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Тим Ко Түгийн Шинэхэн Сүнслэг Бүсийг товчхон харахуй, 4 цувралын 1-р хэсэг

Lecture Language:English,Lao(ພາສາລາວ)
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(Master, about this place that You created, where is it, exactly?) It is between the 11th Level and the Ihôs Kư, in that buffer zone.

Hey, can you hear me? (Hallo.) Wow, it’s a miracle. Miracle. (Hallo, Master!) Hallo. Wow, what a welcoming surprise! What a surprise welcoming! Why are you guys so enthusiastic today? (It’s been a long time we couldn’t speak to You, Master. That’s why we are very happy.) Oh, long time. OK. Good, good. Nowadays it is very convenient. At least I can speak to you. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) Everyone is OK? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

(How are You doing, Master? Where are You now?) Ah, nothing going on, it’s just the island style. I live on an island. I live on a cave island. Island and in a cave. And sometimes it doesn’t work very well with the phone system but it’s a miracle already. In the old days, you could not do that even if you were a king. Right? (Yes, Master.)

(Master, when You said that You live on an island, it reminds me of a prophecy from Master Beinsa Douno. It was saying that a new island will be formed, it will emerge from the Pacific, so that the Most High can finally establish His place on this planet.)

Wow. It sounds very big. I only live on a small island. It’s new. It did not exist 30 years ago. It’s almost like 30 years old. It’s quite new. Thirty years is not old, is it? (No, it’s not, Master.) Compared to my age. Right? (Yes, Master.) Thirty years young. Thirty years young island and a cave. Just perfect. (It’s incredible.) I like, yeah, I like the cave. I’m a cave woman. I’m a cave man. Yeah, just to compete with you.

It’s just the cave I have is better than the cave I had over there before. It’s a bigger one. (OK, Master.) Big, but very, very windy. The door is very big, both sides, just blowing through, like a highway, speedy wind, wind highway. There was no door actually; just two kinds of holes, big holes for entrance, two entrances. They’re opposite each other, very big. That’s why the wind feels the liberty to come in and out, back and forth, from any direction. And also there are two holes as windows; that’s why it’s very windy. (Oh, wow.) But don’t worry about the big wind highway. There’s a little corner. It’s a little bit out of the flow and I put up a tent, so when it’s windy, I’m safe in there, in the tent. (Understand, Master.)

Nowadays, we have a lot of conveniences, like a tent for example. Thirty-second tent, you just spring it out, put it on a surface and then you are safe in there, no matter how much wind. And the tent also protects me from rain, because when it rains, a lot of leaking from the cave roof. So maybe no need to fetch water anywhere, just standing under some leaking area and you take a shower. Another convenience, without any sophisticated help. No need any modernized help, that’s what it is. (Yes, Master.) But I’m happy.

It’s good to live on an island, no matter how small, it just feels like a little bit more isolated and it’s maybe easier to do my job and concentrate inside, the inside job. (Yes, Master.) The outside job I can do anywhere, as long as we have internet, or just a computer and they can always bring USB for me to check out. (Yes, Master.)

(Actually, Master, there was not only Master Beinsa Douno predicting this, there was also a Korean book that predicted that a Savior, who is the King of Heaven, Himself, will appear on an island in the South China Sea, in the Pacific Ocean. So, it’s very similar as well.)

Oh, OK, OK. This is also an island. It’s an island, but very small. Sometimes, you see inside, it is not as like the reality, because sometimes, if you see an island inside, everything else is blurred. Except that island and then… It’s a different dimension in the heavenly kind of proportion. So, small can be very big and big can be small.

OK, just like for example, remember some of your brothers or sisters shared their experiences, you know, the inner vision that they saw me, meaning your Master, and inside in a vision she’s very, very huge, huge, huge, but in the actual size outside she’s very small. Yeah, remember? (Yes, Master.) The mysteries of inside visions are not always easy to, how you say, to decipher. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Decipher, oh wow, my English is getting good. Speaking Chinese everyday doesn’t help at all. And sometimes, I have to think before I can also speak Chinese, it goes both ways.

Wow, so what does that make me now? (A Savior, King of Heaven.) I don’t care where and what, as long as I can work to help the souls. At least the souls of the so-called initiates, my initiates. (Thank You, Master. Thank You so much.) Then I’m happy. I don’t care whether big, small cave or building. Wherever I’m destined to stay, I will stay. (Thank You, Master. Thank You so much.) Wherever I can work, you know what I mean? As long as I can work. So, this is a miracle already that I can call you.

Sorry about the disruption before; it just stopped by itself. (Oh, no problem.) The phone, the connection just stopped by itself. Yeah, it’s the island, it’s island style. Even the phone is feeling relaxed. You know how people say, “When you live on the islands, you relax.” So, the phone thinks, “OK, it’s on the island, should relax.” And then after it was disrupted, I could not call you again. It takes some time to return the connection and then I could call you.

