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Craig Goldblatt (vegan) – Leading a Life of Purpose, Part 3 of 3



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Mr. Goldblatt is a radiant example of living life confidently, with purpose and an open heart in alignment with his values. In doing so, he continues to infuse a lot of positivity into the world through his charity Giving Africa, and in his work with other philanthropic groups. “I’m really fortunate to work for an amazing tree planting organization, called ‘Plant-for-the-Planet’ which is a global organization that is running a campaign called the ‘Trillion Tree Campaign’ that is working with the World Economic Forum to make a massive difference to make sure that environmentally we plant a trillion trees on this planet that we need. So I’m working with many different charities now that I’m so privileged to do. I’m working with an amazing homeless charity in London called Trinity Homeless. So my inspirational speaking is mainly around social enterprise and charities.”

“So, my message is if we can just love ourselves, if everybody loves themselves and loves who we are and sees their beauty, we don’t have the problems that we have on this planet. It’s simple but it’s so true. It’s just look after yourself and love yourself that’s it.”

These wise words echo the sentiment of Supreme Master Ching Hai, who elaborated on the importance of love at the World Premiere of “The Real Love: The Musical,” which is based on Her life story. “We have to be the source of inspiration, of nobility and love, especially if we have been shown how by others example. If we have love, all good will come our way. We can start to love now, today and continue tomorrow into the future. Love yourself, love your family, love your neighbors, love all around us. Without love in our heart we are almost nothing, just a burden to ourselves, to loved ones, and society. Love is not a word on our lips. Love must be our feeling inside and action translated outside. Love the animals – we be veg. Love the Earth – we go green. Love the World – save the planet!”

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