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It’s a beautiful television we have. All the best programs, all the selected of the best, and it’s very beneficial, because of good programs, good words, good sentences, good meaning, good vibrations as well. Of course, BMD (Between Master and Disciples) is the most beneficial, but every other program is also beneficial inside and outside.


And also, some lady, one of your sisters in China, she was very sincere. Some people took my photo while I was working or something, and then put it on Noteworthy News. She was so happy. She said, “Can we do that every day?” How? I’m running around in pajamas. Do I always have to put on makeup and sit on the chair? Or while I’m feeding the dogs, I have to put mascara on so that I’m photogenic. And I have to have some people around all the time in order to take my daily photo. I cannot bear that. Whatever I do, I mostly do in quiet, alone. I can concentrate better. So, if somebody all the time goes there and takes photographs, I don’t think I can live. Only now and then when somebody’s there by the way, then you’re lucky you have one of my photos sitting with a big pile of newspapers. How romantic can it be? What for you want to see that kind of Master’s daily life? Yeah, that’s my life. I’m telling you now, once and for all, what I do. If I get out of my samadhi, then I call the dogs to come. When the dogs come, I begin immediately to feed them, to play with them and tell them how much I love them, beautiful and all that.

And if I have some problem, they will go pee in the middle of the house. So, I have to ask them, “What is it now?” Because they want to talk to me, but I’m too busy and I don’t listen. So, they pee there, so that I have to know there’s some problem, somewhere. They don’t do that for fun. They protect me, they will have to tell me, because I don’t always sit there in the middle of the house and look at the crystal ball and say, “Oh, somebody is coming to harm me,” or “Today I will have trouble if I go out,” or blah blah blah. So, they remind me, then it’s good. Sometimes like that. So it avoids a lot of troubles for me. I don’t have to always prove that I’m mighty or invincible by going out when I know there’s some trouble waiting for me. I don’t want to prove anything. If I know there’s trouble or some bad people doing something, I avoid it if I can; I prevent. But prevention or avoidance sometimes makes inconveniences in different ways.

For example, if I want to protect myself, I create some protective layer outside. Some is so severe that it even hinders me to go up higher to spiritual realms, for as long as that protection is there. It depends on what kind of protection layer I put, depends on for what purposes. If it’s too severe, it hinders me for many days, so I don’t go to new realms in these days. Just stay there, no harm but no good. But I have to keep my body first, then I can go up later. Of course, it’s not too good, but it’s better than if I drop dead and then can’t do anything anymore. So, prevention, protection, has its price also. Not like Master cannot do anything, it has a price. Or, even if it doesn’t hit me, it might hit my workers, nearby worker or some people who I need, like Supreme Master Television team who work close to me. It makes them go gaga-gigi, out of control, out of character, out of co-operation, and then it takes a long time to negotiate together and to settle down and to pacify the energy. It’s not like OK, I can avoid a problem or I can avoid danger without cost. It’s not like that. Everything has a price.

So, it doesn’t mean that not killing Master means Master is always laughing, having no problem, wearing high heels, walking around, eating with the team; it’s not like that. Even eating with the Supreme Master TV team has a price, but I don’t want to tell you. I cannot. I don’t want to tell you. It’s not like I eat with you and it looks so good. I eat with you to make you happy, to feel like we’re together now and then. But it has a price for me to pay. I eat with anybody, it’s the same. Because the food will not be pure for me, not pure enough for me, as me. Maybe pure enough for you, not for me. But knowing all that, I still do it. It’s not like, looks good, like Master sits there, eats with everybody and then tells jokes and stuff like that. It’s the outside and inside, different things. Big price sometimes to pay. Just like now I’m sitting with you, there’s some price for me to pay. But I’m willing to. I’m not complaining. I’m just explaining to you how things work in the inside room. Outside looks different. I just wear nice clothes and put things on, it’s just part of the job. Like that guy grows mustache; part of the job. I don’t like all these chemicals on my hair and in my body. It soaks some into the body. It’s not all that good. Even the vegan one or the whatever friendly, it still has effect.

And working at night makes my skin wrinkle. See that? And wrinkled face. Heaven, even not Heaven, lower Heaven even tells me, “Don’t work at night, then You’ll look younger, and keep young long.” But I can’t avoid it. Like last night the work came late. Even though I was still in retreat, work came late; I had to work and settle things down until one, two o’clock. Then I went to take a shower and then prepared my things for coming here today. And it was four o’clock. When I finished, I sat to meditate until I came here. But the body sometimes feels tired, so I yawn; it doesn’t mean I’m bored with you. Last time, when the artists were singing, I was yawning all the time. I felt so bad. I worried they’d think I didn’t appreciate their talents. It’s not like that. I didn’t sleep the whole night and the night before because of work rushing. You see, life is not always black and white, like OK, I make a schedule: Today I work two hours, tomorrow I work three, from nine to five. It’s not like that. I wish it was like that. I wish my life would be more regular, then it’d be better for me and for you. I would have more strength and more stamina to take care of you, but I have to take care of so many other things.


