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Mind-Body-Chi – Dr. Wen B-Chen’s Relaxation Exercises, Part 2 of 2



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This two-part series features our interview with Dr. Wen B-Chen, the creator of the Mind-Body-Chi (MBC) relaxation exercise program, with 10 exercises that take 25-minutes to complete. Breathing techniques are integral to meditation, chi gong and yoga, and are of pivotal importance in the MBC program. Dr. Wen explains the reasons from a medical perspective. “And we know in laboratory studies if we grow cancer cells in a hypoxic environment, they grow fast, but if this is an oxygenated environment, they grow slow. In this program, one unique feature is we use a lot of breathing exercises.” “The breathing method in the MBC program is as important as body movement. Without the breathing method, the movement is simply a regular exercise. In this program, I put five different breathing methods. The first one is called MIMO. MIMO stands for Maximum Inhalation and Maximum Exhalation. ” “The second type of breathing method is called Vertex Chi, which means the chi flows to the vertex. The vertex is an area called baihui in acupoint.” “And the third method is called Dantien (solar plexus) Chi, which means the breathing enhances the chi flow into the dantien.” “The fourth method is called Free Flow Chi. Free Flow Chi simply means if you do this breathing method, you will allow that chi sensation to go all over the entire body. It's the most unique form of breathing method in this MBC program.” “Ever since I started this MBC program in 2007, in the past 10 years, I slowly noticed that we need one more breathing method - it’s called Forceful Exhalation. In this breathing method, you exhale and put additional pressure so that makes the muscle contract more.” Next, Dr. Wen demonstrates three movements that are combined with the breathing techniques to facilitate the chi flow. Now, let’s take a look at Dr. Wen’s demonstration of exercises 3 and 4 of the MBC program.
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