edition of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s book “Love Is the Only Solution,” our Association members in Korea printed and distributed 33,000 copies to pedestrians free-of-charge, as well as placing them in Loving Hut vegan restaurants and mailing them to public organizations.

Our Association’s Korean centers also celebrated the book launch via Zoom link, with others able to tune in through a live stream on YouTube. Following a prayer for Ukraine and thoughts from the centers’ representatives, messages were heard from several respected non-member individuals who shared their positive feedback after reading Master’s book.

“As She (Supreme Master Ching Hai) mentioned in the book, the coronavirus, which has caused a global pandemic crisis this time, is a disease that comes from animals because we humans eat meat. If we humans hadn’t eaten meat in the first place, we really wouldn’t have had to experience such a global disaster.”

“I think it’s quite meaningful to propose to tackle the problem by enacting Vegan Law.”

“In the book, there are decisive sentences like, ‘Love the animals, we’ll be veg (vegan). Love the Earth, we’ll go green. Love the world, save the planet.’ I believe such sentences are very important expressions that make us naturally understand why we’re in a state where we have no choice but to save the planet through love.”

“To think of animals as food is so terrible. I think Master, through Her deep meditation, enlightenment and awakening, probably feels such pain and sorrow more deeply than anyone else. I really agree with Her words, and the people who have awakened their consciousness in some way should take the lead.”

“I hope this book will be read by many people and be of great help to humanity in overcoming this environmental problem and the crisis of the pandemic.”

“There is such a thing as the butterfly effect, and I had a feeling that the book might bring about that effect.”

“Following Master who illuminates the world, let’s create a vegan world. The whole world, the whole universe is celebrating: Love Is the Only Solution.”

With appreciation to our Korean Association members, we too rejoice in Master’s uplifting and vital message of vegan love as the foremost solution to today’s crises. Our gratitude, Most Beloved Master, for teaching us the way to lasting World Peace. May Divine Light awaken the true loving nature within all of humankind.

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s book “Love Is the Only Solution” is free for download at: love4peace.org

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