Oh, thank you. You help me. You give it to him to hand over to the lady who spoke just now. Good luck to you, OK? (Yes, thank You, Master.) Inside is Master’s Love, not only money. (Thank You, Master.) Not only money. Use it when you’re in difficulty, OK? (OK.) You’re welcome.


What was it? What did I say? About the dogs, right? And then the work comes. (You told us about Your work.) Yeah, and then I have to work, with or without dogs. And then after the work went away, if I’m hungry, I will take breakfast for lunch or dinner, depends on what time that is. They bring in breakfast, but I never eat that on time. They bring about eight o’clock, but I never. At eight o’clock, I don’t know what my name is, not to talk about to look for food or anything. Eight o’clock in the morning, I rarely know my name, except when I have to get out to work on something, I sit, meditate. I have to check many things. Sometimes the news coming, the warning, the message, whatever, a lot of things, and also for the world atmosphere. And then, if I eat something good, then I feed the dogs first and then I eat something, and then what else? And then the work comes again, perhaps. And then I work again. And then I send the work away when I finish. It’s not like this. Talking is fast, working takes longer. I have to check all kinds of things, and I have to write comments or additions, or advise them what to do next about this, or to cut this off, to put this back on, to put… many things.

And if nothing happens, nothing needs to be checked, to do, I still need to read; it takes time. Like when you read books, it takes time. I read fast, but still, cannot be too fast. Because when you read the book, you can read faster, doesn’t matter if you forget one or two words or you don’t see it, you still can. But this kind of work, you have to see in case it’s wrongly written, or spelt wrong, typed wrong, or used in the wrong way or too long-winded, talk too long for nothing. I have to cut and re-formulate it, to make it shorter, same meaning, more journalistic kind, for example like that. And then send the work away after it’s done, after a couple of hours or three hours, depends. But meanwhile, I’m also sending. As I finish, I send, so they don’t have to wait for the whole pile to finish before sending. So, they can continue working already, while I work on something else. Normally, if I don’t do retreat, then the work is not too bad. And if I don’t have the dogs, then the work is not too bad. Having dogs is a blessing, is a pleasure. But if you have to work with so many dogs running around wanting attention, and now and then come and nudge you, then it’s very difficult to concentrate. It takes longer and may not be as efficient and as relaxed.


I love to work. When I work alone without dogs, it goes smooth and quick, quick, quick. I don’t mind. I love to work because it’s very interesting, the shows we have on Supreme Master TV. Many things I have no time to do research, it’s right there on the show. So, it’s also educational, very good. And when I see a good show and all that, I’m very happy because I know the people outside will be interested, it will benefit them. Some disciples said they don’t watch it, they only watch maybe BMD (Between Master and Disciples). I feel very sad for them, because you don’t know what you lose actually. It’s very difficult to find all these shows all on one TV like that, right for you, translated into many languages. The reason I don’t let them just have freedom to choose languages is because some people, like old people, they don’t know how to choose just English. So, I just leave them all there, you read what you want. Even for me, if you don’t leave all the 23, 24, 26 languages there, I wouldn’t know how to choose just one language as a subtitle. So, I consider many people still do not know how to choose one language to tidy the screen. Never mind, it looks good. We are unique. We’re special. There’s no other television in the world that has 26 languages all right under your nose like this. Just right there. Like it or not, we are there. Pick.


I am not boasting or anything, but if I wasn’t there, things would not be the same, truly. Because everybody has different opinions – I am not saying my team is no good – different opinion, different level of understanding, different inside as well. So, I cannot just let it go yet. I’m also very happy to do the work because they’re beautiful shows. And I am very proud and I am very happy to show it to the world. The children also can read even, can learn from it, not just adults. It’s a beautiful television we have. All the best programs, all the selected of the best, and it’s very beneficial, because of good programs, good words, good sentences, good meaning, good vibrations as well. Of course, BMD (Between Master and Disciples) is the most beneficial, but every other program is also beneficial inside and outside. And I am very happy that we have these kinds of programs for people. But in order to have that, we all have to work, including this woman here. And then because of the inside work, it takes up a lot of my time, too.

If it was only Supreme Master Television, I’d be singing every day. It’s a piece of cake for me, really. It’s nothing. Outside work is nothing. And this kind of work, it suits me well. I know how. I read fast; I can correct well. The things that they cannot see, I see. The things that they cannot correct, I can. The things that they cannot think of, I could. I like it. I like the job very much. I studied journalism before. But I didn’t like the way they practiced there. Like they advised you, “You have to put some negative news or something for the ordinary man who walks in the park there; he likes that. And if you only put positive things, then your newspaper or your magazine or your radio won’t stay long.” I don’t believe that. So, we’re doing the opposite. I studied but I never practiced it. I did not like the way journalism is propagated, is taught. I don’t like it. It’s very, in many cases, unethical. For survival, you cannot sell your heart, cannot sell your soul, you cannot sell your moral standard. No. And then after that, I play with dogs or meditate. If they sleep, if they rest, then I go meditate. If they don’t rest and there’s work I always do, whether or not they rest, maybe a little bit here, “Good boy, good girl,” but then continue working.


