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From the Sacred Principles of BISHNOIS Principles 19-23

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The Bishnoi faith was established by Shri Jambheshwar Bhagwan, also known as Jambhoji, more than 500 years ago in Rajasthan, India. Through a vision during meditation, Jambhoji came to understand that only a respectful co-existence of human and nature can prevent misery and disaster. He led the people in the planting of trees and advised them to remain devoted to God and nurture their compassion towards fellow beings. He also outlined a set of 29 principles by which he advised his followers to live their lives. This is how the Bishnoi religion obtain its name: “Bish” meaning 20, and “Nois” meaning 9.In the 29 guidelines that he gave this followers, Jambhoji encouraged them to be vegetarians. One should not eat meat nor harm animals, but treat them as they would their own kin. Today, we invite you to listen to some of the guidelines established by Shri Jambheshwar Bhagwan or Jambhoji. “Don’t cut green trees. Humans have been cutting trees to satisfy their selfishness. Green trees should not be felled, because trees help keep the ecological balance. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which is a lifeline for human beings as well as animals.by felling trees, we are suffocating ourselves and our coming generations.”
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