But it’s very good already. Imagine in the old times, the greatest kings on Earth, they could not do this, could they? (No, it’s amazing, Master.) Genghis Khan or Kangxi or Qianlong or Aulacese (Vietnamese) Trần Nhân Tông, you know, the emperor of Japan, emperor of Europe. Nobody could do this, right? (True, Master. Sure). In the old times. So now, we’re really, really blessed, just to be able to talk to each other any time we want. Even it’s from an island. (Amazing.) Amazing really. Yes, I am promoted to the Lord of the Island now. I don’t care if a lord anywhere else. I’m the king of the island, because I’m the only one here.

So, whatever it is, I’m king, yeah? (You are, yes.) Yeah, I don’t need to be a King of Heaven, I’m king of the island, it’s fine with me. King of the cave, yeah? King of the island, lord of the cave. Citizen of that nation and also king, because I’m the only one. Actually, I said I’m alone on the island, but I’m just alone in the cave. There are people, you know, your brothers and sisters, around. They are working to repair things around and to make it more livable for all of you, (Understand, Master.) for all the brothers and sisters in the Quan Yin Family. But of course, I’m the boss. I’m the lord of the island, the little island, owner of the cave. Sounds very, very impressive, huh? (Yes, Master.)

You remember the book called “Le Petit Prince”? (Le Petit Prince? Yes, Master.) Yeah, there’s also one king he ruled alone by himself. (Yes, Master.) Is that correct? I remember? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, because it’s been a long time since I read it, 40 years ago, in France, and in French. I can’t remember. It’s correct, right? There’s one king; he ruled by himself, right? (Yes, Master. It is correct.) Yeah, everything is alone there. The prince, he lives alone on his own lonely planet and there’s only one rose and one baobab tree and the king lives alone in his own little kingdom, alone and rules by himself. Etc., etc., yeah? (Yes, Master.) That’s what we are. We’re all lonely here. We’re all an island unto ourselves. (Understand, Master.) But my island is real, yeah? (Yes.) The cave is real. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like a literary romantic novel. No, no, it’s real, and I like it.

Yeah, and the Maya keeps bugging me whenever he can. He said, “Oh, don’t live here; it’s not safe. Go back to the world.” Blah blah blah blah. And I said, “Oh, get off my back.” “Bug off.” I am fed up with this guy. He’s just so jealous and zealous about doing bad stuff. Why doesn’t he just leave us alone, to let the souls be free and not try to always make a disturbance and be a hindrance like that? (Right.)

OK. Everybody is OK? (Yes, we’re OK Master. Thank You. How are you?) Anything new? Yeah, I’m good, I’m good, surprisingly. (Wonderful. That’s good to hear.) Surprisingly, the cave is very damp, but I’m OK. (That’s wonderful.) The cave is damp and when it rains, the water runs all over. (Wow.) But I’m fine, surprisingly. I’m good. (Good to hear.) I guess because of the isolation. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) Not connect too much with the mundane karma. Whatever you call it, name it. There are only some monkeys around. OK, any problems there? Everything is OK? Any questions at all? (Everything is good, thank You, Master.) Nobody wants to ask anything? (I have a question.) Yes, say it.

(Master, are there any recent insights from Your meditation, that You may be able to share with us?)

Oh yeah, yeah. I went through more than dozens of new territories. New realms! Yeah, yeah. More than dozens of new realms. More, 30 new realms. (Wow! Wonderful.) Sometimes quicker. That’s the only important thing - (Yes, Master.) to work inside. Otherwise, what can I do much outside? I’m so small and old, and not strong. Not young, not strong, and not big. (You still do a lot, Master, outside.) A lot outside? (Yes, all the work you do outside is also a lot, Master.) Oh, I don’t feel that’s a lot, I just feel that I am not big, not strong enough and not young enough. It feels a little different when you are getting on in years. (Yes.)

Luckily, I don’t celebrate birthdays, so, I don’t even remember how old I am. That’s one good point about it, but actually, I didn’t want to celebrate because the world is still full of sorrow and suffering. How would I even bother to celebrate my birthday or whatever? (Understand, Master.) It saves time and whatever expenses, to help some needy people. It’s maybe not much from a birthday party, but it still can help one or two people to get by for weeks or months, or something. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) And to them it means a lot, because after one week their lot, their luck might change, or after one month, they will find a better job, or something. You never know. (Yes, Master.) Just in such a desperate moment, and then they can get by. (Understand, Master.)

I went through the many different dimensions and realms, of course, but I cannot disclose it to you. OK? (OK. We understand, Master.)

Just one thing; my sister passed away, and she was a great Saint. Nobody even knows about it. (Oh, Master, we are so sorry.) She was like Thái Tú Hòa, without much power. (Yes, Master.) But she came down to sacrifice, to add on, like 3.4% for peace. (Wow. Yes, Master.) It doesn’t sound a lot, but it helps. OK? (Yes.) (We appreciate it so much.)

Because the Master can only do so much. And there’s some percentage missing. There are four people who sacrificed for peace, to help me out. (Wow, Master.) To help the planet, actually. Of course, the Cosmic united, all this happened, but still, humans, or Master in the human form, still need to do something.