That’s about my day, so I don’t know which part of it you want to be shown on TV. With me running around with the long johns, or with me running around without any long johns, or without anything? And then I have to clean the house because somebody put a lot of ants in my house. I don’t want to tell you again, never mind. Ants are still better than people. But these are zombies anyway, so it doesn’t matter; they die and then they live again. They come and bug me, and die and live again. But I still have to sweep them. That’s my life. That’s all. Not much: Meditate, work, eat, meditate, work, eat, yell once every two, three months at the team. Not much, a little bit. Only two, three, four, five months, once in a while. Mostly just (vegan) cookies, (non-alcoholic) beer, (vegan) candies, sweet stuff, and that’s it. Then do retreat, sometimes two, three, four days, sometimes two, three, four weeks. That’s my life. I have nothing else. I don’t watch TV; I don’t read newspapers. I don’t have time for anything else. That’s it, my life.

So even if you take thousands of pictures, it’s the same stuff. It’s just the difference is I am from the bath with the long johns on or without the long johns. Or with dogs, without dogs. But I tell you what, I am very happy. I am not complaining here. I am very happy and proud. Yesterday, I was still in retreat, and they brought me some food. Of course, I had no time to eat because I was very busy inside, not outside. When I am in retreat, the outside work has to be less, as less as possible. But yesterday, some urgent work, they couldn’t do it; nobody could. I had to. And then because the work was coming soon, I tried to grab some food and put it in the bowl and brought it to my computer, ready to work. And the work came in. And then I felt kind of happy somehow. I said, “Oh, my God. Thank God! I have some food. And thank God I still can eat and work at the same time.” Fancy if I worked for a boss or something or company, they won’t allow you to do that in their office. I allow myself, as the boss, to eat and work at the same time. I was feeling kind of light-hearted, happy. I felt happy. So, it depends on how you look at things. Some people would think, “Oh, my Master works so hard, cannot even eat properly. She has to work at the same time.” Why? Why should I sit and eat and not work at the same time if I can? Save a lot of time. So, nothing hard about my life, really.

I suffer, of course, but I don’t feel so desperate or downtrodden or depressive or anything like that. Unless sometimes, I have to take some depressive karma, that you cannot take a photo. You don’t feel it; you don’t see the depression inside; you don’t see the pressure inside either. You don’t see the wound inside. So, if you want to just see me on the photo, there’s nothing much. It’s very boring every day, similar things every day. Now, once and for all, you know, you picture that every day. Then you know what I am doing every day. All right? Besides, we are inside connected anyway, so don’t ask me too much. Please. I really cannot bear somebody hanging around and taking photos and I have to smile when I don’t want to. Or seeing my leftover beans on toast and stuff like that, and air it to all the world to see. How romantic can that be? Nothing at all good! I want you to see me when I am ready like this, all dressed up, looking decent. It’s nicer to look at than me running around in Sunday suit, I mean “birthday suit.” Now, we go back to the serious business instead of nosing into my daily life. I have nothing much to offer you, just that. What I can offer you, you cannot see. And what you can see is nothing worth of your attention. I have many photos. You take them, put them all over your wall, every day you look at one. I look the same. I mean a little older, but you also have new photos. All right. Meditate. Turn off the light now. I am done. Love you guys. (Love You.)


(Hallo, Master.) You’re good. (Thank You, Master.) You see, we have more peace lately. (Yes.) I mean in our ashram. It depends on who is here. It’s truly like this. Sometimes I have to consult with the Heavens above: “Why can’t they come?” They said, “If they come, You will be very annoyed inside, then You will bring it outside.” It is like that. So I admire you very much that you can live with a couple of people every day. (We keep Master in our hearts.) If I were you, I’d be so annoyed every day. I know it very well when special people are here. It’s like a gust of cold wind blowing on you. Yes, then it all starts from there. You start feeling itchy, or feeling burned. Even if you are in the cold wind, the body still feels very hot, like having a fever. It’s really contradictory. Thank you for doing your meditation (Thank You, Master.) to help the world. (Master, I love You.) Please help the world, OK? (OK.)

We don’t count the percentage. The more we can help, the better. If we are sincere, every single bit helps, OK? (OK, thank You Master.) Because every little bit counts. For example, a glass of water is also gathered from single drops. Therefore, I really appreciate everyone. (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. Thanks a lot for the Taiwanese (Formosan) people’s support over the years. (Thank You, Master.) We’re going to elect a president soon. We have to find a candidate, who is kind and able to unite everyone, then we support him or her. (Understand.) You cannot say that we are practitioners, we don’t care about elections. We need to take responsibility as a good citizen. (OK.) Otherwise, you can’t blame anyone for a bad government, because you didn’t vote. Understand? (Understand.) Go vote, OK? (OK.) I’m not Taiwanese (Formosan), so I can’t vote. What a pity. I’ll go home and vote for myself.

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