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Full Vibrancy and Light: Lesa Carlson (vegan) on the Raw Vegan Lifestyle, Part 2 of 2



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‟I saw Kirlian photography, and that showed the energetic properties around food. It's around all living beings which have energy. The premise that by adding heat, you either create nutrients or up the nutrients is a false idea. When you have something that is full of life force, light energy, it's auric field, its glow, you are consuming light, we are light beings, and the properties of mass and matter, there is no difference." By eating whole vegan foods in their natural state, Lesa says we can achieve a degree of spiritual upliftment. ‟So the quantum field, the biofield of energetics, is really, as opposed to the older idea of vitamins and minerals, and fat and how many calories and this kind of thing. When you move into that it's an energetic vibrancy property, and that it is vibrating at the speed of light. And your food is not separate from that whatsoever, and it is vibrating. So when you align that with your vibrating frequency, you are going into a whole new dimension. And again, you go from, the dense food to lighter food, to food that has more water content, that lightens up your mass and matter to then full vibrancy, that then you're expanded, and you're floating, and you feel fantastic and happy. Okay, so tips on making raw food dishes palatable and exciting for yourself. First of all, play, have fun. And so when you see or feel something that's bringing you joy, or sparks that little spark in your belly, what I did in the beginning that really helped me was I would find something that was cooked, that I was wanting for whatever reason, and then I would just redesign it into a raw food dish or find something that kind of gave me those same sensations. I would say bring color, bring texture, bring different flavors that you like. So, I always say, take the normal thing and then put some interesting things yourself, even in raw food."
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