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Веганизм: Уур амьсгалын өөрчлөлтийг зогсоохын зэрэгцээ дэлхий дээр Диваажинг цогцлоохуй – Төгс Гэгээрсэн Их Багш Чин Хайн лекцүүдийн эмхэтгэл, 5 цувралын 4-р хэсэг

Lecture Language:English,NP,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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“There are two powers in this world: one is positive, one is negative. If you are using the positive power, then you will have positive power. If you’re using negative power, then you’ll have negative power. If we want to use the positive power, we have to enter the positive cycle by doing good, being good. Being vegetarian (vegan) means the best of all of being good because you’re saving lives, you’re respecting lives, you’re loving and kind, then you enter the positive cycle. Once you enter the positive cycle, you are empowered by positive power. And if all the people in this world are empowered by the positive power then the negative power has nowhere to exercise. If the whole planet people live in virtue and a really compassionate lifestyle, then the Earth will change into Heaven in no time. Nothing else can really compare to this. Only love can absorb all the negative energies. Only love can transform it. And only the loving heart, compassionate heart of the people can absorb the negative impact that we have created.”

“What I told you always is the truth. And if everyone could realize this and walk the baby steps, actually only one step, one very important step that decides the fate of our planet, that is the vegetarian (vegan) step, everything else will come to us unasked. If we are merciful, we will beget mercy. The universal law never fails. We must become vegetarian (vegan). All the inhabitants of the planet should heed this one and only advice that I could give with all my heart. That is to be vegetarian. Be vegan would be better. But vegetarian is already very good. And vegan is even the best.”

“I just hope one day, if everyone returns to their greatness, thinks about how great they want to represent themselves on this planet, then maybe we will have a better society. It’s not just like sharing the food only, it’s just sharing everything - technology, help the people to help themselves. And if we are not eating meat, then the world will become better already. That means the society as a whole has become more compassionate, then the system will be different, will change. The mentality will change and the policy of the planet will change, and then we will help each other, not just distributing food like charity act, but distributing technology, seeds, helping with all kind of things, conserving the whole resource of the planet so that everybody has a chance to use it, to help themselves.”

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