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Saudi Arabian city ensures homeless cats have food and water

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Municipality in Saudi Arabia launches initiative to feed homeless animals.

The waterfront in Al-Khobar, bordering the Persian Gulf, is usually a vibrant part of the city, but it has been mostly deserted since the outbreak of COVID-19. Feral felines who used to be fed by visitors have been struggling to survive. But with support from local residents, the city has started a Food of Mercy program, installing more than 60 food and water dispensers throughout the area. Commenting on the service, the mayor of Al-Khobar, the Honorable Sultan bin Hamid Al-Zaidi, said, “The initiative comes in compliance with the merciful teachings of Islam that demand us to show mercy to all living creatures.” Our hearts are touched by your compassion, the Honorable Sultan bin Hamid Al-Zaidi and citizens of Al-Khobar. May the peaceful people of Saudi Arabia be spiritually blessed as our world is transformed, in Allah’s boundless love. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Honorable Sultan bin Hamid Al-Zaidi and the city of Al-Khobar the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion, with high esteem, respect and much gratitude for your benevolent program, in Heaven’s mercy and love.”

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