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Улс орнуудын эерэг өөрчлөлтүүд

Улс орнуудын эерэг өөрчлөлтүүд, олон хэсэгт цувралын 42-р хэсэг – Найдвартай Засгийн Газрууд, Найдвартай Ард иргэд: Монгол, Монтенегр, Морокко

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Mongolia is a vast inland country, located between Russia and China. During the COVID-19 crisis, the Mongolian government introduced new ways of teaching and learning to ensure the continuity of education for children. Digital curriculums were developed for all education levels. Learning materials were also tailored for children with disabilities, those in nomadic communities, and even children of non-Mongolian speaking minorities. The Mongolian government is also encouraging farmers to grow vegetables for greater national self-sufficiency and food security. Lastly, with the prevailing plant-based trend around the world, the Mongolian vegan population is also growing rapidly. According to HappyCow.net, in the capital city Ulaanbaatar alone, there are 22 veggie restaurants, 17 of which are fully vegan.

Montenegro is a small Eastern European country bordered by Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, and the Adriatic Sea. In an action that saved countless bird-people’s lives, the benevolent government of Montenegro stopped a commercial development plan at a large regional nature park. Montenegro and Albania joined the Adrinet (Adriatic Network for Marine Ecosystem) program to remove “Ghost Nets” from the seabed of the Mediterranean. Montenegro commits to developing green energy against climate change and has pledged to phase out its coal-fired power plants by 2035.

The Kingdom of Morocco is situated on the northwestern corner of the African Continent, where African, Arabian, and European cultures merge. Morocco is one of the leading countries in climate action. Morocco has initiated several large-scale projects to expand wind, solar, and hydropower capacity. These include the Noor Ouarzazate Complex, one of the world’s largest concentrated solar power plants. As of 2020, 37% of Morocco’s installed electricity capacity was in renewables. The plant-based lifestyle is also becoming more prominent in Morocco. The vegan organization Veg’Morocco has been passionately promoting the life-saving plant-based lifestyle. Each year, Veg’Morocco hosts the international festival Veg’Fest Morocco and has also launched a project to distribute free vegan meals to vulnerable communities in major cities.

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