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Christmas celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, a precious and miraculous event when God sent Hiers son into the world, bringing great joy and blessings to the planet for centuries to come. In the Christmas spirit of merriment, hope, love, and faith, we now present to you the Nativity Story of Lord Jesus Christ.

One day, Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel, who had been sent as God’s messenger. He informed her that she had been chosen to be the mother of God’s son, who would be a great King whose kingdom would last forever.

It so happened that shortly after Mary and Joseph were wedded, Emperor Caesar Augustus issued an order that all Romans had to register themselves in their hometown. After several days of travel by donkey, Mary and Joseph arrived in Joseph’s hometown of Bethlehem. That quiet night, there in this modest shelter, the Jesus, Son of God, was born.

After the miraculous birth of Jesus, Son of God, his earthly parents Mary and Joseph brought the holy child to the temple in Jerusalem in dedication to God.

An angel appeared to Joseph again in his dream. This time the angel instructed him to take his family to Egypt to avoid the wrath of King Herod. Mary and Jesus fled 90 miles to Egypt in the middle of the night. Following another dream, the holy family then made their way back to their old town Nazareth in Galilee. There they lived until Jesus began imparting his Teachings.

We now present a beautiful song entitled, “Cave of Bethlehem,” performed by Supreme Master Ching Hai in Aulacese, also known as Vietnamese, in honor of the miracle nativity story.

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