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In today’s news, displaced people receive emergency supplies in Iraq, World Bank supports vulnerable communities in Mauritania, New Zealand expands sources of renewable energy, research promotes urban horticulture in United Kingdom, pandemic influences priorities and spending in Switzerland, Japanese convenience stores introduce ready-made vegan meals, and llamas’ antibodies may provide cure for COVID-19 virus.


Displaced families in northern Iraq receive humanitarian aid.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) and the International Committee of the Red Cross distributed emergency food and hygiene packages to approximately 11,500 individuals staying in the vicinity of Sinjar. The supplies included cooking oil, rice and pulses as well as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and brushes, sanitary pads, washing powder, and dishwashing liquid. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRCS is helping to spread awareness of the virus in settlements and displacement camps. This is part of a countrywide campaign to inform the public about the most effective ways to protect themselves. Many thanks, Iraqi Red Crescent Society and International Committee of the Red Cross. May a new era of compassion and peace soon dawn for the gentle Iraqi people as the world renounces using animals for food, in the loving guidance of the Providence!


World Bank supports health and vital services in Mauritania.

The bank’s Board of Directors approved three grants from the International Development Association to benefit communities in Mauritania affected by climate change, poverty and insecurity. One of the grants of US$66 million will be used to enhance access to public services in the southern regions of the country. Basic infrastructure for intermediate cities will also be financed. Another US$44 million will be spent on water and sanitation services for 473,000 individuals living in small towns. Public handwashing facilities will be installed and hygiene awareness programs will be supported. Finally, US$23 million will go into upgrading the country’s health system and improve the availability of basic medical care, as well as develop child health and nutrition services in the Hodh el Chargui region. We applaud your goodwill and generous assistance, World Bank! May the peace-loving people of Mauritania be embraced by success and happiness, in the grace of the Divine.


Up next, New Zealand expands sources of renewable energy. We want to thank the essential construction laborers who prepare sites, move materials and take on other physically demanding duties to help build new structures. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more assuring news.


Lovely viewers, how are you today? I’m Daffodil the Dove, and I’m vegan because it’s the way of the nobles! Would you like a gardening tip? Knowing the pH of the soil is important, since it determines which types of plants will do well in your yard. You can approximate the pH of the earth using vinegar and baking soda. First, collect two soil samples from different parts of your garden. Add some vinegar to one of them and stir to mix. If you see any bubbles, your soil is alkaline. For the other specimen, pour in a mixture of baking soda and water. If it fizzes or foams when you stir it up, your soil is acidic. If you do not notice a reaction either way, that means the pH of the ground is 7.0 or neutral. Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Thank you for watching. Now for the weather from around the world.


New Zealand energy plan foresees renewable future.

Transpower, the state-owned transmission company that maintains the national power grid, published a report on its strategy to achieve approximately 95% sustainable energy by 2035 and looks forward to 100% by 2050. Admirably, New Zealand’s power is already 80% renewable, with 25% of that coming from hydroelectric plants. Complete sustainability will depend on expanding wind, solar, and geothermal sources. Transpower says that when the country can cease importing fossil fuels, its energy system will be more reliable and less expensive for the average household. New Zealand is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Peace recipient, and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Earth Conservation, Earth Protection, Earth Guardian, Climate-Change Mitigation and Earth Restoration laureate. Bravo, New Zealand! You are an inspiring example of enlightened governance as you prioritize harmony with Nature for a supremely radiant future.


Study points up potential of urban horticulture in the United Kingdom.

A research team from the Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield determined that using just 10% of a city’s tillable land to grow fruit and vegetables could provide 15% of the population with sufficient produce. It was calculated that green spaces cover almost half of Sheffield, which is a similar case in other cities as well. The scientists noted that additional yields could be achieved using soil-free farming methods on rooftops. Currently in the UK, only 16% of fruit and 53% of vegetables are grown domestically. Cultivating intown produce could improve food security for the UK while providing residents with cost savings and enhanced nutrition. Congratulations, University of Sheffield researchers, for your ingenious approach to a resilient food supply. May the light of God’s wisdom guide humanity to plant-based eating that erases hunger on Earth for good.


