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Lecture Language:English,Indonesian(Bahasa Indonesia),Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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(Dear Master, thank You for teaching me the Quan Yin method. Among the evolved souls in the Universe, Master is more advanced than all other souls by billions of years. Master invented or discovered the Quan Yin method, and Master is the Sound current that came back to save sentient beings. Master also established many spiritual worlds so that people who practice the Quan Yin Method can learn according to their own of development. Even though there are other spiritual leaders who follow their own methods, but no other method is as fast as the Quan Yin Method; it’s like wearing seven-league boots, and it’s very, very fast. Master has been helping sentient beings all along. And Master has come back to this world, as well as other spiritual worlds many times. Master is like the overall leader, directing everything, doing everything, many things.)

You sleep-meditated and saw those visions? Don’t tell other people, all right? Just keep it between us. It’s not that I invented the Quan Yin Method. I know this Quan Yin Method. This Method has existed since the beginning of time, when the Universe was first formed, and it will always exist. In fact, it’s not a method; but a universal path, a universal law. If we want to go back to the origin, to our true Self, or the Kingdom of God, or our Buddha Nature, we must follow this rule; it’s a science, which is very accurate, like two plus two equals four. There is no other way to achieve it. Whoever realizes them discovers them, not inventing them. If we discover them and follow them, then the result is very precise. Of course, in this universe, there are many different ways to do things. Some methods are superior, and the Quan Yin method is superior. It belongs to God, belongs to everybody. It works very fast. Karma from so many past lives are burned instantly. Success is a sure thing. It’s impossible for a Quan Yin Method practitioner not to become a Buddha. Whatever we believe with all our heart will happen.

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