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I-Kuan Tao: Excerpts of The Heart Scripture of Clarity and Stillness, as Spoken by the Highest Lord Lao Tzu

Хэл:Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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I-Kuan Tao is one of the most significant spiritual movements in Taiwan. It has been considered as one of the spiritual heritages from Taoism, a religion that believes in “The Tao that unifies all with the one.” Tao is the ultimate principle beyond all principles and the ultimate power beyond all powers. Tao existed before the formation of all, yet it was not anterior, which means the creation was embedded in it. Tao merges into the creation, yet it is not posterior, which means that it is not thereafter limited. It is only Tao that can not be measured of its immensity nor detected of its existence. All people can be of one spirit, all nations can be in peace like a family, and the Great Harmony will come true. If people can always be in the state of purity and calmness, all of Heaven and Earth will become one with them. The truly noble person does not fight; the lesser noble person loves to fight. The highest Virtue is free from the Virtue; the lesser Virtue clings to the Virtue. We also benefit from the following for our lifetime: Being closer to the true joy, Transcending life and death, Achieving ascension.
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