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“You see, the problem is we all have love inside for, maybe for family members, for husband, for wife, for children, but we don’t just express it. We just think that they know it. How? Maybe they know, but they like to hear. Even if I hear you saying Even if I hear you saying the way you express your love for me, it feels so nice.”

“But it’s difficult to find such a man. Your inheritance maybe he likes, but everything else, I’m not sure. This is not about, it’s not about like having another person for physical things, but I guess it’s just emotional need. but I guess it’s just emotional need. Emotional need. To talk to somebody that you can trust, that when you are in trouble or when you are tired, maybe he can make you a coffee or a soup or something? But that’s just a dream, honey. When you’re tired or when you’re sick, maybe you have to crawl back up and make him a coffee, brew him a soup. Who knows?”

“Wow, that’s nice to hear, because I have seen and heard so many sad stories, because people don’t get on well with each other. The thing is, it’s not about praying only, yeah? But it’s just like, okay, maybe you pray and your soul mate is already married. What can I do? Or the mate that’s supposed to be good for you, is not in this planet, is not in this world. And before you came here, you forgot to take one with you. And you only bump into enemies all the time, and you won’t be happy, that’s the problem.”

“Just a different body, yeah? Different body, different style. Because sometimes you were born last life as a woman, and then you come back in this lifetime as a man, and it’s still confusing. So, you prefer men than women. Something like that. Or vice versa, that’s all.”

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