Consumer spending in Switzerland shifts to basics and donations.

A PostFinance survey of 1.8 million online banking customers found that people are rethinking their use of money in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. Since preventive isolation was mandated in mid-March 2020, Swiss citizens have been buying more groceries and fewer cosmetics than they did a year ago. At the same time, humanitarian foundation, Swiss Solidarity, has seen a 21% increase in donations and raised more than €26 million for individuals who are financially challenged by the coronavirus situation. The money will be distributed to charities and NGOs such as the Swiss Red Cross and Caritas. Persons in need of support will be able to get meal vouchers and emergency cash of up to €950. Our hearts are touched, Switzerland! May your warm-hearted people be blessed with health and happiness, in Heaven’s overflowing benevolence!


Coming up, Japanese convenience stores introduce ready-made vegan meals. It’s time for us to step outside for a moment and enjoy the warmth of the Sun. More rejuvenating news when we return! Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Informative News for a Knowledgeable World.


Convenience stores in Tokyo launch their first vegan meal in a bowl.

FamilyMart Japan, with 1,900 locations around the capital city, now offers a plant-based version of Japanese hamburger steak called Veggie Burg-don. It comes prepackaged on a bed of rice covered with sauce and accompanied by carrots, pumpkin, bell peppers, potatoes, peas and corn. The alternative meat patty, consisting primarily of soybeans, was reportedly developed by the company out of concern for environmental sustainability and due to the public’s growing awareness of health considerations. The new product is FamilyMart’s first menu item to receive a seal of recommendation from the Japan Vegetarian Society. Auspicious news, FamilyMart! May your innovative franchise chain introduce additional animal-free meals for consumers on the go as humanity awakens to its innate nobility, in the gentle guidance of the Divine.


Llamas’ antibodies may provide cure for COVID-19 virus. Four years ago, Winter the llama was randomly chosen from a Belgian farm to help Belgian and American scientists study remedies for the SARS and MERS viruses because her species’ immune system produces special smaller antibodies called nanobodies that humans are unable to create. Winter’s nanobodies were found effective against both viruses, and these proteins have neutralized the COVID-19 virus in lab testing. If further research is successful, lab-produced nanobodies from Winter’s original sequence could viably treat those infected by COVID-19. Our heartfelt appreciation, researchers from the United States and Belgium, for your timely investigation into COVID-19 treatments and a big hug to Winter for your tremendous help. We pray the project quickly yields fruitful results and a cure is soon available, in the mercy of Heaven.


It’s now time for a laugh with the joke of the day entitled, “Counseling.

A pastor met with a couple who wanted him to marry them in his church. When he raised the subject of premarital counseling, the two were quick to dismiss it.

Woman: “Don’t worry, father, we don’t need counseling. We’ve both been married several times before.”


And now we have a heartline from Flower in the Czech Republic:

Dear Almighty Supreme Master Ching Hai,

the source of life for all beings in the Universe. I would like to inform You of good news on Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, October 25, 2019. The Czech economic newspaper announced that the Loving Hut vegan restaurants in the Czech Republic were ranked as one of 10 most successful enterprises in 2018. It is thanks to Master’s infinite Loving power that we could attain this result. On that day, I meditated and gave thanks to Master, who silently works for Her children and cares for the whole Universe, and there are no words nor language that can describe this wonder. I was deep in Samadhi of this Love, until my heart was crying. I love Master so much and pray for all humanity to wake up soon in order to know that Master is the Love force, the source of life for all beings in this immense universe. I love You so much, because I know exactly that Master is everything.

Flower from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), living in the Czech Republic


Sweet Flower,

We appreciate your touching note for our Beloved Master.

Here is Her reply for you: “Angelic Flower, thanks for your love and pure-hearted words. Bless you for being a good spiritual practitioner and caring so much for humanity. Please continue meditating and praying earnestly for a Vegan World. May the Heavens favor you and unique Âu Lạc (Vietnam) forevermore, plus blessings to your host country, the Czech Republic.”


We welcome your heartlines and stories.

Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline  


It’s been a pleasure to have your presence on Noteworthy News. May wisdom and compassion illuminate your heart.

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