And the four pillars of peace that I tell you, Thái Tú Hòa, my oldest sister, and the other two, are still needed. Like, if you want to succeed in some battle, taking down some of the citadels, then it’s better to have some insiders and outsiders, both together working. (Yes, Master.) Then one opens the gate from inside, and the other from outside; they stream in, then it’s quicker to win the battle.

And one is Thái Tú Hòa; one is my eldest sister. She just passed away and in very much suffering, but at least, not for long. (Yes, understand, Master.) Nothing could help her. It was the destruction from inside, inside organ. No doctor could cure. (We are so sorry, Master.) Yeah, me too. I was crying a lot. (We are so sorry.)

I was crying a lot, because she was such a great saint, and she wanted to do that, and there was not much I could do. I could not. I was not allowed to even see her, because if I went to see her, then her effort would’ve been nullified. (Yes, Master, understand.) The same with Thái Tú Hòa. We still have two more saints still alive, but also not in very good condition. My sister did not suffer just before she died, no. She suffered all her life already. All her… mostly adult life, even in marriage and every other thing. But it’s OK, we all do what we can to help the planet, to help the world. And this is OK so, but I was very, very heart-broken, because of her greatness.

If she’d been like a Master, or like Thái Tú Hòa, and had some magical power, even though she wouldn’t have known and been strong, it wouldn’t have been too bad. But she was very small, she was even smaller than me; I’m already very small. And she was not like a high level saint or anything; she just wanted to sacrifice, understand? (We understand, Master.) That is even more great. I was crying a lot, a lot and she sent me a lot of love before she relinquished the tie with the world. But she still suffered some more days, until she could be brought up to the Fifth, and then to the New Land, anyway. (Wow, that’s good.) The New Spiritual Land that has been created, OK? (Yes, thank You, Master. We appreciate her sacrifice so much, also.) Yeah, there are two more still helping along; each one is about 3% plus. Thái Tú Hòa contributed the most, 4.4%. (Wow.)

(Master, about this place that You created, where is it, exactly?)

It is between the 11th Level and the Ihôs Kư, in that buffer zone. And because the created soul, even though my so-called disciples, cannot go and stay in the Original Universe, because they have nothing to do there anyway, but they could visit. Short periods, like a week or so. Because if they stay long, they cannot bear the energy over there, it’s too strong. (Yes, Master. Understand.) But the Godses come up and down and visit all the time, and I am there. (Wow! Thank You, Master.)

If the soul from that created spiritual domain or dimension wanted to visit the Original Universe, just to visit, it has to prepare for some time, has to be more empowered, in order to go up to the Original Universe, and cannot stay there, because the energy there is very strong. Before they go up there to visit, if they want to, but I don’t think anybody will ever even want to do anything there anymore. They are just too happy. No desires, nothing. If the soul from that newly created spiritual dimension or above wants to go up to the Ihôs Kư, it has to prepare for at least one week, in our Earth time. OK? (Yes, Master.) But over there, it seems like just a second, a second or two. And it has to be overcoated with some special energy. Otherwise, they will not be able to sustain, they will burst into dust, and disappear.

Just like if you go to the sea, inside the sea, you have to wear a diver’s suit. You go deep into the sea, then you have to wear a diver’s suit. Otherwise you cannot go in there; it’s too cold and maybe the pressure, pressure of the water around you, and some people, they went to the deeper sea level, and when they come back, they have to go into a special machine to recover their lungs and their other systems, their organs. Even if they have an oxygen tank with them, even if they are equipped with a special diver’s suit, when they come back, they need to recover with a special machine, and that machine costs maybe about half a million US dollars. And it’s a necessity, for deep ocean divers.

The same, if you want to go to the Original Universe from the buffer zone, the newly created land… The buffer zone normally doesn’t have any spiritual dimension, but since a thousand plus years ago, Tim Qo Tu created it for Hiers own people. (Wow!) So many people there already, a lot of souls there already, not just one or two lonely (souls). I said new, because it hasn’t existed before, but it’s not new. It’s not new like my island, only about, around 30 years old, no. That one is a thousand plus years already. And lots and lots and lots of souls, who have been so-called rescued by Tim Qo Tu, since time immemorial, since long time ago. They all went up there, the worthy ones.

And it is better than any other universe, OK? (Thank You, Master.) Except the Ihôs Kư and those universes that are above and beyond Ihôs Kư. But these dimensions, the Godses, They have Their job to do, They have Their duty to safeguard, so that the separated powers from Ihôs Kư can be nourished and expand to become stronger, more powerful, each separate individual. Just like in the tree nursery, people sow some seeds, and then plant some small, small, little saplings, but later on, they have to separate them, and plant them in a different area, so that that tree can grow big. (Yes, Master.)

Are you sleeping or something? (No, Master. We’re here.) Sounds like, “yes, Master.” Is it too boring for you? (No, Master. We’re listening. It’s amazing. We’re in awe.) OK, OK.

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