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Seeing-Eye Canines: Independence and Mobility for Visually Impaired People

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Today we look at the vitally important role of seeing-eye canines in bettering the lives of the blind and visually impaired. These super smart dogs are taught to utilize their superb senses to serve as the “eyes” for those needing guidance, helping them to navigate around obstacles, travel to various places and accomplish many different daily tasks. Seeing-eye canines not only bring the visually impaired independence and the freedom to move about, but also friendship and a sense of security. Members of the Australia-based non-profit group Guide Dogs NSW/ACT (New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory) will now share with us some uplifting stories about seeing-eye canine companions. Sarah is a public relations speaker for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. Her seeing-eye canine companion Ally helps her in innumerable ways every day. “I’ve been vision impaired since I was a baby. Ally who I’ve got here is my first guide dog. With the guide dog, it’s very smooth, the dog would just walk you straight around everything in your way, and find that path for you. I love it. Ally and I are very, very close. We are really great mates, a very special bond.”
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