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Seeing the World through the Lens of Yann Arthus-Bertrand (vegetarian)

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“Home” is just one of the many projects Mr. Arthus-Bertrand has undertaken in his career that have helped raise public awareness on the pressing environmental crisis, along with the responsibility humanity must take on to protect our world, the animal inhabitants, and each other. “Human,” a documentary profiling the stories of real people around the world, is considered the personal best work by Mr. Arthus-Bertrand.

His other works include, “Earth from Above,” a photographic collection, which was modified into a film format in 2007, “Planet Ocean,” “Terra,” “Algeria from Above,” as well as “Legacy, notre héritage,” which is scheduled to be released in 2021. Apart from his artistic works, Mr. Arthus-Bertrand has supported many projects and programs prompting world peace and a cleaner environment.

Mr. Arthus-Bertrand’s outstanding achievements in connecting people, cultures, and championing earth-saving causes have earned him many recognitions and prestigious awards, including the title of the Officer of the Ordre National du Mérite (national order of merit) by the President, the Royal Geographical Society's Cherry Kearton Medal and Award.

In February 2021, Supreme Master Television was privileged to have an interview with Mr. Arthus-Bertrand and listen to him discuss his life and work. "Everybody knows that you have to be a vegetarian today, even a vegan if you want today. You can see the thousands of calf small huts that there were (in the film), and I'm a fighter, I help L214, which is a very powerful association against the slaughterhouses."

"The word 'love' in my work is very important because I think we have to love the life that surrounds us, and I think that environmentalists have loved animals and souls for too long, without loving people. And I think that even people who don't do what you like, you have to love them too to make them change, and it is through love that you make people change, that's what Gandhi did, it is what Mandela did, it is what great politicians have done."

"And I think it's so smart to understand that we are all going to die one day, we have to know to accept our death, and make of our life something that allows us to die with a smile."

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