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If we believe in the Master power and do what is good, what is taught, I mean morally, spiritually, then we can change the destiny of the nation even. Not just our own destiny, but the destiny of the whole nation. Because, not the whole Formosans (Taiwanese) are my disciples. Just a portion of them... even a small portion. The whole Formosa (Taiwan) knows me, of course, because of television and newspaper, but still, only a small, a part of, not a big part of Formosan (Taiwanese) people are my disciples. Still, just a small part like that, they change the destiny of the whole nation. I don’t know what is it about our television that was so attractive. Do you? Maybe we did it with the heart or something. They also do similar things, like showing “The World Around Us,” just different name, they show scenery in different countries, something like that. But I don’t know, it seems so flat. But when we do a show, it feels alive, it feels vibrant, it feels like something in there, there’s some energy in there. The more important is that I have to let my disciples meditate more, for themselves also, you see? They came to me for that, for their liberation. They have the right to claim that, first of all. And everything else they do is volunteer or as necessity. Saving the world, but you have to save yourself first. If you’re down in meditation, you’ll be drowned like them. The drowned help the drowned, how? If you cannot rescue others, at least you stay alive. Not both die together, what’s the reason? Even if you’re not with me, I have you all the time, in my heart, in my meditation. You are all included. I meditate, I go on retreat, also because of you. Or you think I go sit in the mountain alone for fun? (No.) Just for fun. In the mountain, it’s fun but it’s not that fun. But when I’m alone in the mountain, oh it never, never occurs to me what loneliness means. Just life is primitive, understand? You don’t have the facilities that you have in the city. You don’t have Internet, you don’t have telephone, you don’t have hot water, running water, you don’t have even cold running water. But it’s fine, I really love it very much. I don’t mind sleeping like that forever, forever, and forever and forever.
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