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Study finds plant-rich diet saves lives

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Studies show eating more plant foods reduces mortality. Two studies by researchers at Harvard University in the United States have noted that by replacing meat with whole food plant proteins, the chance of mortality is reduced by a significant factor.

In the first study, a statistical analysis was conducted on more than 37,000 people living in the US who had an average age of 50. Those who ate the most plant protein, as richly present in legumes, whole grains and vegetables, had a 27% lower chance of demise from any cause and were 29% less likely to have fatal coronary heart disease.

In the second study, it was found that swapping one serving of red or processed meat per day with non-meat protein resulted in a 47% less chance of coronary heart disease.

Thank you, Harvard University researchers, for highlighting the life-saving attributes of plant-based food. We pray to Heavens that all people will heed the sensible conclusion of such findings and choose to be healthy vegans.

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